Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 2


Kuch na kaha!

Nandini is busy all the day at 2 she came to lunch. Her mind and heart are so disturbed, after a long time this is happening. In this five years she is so stubborn and strong that all abuses her saying heartless.

Nandini had lunch, she knew her mother is upset still she didnot convinced her, enquired about sri, lalitha, her secretary said that sri went to basketball class.
“Basketball!”she remembered how sri asked her for basketball
Sri was just two years when both went to toys shop, sri held a basket ball and asked to buy. From that day on, it’s his only game to play. Daily nandini had to play with him a game before going to bed.
That is why nandini is sending him to train well.

This basketball plays a key role in her life. At once she went to past.

A play ground full of crowd, everyone are shouting and screaming the one main player is smiling before he is baskets,
Nandini broked her thoughts washed her face and drank a full glass of water.
“No! No! Why iam still in this past, when I knew that there is nothing to get with this.”
Nandini got a call from hospital, she ran. As its an emergancy.

When she reached hospital, it is full of crowd, nandini directly walked to her room, called nurse
“Why so much crowd? And what the hell are you all doing? In five mins everything should be cleared”
“Mam! A politicians grand mother is the patient, she is in serious condition, all the crowd belongs to them.” Politely answered the nurse.
“Still follow rules, where is the patient?”
“Mam in next room”
Nandini entered the room, she is shocked, her eyes brighten up for a moment but in a second came to back with a stubborn look.
Nandini directly went to the patient and sent all out. After a thorough check up Nandini came out
“Dadi needs operation, by tomm we need to operate but her age permits or not we have to check, I will suggest some test frist make them, after seeing all reports I will inform whether to do or not”
“Nandu! Is she ok?”
“Ma! Don’t worry a attack of paralysis, need a surgery, she will be fine.”Nandini gave her a little hope.

Nandini came to her room, “did he come? Then why didn’t he seen, no no! I can’t I will send them toot her hospital.
Why? Are you really effected by them? Your professionalism vanished? You are Doctor frist.”
Nandini is fighting with herself

After couple of hours nandini got reports. She came out of her room.
Sadana and Rajveer came to her.
“Condition is critical immediate operation is needed, if you want second opinion you can go”
“No need you do it” sadana said Rajveer too accepted.
Nandini started preparation for operation. She called her professor once and discussed about the case. By 6pm operation started.
Nandini is a surgeon. She is very famous for critical cases. Everyone says that she has magical power to give life to the patients. With in three years, she became a leading Doctor. Her hospitality, neatness in her hospital, her skill of treating people are the best things to make patients come to her. Only mouth to mouth advertisement made her famous Doctor for neuro.

Operation completed, Nandini came out of room. All came running to her.
“Everything is fine. She needs total rest till tomm evening, no visitors are allowed, not a single one. She had stay here for a week, I prescribed medicines pl get them”
All shooted questions at a time Nandini answered patiently. While she is walking to her room, she stopped her heart skipped a beat a small pain emerged in her thoughts she turned a side. Same smile, same eyes, she skipped her leg was about to fall but gripped herself tight with the wall.
“How are you nandu?” The person asked
Nandini started to faint but this time with more efforts she managed to stand and slowly walked to her room without uttering single word.

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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