Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 26


Kuch na kaha!

Manik is in full shock and his mind is blocked. “Pragnant for kiss? I my god! Really I love a small kid not a girl or a lady, she growed by body but not by brain. Really pragnant? Iam scared of myself and my choice. Now iam crying, how stupid, idiototic, and fool she is? Iam totally totally scared arey! For kiss pragnancy and that word is make me shiver o my god o my god , how how only me on earth has such choice to love such a specimen? Really? If I say this to sadana or cabir or mukhti iam dead. They will suck my blood. First for kiss and next for her foolishness. I my….. Manik you are dead totally dead. Iam killing you Manik and it’s not sucide it’s revenge for living a fool and making yourself a fool. But……. Think once it’s common a girl like Pihu who is totally conservative and circled under guilty forgot to live socially will know things from elders and those elders due to half knowledge and shy will convey massage to children in some clues which these children take true meaning and behave like this. Even sadana once said we she was too young her nanni said such things to her. So Iam over reacting.
First you think she is responding to you positively. She might not know but her body and heart is responding. I need to work out more but she is awesome. And my first kiss it’s totally fabulous. If this hand is free I would have do more but.. It’s ok. Manik malhotra be a good guy and let her expose to world. ”

Nandini after going home. Took bath and opened book which Manik gave. Once she opened book she felt akward but remembered manik’s words and started to read it carefully without feeling anything.

After completing the book half nandini started to feel something. She sat on a corner of room. Fully frigid and molded herself. “What the hell all these? Really life starts such a way? How insane it is? It’s horrible. Manik sir want to do this???? Chi???? How vulgar it is? But even my parent did it? That’s how I got birth? Why??? Let me read full.” Nandini took some courage and started to read it full.

Next day morning nanadini returned book to library. She don’t want piya to see that book with her. She returned to class. All sudden her perception of life and her way of seeing everyone also changed. She started thinking.

Manik came to meet nandini. She went missing knowingly she is shy, ashamed, and even her mixed feelings for Manik and his kiss made her to be away from him.

Manik after some effort at last found her.
“Oye! Now what happened why are you hiding from me?”
Nandini is in shock. She seriously want to hide from him
Nandini nodded no
“Walk with me”
Both went to their place.
“Say what happened?”
“Nothing”nandini head is buried down
“Where is book?”
“I gave it to library”

“Yes sir”
“Did you read it or not?”
Nandini nodded yes closing her eyes “krishna”
“Ok now I got it you are shy and you want to avoid me.”
Nandini didnot speak a word
“You read it or it something went into your head?”
Nandini is totally mum
“Fine! Now say which baby we will have? Boy or a beautiful girl like you?”
Nandini got up to run her patience died. She can’t handle any more. She knew that
Manik held her hand. She stopped by didnot turn. Manik dragged her with force at once she fell on him. Manik and nandini eyes clashed. She want to turn her face and get away from him, Manik took her chin and said “it’s best feeling to be loved by someone, who really love you. Feel it totally. Now I know that you too love me a lot.”
Nandini is just lost in his words
Manik kissed her on lips and left her.
Nandini smiled and ran away.
Manik is on 9th cloud.

Manik holidays completed. His hand plaster is also removed.cabir, mukhti and Manik came to school. Seeing all back college is full colorful. Piya draged nandini to meet Manik and group. Nandini know that if Manik see her like this he will again do something for which she can’t take.

Manik is standing infront of his class in corider priya is standing besides him along with cabir and mukhti. This time nandini face became red and she felt jealous. She turned back
“Pihu!” Manik called
Nandini turned to him but her face is angry
Manik first time saw nandini like that, he looked at her seriously.
“Oye! Come here, what happened?”
“Manik! Why are giving importance to this juniors leave them. Pihu! Who the hell is this? More over why you call her?”
“Priya! Mind you behave yourself.”
Manik in very serious tone shouted at her
“Dayaan ki watt lagi” cabir said to mukhti
“Yes! It’s going to be fun” mukhti smiled
Nandini walked away fast
Manik is going back of her. She didnot stop. She went to class as professor was in Manik back off

Manik waited for nandini at woods but she didnot come. With angry Manik went to her class, piya and nandini are in serious disscussion. Manik came to nandini and stood infront of her. Nandini stopped talking and got up from bench. Manik took her hand and said in very low voice but sharply “just walk with me.”
Nandini didnot
Manik turned back and looked very angry nandini feared and walked with him.
“Now speak what happened?”
“Pihu! Don’t test my patience say what happened? If you don’t say how I will know?”
Nandini is silent
Manik pinned her to tree and kept his hands on both hands came near to her and asked again “what happened?”
Nandini is silent but this time her heart is beating fast, lips are shevering, body is getting magnetic waves from manik’s.

