Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 20


Kuch na kaha!
Manik is happy. He found that nandini is able to respond to him. Moreover she learnt driving. Morning when a stranger tried to touch her, manik felt like killing himself, he righted with him but his own conscious want nandini to be really safe. For that this driving is most important she can carry herself and her confidence level will also increase. When he sat back of nandini, he felt happy and most romantic.

Nandini after reaching home she frist went to her dads room and asked keys of bike. He gave with surprise
“Papa! Come with me, we will have a drive”
Shashank is shocked.
“Are you serious?”
“Yes papa! I learnt driving mukhti my senior teached me how to drive. I even made manik sir sit back and drived. You come papa I will show my driving” nandini with excitement held his hand and dragged out
Shashank is totally surprised by daughters behavior. It’s been 8years she behaved like this. He called sharada and went out to see nandini driving
Nandini frist went alone on there street, then took her father back and drived. Ssharada too went for ride.
Shashank kissed nandini on forehead. His eyes filled with tears hugged both wife and daughter. “Nandu! I love you. Be like this always. It give strength to both of us. Come on! We will have party”
“Next movie”sharada said
“Granted you nandu?”
“Ice cream papa”
“Ok come on get ready. From now on its your bike”
Nandu took keys with a big smile.
All went to in orbit mall.
Shashank gave daughter and wife credit card and asked them to shop. Then they went to movie and after that went to dinner.

At dinner, nandini’s family come across manik and gang. Sadana and shashank know each other very well. Shashank’s bank account is in sadana ‘s back. All joined dinner and had fun.
Mukhti demanded for dinner, as on his demand she wasted one full day under sun, so manik on sadana, cabir and mukhti’s harassment came for dinner.
“This crook na had best luck in world see this was his punishment but now it’s his frist official date. I hate you man”cabir screamed in low voice
“I too agree! I was the one who took pain and he and his gf are enjoying”
Manik with happy face and big smile, replied”manik malhotra’s charm always works. You guys wait! It’s going to be our best date.” Manik went out and returned in twenty mins. Manik sat besides sadana which is exactly opposite to nandini
Manik gave a bunch of flowers to nandini infront of all saying “congratulations for your frist ride”
Shashank felt happy and went on saying about his happiness. Manik felt it truly. Then while eating dropped his spoon and collected nandini’s spoon which she already used as a casual act. Nobody recognized it except nandini. After that he gave a pen to her while everyone are saying bye. Nandini is so tensed by manik’s act.

Nandini went back home. Manik started to dance and hugged sadana.
“What happened to my son? Because of fracture or love did he loose brain? O no! I can’t live without coffee plz god help me” sadana acted as drama queen. Mukhti and cabir also imitated her.
“Sadana! Your coffee is important than me?”
“Yes! No one can make such a taste coffee. You know in my bank all are fans for his cooking, spl biryani”
“We both are on list” mukhti said
“Shut up guys! It’s my frist date and I had beautiful one”
“How come?” Cabir asked in confusion
“On date what we had to do?”
“Give flowers, enjoy food mostly share food, then dance or any entertainment, then a gift”
“Ok frist I gave flowers rose bunch”
“That was congratulations one”
“Yes! Next I shared food by dropping my spoon I took her spoon along with some food”
“When?”all shouted
“Then I gave a gift to her while saying bye”
“What?”all surprised.
“So my date is fulfilled. I had my frist date along with our parents and friends ya piya is missing but it’s ok”
All held there heads”Manik malhotra.”sadana said
“No, the monster Manik malhotra” cabir added. Mukhti kept puppy face
Manik gave wiked smile and danced.

Nandini next day came to college by bike with piya. After reaching college she went to mukhti and thanked her a lot for making her to drive.
“Nandu! It’s Manik who insisted. So these thanks are to Manik. Go and say him”
“Yes I too agree”piya added.
Nandini remembered last nite, how he took her spoon. Felt little hesitating.
“I will say”nandini said it but now she is not ready to do so.
On piya’s force nandini walked to Manik but he is with priya, manik’s classmate. Her hand is holding manik’s hand, she leaned on manik’s shoulder.
Nandini walked back to class

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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