Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 22


Kuch na kaha!

Nandini felt surprised by manik’s behavior. “On that after…. Sir just made me run away, then he is not even meeting me, from two days nor coming to me to talk. He silent. Is he angry on me? But for what? Or is he having more pain on hand? May be. He is dull.” Nandini is feeling very bad.

Dadi came to meet Manik. Along with ranveer and Rajveer her both sons. Manik dad name is Rishi.vishwak malhotra is raj kapoor fan so he kept his sons name as raj kapoor’s sons name.

Manik’s house is full his siblings and uncles.dadi is always back of Manik, she feeds him, oil his hair, brings news dresses. Takes him to temples. Manik listens to her without complaining.

Nandini came to manik’s house to pick him. Actually two days back nandini was about to come but Manik called her and said not to come. Today also without manik’s permission she came to pick him. As ahe felt that because of her Manik is dull and silent. As he is avoiding her. The reason was different.

Manik is coming out to go to college, he saw nandini parking bike. He felt it’s his illusion first but then he found nandini walking to him.
“Good morning sir!”
Manik took breath it’s real “Pihu! You are here?”
“Iam sorry” nandini said by lowering her head
Manik is waiting for her to complete the sentence with tension, as she can’t dare to come like this. If she came it might be a big reason.
“Complete the sentence.” Manik said waiting for next
“Iam sorry”
“Sorry for what? For coming?”
Nandini nodes no
“Actually….. You …… Are ………….. Ang….. Angry……. So…… Iam sorry” nandini with fear said it
Manik just opened his mouth. He is speechless. “Pihu! Seriously you came here feeling that Iam angry”
“Dump! Iam not angry. Iam …… Aaaa …. Fool! When you do this type of silly things na I feel like kiss you. But waste! I love you Pihu! Iam dying from three days but now you just made me laugh. Iam not angry, Iam just controlling my feelings towards you.thats it. U can’t understand. Come in, I will introduce you to my dadi”
“No sir! Iam scared of new people.”
“Chup! Come”
Both walked in

“Dadi! She is Pihu!”
“Aaa! Ok munna! Take this prashad and go to college”
“Yes dadi” Manik showed his hand, dadi offered prashad, next she gave it to nandini, nandini took it and sat down and offer Namasta and touched her feet. Dadi took her shoulders and made her stand and looked at her carefully.
“Are you really munna’s friend? That jeans girl what’s her name aaa mukhti. She is more of boy than girl but you look like a girl, chudidaar and you, bangles, bindi, good”
Nandini is nervous
Manik smiled
“Ok dadi! We will leave. Sadana bye!”
“Ma! Say ma”dadi insisted
“No” Manik came out.
Nandini said bye to her and sadana and came out.

Manik sat back of nandini. He for first time he noticed that nandini is really different. She wears traditional dress, bangles and all. “Dadi liked Pihu. Iam happy”

After reaching college Manik stopped nandini”so, if iam angry what will you do to make up?”
“I will say sorry”
“That’s it?”
Nandini nodded yes
Manik smiled. “You know still Iam feeling to hug you tight and smooch and kiss you hot”
Nandini widened her eyes.
“Don’t see like that I feel more to do”
Nandini lowered head.
Manik smiled and both went to class.

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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  1. Thank u so much sunitha……for this back too back updates……
    U r just an amazing writer……
    But i have one repuest that…… U already update 22 parts of this ff….. still not include any of songs…… its my love story like…..
    Nd also update….nandani my dream girl…..plz plz plz…..

  2. Sunitha ..thx a lot dear for ur regular updates.. Loved nandu ..u rock..
    Keep smiling .

  3. Sunitha yaa dream girl update also..pls

  4. nice update thank you.

  5. Superb yar……….thanks for the update…….

  6. This manik na!! Why he is soo impatient? I mean nandu didnt fall in love bt he is ready to kiss,smooch n god knows what else!! Suni how did u get the idea of shaping the character like this? I m very much impressed 😀 . N i like nandu more than pihu

    1. Lisa nandu don’t know that she is in love with him or not but Manik knows that he love her. Feelings for boys are natural in teens. Best part is he is not doing them.

      Manik loved Pihu more than nandu

  7. Awesome, marvellous episode, loved it very very muchhhh. Keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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