Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 25!


Kuch na kaha!

Manik had holidays after semister exams. Cabir, mukhti and manik insisted Sadaana for tour butsadana strictly said no. As Manik hand plaster is not removed

Manik came to college and meet nandini.
“Pihu! Everyone wrote on my plaster why didn’t you write?”
“Because of me you got hurt”
“Yes, and iam happy.”
“But u feel
“I know same old guilty. Shut up yaar how many times same thing? Leave it. Say about ourself did our relation grow from friend or not?”
“Best friend”
“Stupid! On that day when I touched your stomach, you got feelings and you closed eyes that is also frienddddddd?”
“I don’t know”nandini turned her face.
“Then accept you love me”
“I don’t know what is love”
“Fine! Are you sure you don’t know what is love?”
Manik checked all sides and took nandini backside of tree, and pinned her to tree Manik kept her both hands on the top of her head and kept it tight with his hand and Manik want to catch her waist but because of his fracture couldn’t
He kept all his weight on her body. Now he made her hair tucked back of her ear. Made his lips touch her necks, which passed a current shock to her body. Manik sucked her neck slightly nandini is breathing heavy her body is shevering.
“Are feeling something”Manik went to next side of neck
“Uuuuuuu”nandini is unable to talk she is loosing energy
Manik went to her face and started to kiss on cheeks then brushed her lips, nandini lost total energy and went into trans, she is giving her lips more to him, Manik smiled a little and took her lips he sucked, bite them and kissed. He took total five mins in kissing her. Same way he did twice. Once with upper lip and secondly on other lip.

Nandini opened eyes, her both hands are around manik’s neck and playing with his hair, lower lip is in his mouth. Manik’s hand is on her waist. Nandini felt happy got a smile on her face. Manik left her lips his face is glowing with happiness. His first kiss. Nandini’s first kiss. Their love.

Nandini got consciousness. Her mind started working she left him. Manik took a step back but he is with her.
“No! This is wrong.”
“What is wrong?”
“Yes, I will get pragnant”nandini slows murmured
“What???” Manik screamed
Nandini with lots of fear seeing at him
“Who the hell on earth get pragnant for a kiss?”
“I will. My grand mom said for sure I will get?” Nandini is crying
Manik laughed to the core
Nandini is crying seriously
Manik stopped laughing and made nandini sit
“Are you seriously a medical student or buyed it?”
“I got 7th rank in enterance”
“Then say about reproduction”
“When a male Soren enters a female fetus reproduction occurs”
“Then where from kiss came?”
“I dint known”
Manik got laugh but stopped himself
“See kiss is an expression of love towards a person. But intercourse is a process where, female and male organs like p*nis and vagina takes active place. You won’t get pragnant”
“But my dadi…”
“Shit up! How idiotic. You are really a fool. I don’t know what to say go to library take a book of ! No wait I will bring and give you read it. Studying medicine and don’t know how???? It’s pathetic iam dating a kid aaaaaa! Don’t say this to anyone I will loose my reputation and all will laugh at you.”
Manik went to library and brought a book and gave it to nandini.
“Read it fully and even see pictures. Don’t feel shy. That doesn’t give you knowledge you dump. You made my special feeling waste. One day I will take revenge for this. Now run from here if not I will beat you no kiss you and make pragnant again run”
Nandini ran.

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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