Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 23


Kuch na kaha!

Cabir went for tournament. Manik felt lonely. It’s first time that Manik is missing his game. Nandini came to pick Manik.
“Sir! Shall we go?”
“Pihu! You know its first time Iam missing my game.”
“Because of me”
“Come here and sit besides me”
Nandini hesitated. Manik smiled and said” I will not do anything.”
Nandini sat besides Manik
“It’s best to miss game than seeing you in pain”
“But you are in pain”
“Are you guilty or feeling pain by seeing me in pain?”
“Not like that, leave it”
Nandini is silent
Manik starred at her, “you know why you are so special to me?”
Nandini nodded no
“You touched my heart. I want to see the same smile which I saw on that day for first time. I really lost in it. Arey! That dress? Yes! That dress with mirrors, I remember wear it tomm”
Manik is really wanting to show nandini his passion and love to her but scared if she take it nagtively. She took I love you words as cheating, if he hugs or kisses she might runaway from him.

Manik came home. Dadi made snacks for him. She feeds him with hands. All brothers and sisters planned to go to pub. Manik joined them.

Cabir returned after two days. He won the game. Came back with trophy. Cabir handed cup to Manik and said”it’s yours only yours”
Manik got tears seeing it can’t hugged him, Manik hugged back tightly, mukhti added.
All college came running to congratulate cabir. Manik and mukhti started to laugh. Cabir is enjoying a lot . Nandini and piya came to wish cabir.
Cabir settles his tone and looks at Manik.
Manik is starring at nandini
“Don’t do that?”cabir said to Manik while accepting nandini’s wishes with smile
“What?”manik’s eyes are on nandini and talking to cabir
“Your hungriness is seen in your eyes”
“She knows”
“Still you need to control”
“From four days doing that”
“You are shameless”
Priya came to way cabir and sticked to Manik like chewing gum.
Manik who is starring nandini, noticed that her face features changed and her forehead folded. He look at his side and found priya. He felt embarrassed and made some space between both and looked at nandini but she already lowered her head
Priya was about to say something to Manik found his concentration on nandini and called her”ya! You! Juniors! Get out from here. Clear the mess” shouted at them
Nandini and piya walked away. Manik got angry.
Can’t and mukhti looked at eachother with surprise
Cabir in mukhti’s ear said”chudaal dead!”
Manik left priya and ran back of nandini

“Pihu! Wait”
Both piya and nandini stopped and turned back
“Look she was rude but she is just my friend”
Nandini looked at him confusingly.
Piya smiled.
“Sir! It’s ok she is our senior” both went to class.
Manik is annoyed.

Cabir’s popularity grown up. Whole college is now recognizing him. Manik and gang had semisters. All are busy with books.

When Manik came to nandini class to talk to her, he found piya alone.
“Where is Pihu?”
“She will not come for more three or four days”
“Every year these dates she will not step out of her house, after returning she will be sad. Why she never shared it with me. But once aunty said that its nandu’s brother’s dead anniversary.”
“She lost her brother?”
“Yes at very small age, in her 5th class”
“Ok fine. Thank you”
“All the best sir for exams”
“Thanks” Manik went to class.

Whole weak nandini went missing. Manik is lonely. Daily haif an hour talk with nandini is his boaster dose. He strongly want to go to nandu’s house but dropped the idea.

Credit to: Sunitha

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