Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 24!


Kuch na kaha!

Nandini came to college. Piya informed her that Manik is daily asking for her. Nandini just listened.
Manik came asuasal to check nandini. Seeing her back Manik felt happy
“Hai Pihu!”
“Hai sir!”
“How are you?”
“Fine”nandini is still sad.
Manik looked at her. He felt sad for her.

Nandini is in rock keeping her chin on her knees. Manik is sitting opposite to her.
“Pihu! What happened?”
“Then why are you like this?”
“Iam fine”
“Do you want to share something with me?”
Nandini’s tears are rushing out.
“Did you had your lunch?”
Nandini nodes yes
“Don’t lie! Come let’s go to lunch”
“No iam fine”
“Get up”
Manik forcedly took her to hotel.
While eating she cried, manik consoled
“My brother and I used to fight all the day. On that day also we are fighting for mango. While plucking mango for me he slipped and brain nerves damaged and died. Just because if me and my stubborness I lost my brother, my parents lost their only son. I can’t forgive myself for this. I hate myself a lot. That’s why I can’t mingle with any one. I want to become a doctor so that no other child would die like my brother for lacking of perfect treatment for nerves. When I smile iam ashamed that I had snatched smile from my parents and iam smiling. I don’t have any right to be happy or to get comforts. I had to suffer more and more. Still they love me a lot and care me a lot. How can make them happy now? No I don’t deserve anything, not even this food, I hate myself. I hate this life.”nandini is crying.

Manik understood the real reason back of her silence. He felt the pain. He didnot consoled her, let her cry. After a long time cry, nandini with hiccups stopped crying. Manik gave water. She washed her face and drank water.
“Are you ok now?”
Nandini nodded yes.
“Good lets go home”
Both went home. Nandini went back to her house.

Next day Manik took nandini to woods place.
“I lost my dad when I was just 9. I and sadana both love him a lot. Still we can’t bring him back. What ever be the cause of death, it’s just fate. Nothing is in our hands, and consoling doesn’t change our perseception. It’s we who have to think, think in positive way. What are you doing? You are giving your parents more and more pain by your guilt. Look at you, why? They are not feeling bad by seeing you like this? They are living only for you. When you are not happy what is the worth of their life?your guilt is killing them when they are alive. Your smile brings life to them”
“I killed their son”
“No it’s his fate! Accept it. But your guilt us killing them”
“No buts! Just think about this once. Go home look at your parents, notice their silence, it’s not for loosing your brother, it’s for your guilt”
“Yes! Think if go on be silent for loosing my dad, how will sadana live? Will she be happy? My childishness, my naughty works, my friends, my happiness are making sadana be happy. If not she will be always crying for loosing her husband”
Nandini is listening carefully.
“Pihu! Life is to live not die in our beloved ones death. You are not alone suffering, you are making them to suffer. Who doesn’t have problems? Is their any house who don’t have any death occurred are they all like you suffering from ages? A smile can give life and a tear can bring death choose yourself. Sit here alone and think. Then go home. I will meet you tomm. I want my Pihu with smile.”
“Bye” Manik went

Nandini is silent. Her thoughts are running fast. All her life she is guilty now all of sudden her mind got a jerk which us tough to accept.

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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