Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 21

Kuch na kaha!

Piya asked nandini “why did we came back with out meeting Manik sir?”
“You saw priya mam na, then?”
“So what?”
“I felt it’s not correct to distrib them”
“O feeling jealous?”
“Why? Why should I?”
Piya was about to say something professor came.

Manik is waiting for nandini at woods, she didnot come he is roaming here an there, then found nandini coming on bike.
“Why are you late?”
“Iam sorry”
“Reason is important not matter”
Nandini is silent, Manik didnot insisted more.
“So now you have bike?”
“Yes sir”
“Manik sir!”
“Strictly no only Manik specially at this place.”
“Acha chod! Did you like the pen?”
“What happened? Why are so disturbed?”

“Come here”
Nandini went near Manik, he took hand and pulled her, she fell on his fractured hand and suddenly it gave pain for which nandini stood up straight and took his hand and kept it safe and seeing Manik,
Manik felt better,
“See if you lie I will get pain”
“I didnot lie”
“But you didnot say truth”
“It’s not that, iam just feeling …..”
“Feeling what?”
Nandini nodded fast saying no
“To kiss me”

Nandini widened her eyes and closed her mouth with hands
“O to hug me”
Nandini took two steps back
“Then?”Manik asked in a dominating voice
“Feeling shy”nandini in one go
Manik looked at her with surprise”what? Shy? For what?”
Nandini bite her tongue, and turned back. She just want to run away from there rather answering to Manik question.
“Pihu! Frist you sit on rock” Manik ordered
Nandini sat with lowered eyes and head.
“Now clearly say! I will not come near you, if not I will come”Manik warned
Nandini nodded no
“Your wish!”
Manik stood up and started to walk, Nandini got up and took two steps back
“Oye! Sit” Manik ordered but Nandini didnot
Manik took a long step and reached her “now where will you go?”
Nandini searched for way when she was about to walk he held her tight on stomach which made Nandini take a long breathe, Manik who is not seeing her held it more tight, she skipped a heart beat
“Now where will you go? Say why did you feel shy?”

Nandini is totally in trans. She is not listening to Manik only her body is responding to him.
Manik when felt Nandini is insulate lay still, he came front loosening his hand slowing but it is touching her body. When is more intensive than before. She closed eyes. It’s like a strong fingers playing soft strings of guitar to play music and her heart is playing music with her sound lub dub.
Manik looked at Nandini, her expressions, body language, her closed eyes made Manik loose his control. But his brain warned him and Manik called Nandini “Pihu!”
Nandini opened eyes.
Manik is stand away from her

“Go home! Tomm come to my home and pick me to college”
Nandini like a rocket ran from there.

Manik stood there for a quantity of time. His body is not listening to him, it is really a tough job for him to control feelings for nandini.
Cabir after practice came and pick Manik home. All the day he is silent. His heart is still feeling Nandini.

For two days Manik avoided woods place. As Manik is unable to forget the closed eyes of Nandini which is making him more impatient.

Credit to: Sunitha.k


  1. Nandini ...

    nicee ..very very ..indeed ……………loved ..it …manik was really dominating …bt …..it suits him …

  2. shubhangi

    Ur updates r sooo good every time wanting more nd more nd more feeling like keep on reading it nd it never ends

  3. knight_angel

    Feeling shy for wt… And wt happened to manik all of a sudden.. I hope when manik avoids pihu, she feels bad and confronts manik about it.

  4. Roma

    Awesome, marvellous episode, loved it, keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads.

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