Manik is watching her lips, light baby pink color smooth, soft and juicy lips which are shining due to sunlight, it’s hard for him to control. Nandini is breathing heavy, her eyes are blinking fast. Manik kept his forehead on nandini’s forehead “Pihu! I can’t stay away shall we?”
Nandini is totally in control of him, “uuuu”
Manik looked into her eyes which are half opened. Cupped her chin with his hand and took her lips and beautifully kissed her with passion and love nandini held her dress tight but left it and kept her left hand in manik’s hair, opened eyes Manik took his away and saw deep into her eyes and kissed one more time. Nandini pushed Manik with all force and took breathe “iam unable to breathe”
“And iam unable to stay away from you”
Nandini walked away Manik held her tight from waist and pinned her to his body and kissed her neck and saw a red color scar on her neck got shocked.
“Pihu! What happened here?”
Nandini kept her hand on it
“Say first” Manik asked seriously
“On that day ……… You……. ” she did not continue looking down
Manik felt ashamed of himself felt sorry “Pihu bite me here” Manik showed his hand. Nandini looked at him and nodded no

“It’s not paining”
“You gave me scar but not pain” nandini said with smile
Manik confused a little but his face glowed
Nandini leaned down
“Ooo it’s not paining”
Nandini closed her face with hands

Manik is happy. He hugged nandini. Nandini to hugged him more tight.

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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  1. Its totally awesome…..I love it plz nxt update….can’t wait….

  2. It’s nice but I don’t understand that love is just kiss or romance……y every reader including u concentrate on this part only between manik and nandini…..last episode is like unexpectable felt lil embarrassing while reading so I didn’t comment…..a guy explaining a girl that birth secret…..its not funny at all……sorry I just expressed what I felt…..I didn’t mean to hurt u…..please highlight the beautiful memories of college life like friendship, classes, listening to music by sharing earphones ,sharing food in canteen,sports,fests,tours,attending workshop outside,journey,anthakshari,dumbshow,having fun, ……as ur story is in college am suggesting u……

    1. U misunderstood the senario. Here kiss or touch is not for expressing love only, manik wants to understand her that human body react differently when someone whom u liked touched u. As nandu doesnt know what is love n others thing so it was necessary to show her. N after kissing manik asked her did she feel something,did she feel awkward when he kissed n nandu denied thats mean she also liked him bt didnt realised.n abt explaing everything by manik, at story nandu is a shy girl who doesnt have any frnd or others with whom she can share this. Driving by situation she compeled to expose her unawareness to manik n manik didnt tell her directly. He helped her by giving that books neither how whould manik ezplain her? N nandu herself told that manik is her best or only frnd so its okay. Besides this these discussion is very common among medical students. Teachers themselves discuss this at class casually.i hope u u understand my point. N as nandu accept manik s love now, i m sure suni will give lots cute romantic scene which u mentioned n by reading sunithas other 3 story i m fully trust her on that. Take care.

      1. Wow Lisa!
        I was about to write same reply which you gave
        Iam impressed
        Love you

      2. ya exactly and whatever u are talking about friendship and college life its already happning, like manik helped nandini overcome her fears for bike, infact he made her confident. he supported her whenever needed. Even mukti and cabir, only for manik cabir went for the match and only for manik, mukti was ready to teach her how to ride.. thats friendship… and as lisa said, having full on sunitha , there s lots more to come from her side.. i hope u willl enjoy and sorry to bother u… i hope i didnt hurt u in any manner.

      3. Any time sunitha. Love u too. N priya if my words hurt u i m extreamly sorry. It was not intended bt still if u r hurt then sorry

  3. After daylong wait n repeted checking of phone finally u updated the story. It is getting interesting day by day

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