Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 19

Kuch na kaha!
Manik is angry, all the time his friends are laughing at him. Sadana is also making fun out of him. He was able to enter the college he saw me and he saw Nandhini and Piya are getting harassed bysome guys. Which made Manik loose his control and started to fight with them.

After everything settled Manik called dadu and said to take strict action if not he will beat everyone and get hurt by them which made vishwak malhotra take the issue seriously.

Manik entered class asked nandini to walk with him. Seeing Manik so serious nandini followed him.
Both reached ground.
“Mukhti today by evening she should drive this. If not I will upload your pics in fb saree one”showing a pleasure.
Mukhti is damm cool girl, she drives bike of boys. She almost manly, than girlish. Once sadana made her to wear a saree which cabir and Manik took photos and blackmails her to do there works. Just for fun.
“Manik it’s blackmail.”
“So it is”
“Manik” mukhti shouted.
“Just do it! As she is dump you need lots of energy to teach her.all the best”
“You Pihu! If you don’t learn or don’t drive by evening, I will sit back of you hugging tight and kissing you, make you learn driving. If you want them don’t drive”Manik showed kiss lips in kissing pose.
Nandini is watching Manik with wide open eyes and unable to digest what Manik said just now
“All the best both. Your time starts now and by 4 I will be back to check.”
Manik walked to class leaving both.

Nandini with lots of fear unable to hold bike properly. Mukhti felt it’s a tough task to make her to sit on driving seat. Suddenly an idea flashed her”nandu! Wait I will call Manik he will make you drive ok!”
Nandini with more fear sat on driving seat. Mukhti laughed and held her both hands tight and started to drive.

(Guys! Here Nandini being timid and innocent Manik always dominates her to make things best for her. Thus charecter if Manik is always dominating and demanding)

Manik is sitting besides cabir watching Mukhti and nandini.
“Don’t look like that”cabir said
“You are eating her with your eyes”
“The only choice Iam left with. Look in mukhti’s place if I was sitting hugging her soooo”
“Manik malhotra! Come back! Truth is she rejected you”
“Cabir ka bachaa! Iam going to kill you. You are not even giving me a chance to dream”
“Day dreams are poisonous”
“Who said?”
“Cabir baba!”
“Really she is testing my nerves”
“Iam jealous of Nandini. Seriously! The thing now you said na, testing your nerves, I want to do it from day one but she stanched it from me”
“Yes! Do you remember my frist love letter? Which I asked no requested to forward it to mera nair, what you did? Did you remember?”
Manik started to laugh
“You made 10 copies and gave it all girls in class. They all came at time and I was dumped”
“You know when mera came to meet you, you were in between girls getting rotten up”
“Laugh laugh! And she slapped me and my lovestory became a tragedy. Till now I didnot even dare to think of love”
“That is an epic. Salaa! Mera was my cousin”
“So I can’t love her?”
“That was flirt”
“Ya but …”
“That’s why”
“I forgot where is mera now?”
“Joined arts college”
“Shall we go to meet her?”
“Are you serious?”
Manik looked at cabir and said “then ok! Weakend”
“Wow! It’s great!”
Manik looked outside again Nandini is driving slowing with lots of jerks.

By lunch nandini learned to drive straight. Balancing and driving is now ok for her. Mukhti took lots of patiences and made her learn.
“After lunch come again we will practice, by 4 you drive easily”
“Yes, I too feel same.”
“Good driving is nothing but confidence.”
“Which I got missing all the time”
“Now you will gain it”
Both smiled and walked towards Manik.

After lunch nandini was going to woods but Manik stopped her and sent her to learn driving. Really by 4 nandini drives alone in ground. She learnt turnings, and speed breakers. Manik watched her driving.
“Now come on I will sit back we will go on road.” Manik sat back of her
Nandini shivered. “I can’t you are already fractured no”
“Shut up and start”
Nandini seeing him serious left with no choice started the bike. Manik sat sincearly. Slowly nandini entered main road. With lots of fear and shivering she started to drive from left side. Gristly she gave jerks but after few miles she got confident and drives well.

Both reached college by half an hour. Piya came to pick nandini. Manik asked piya to go alone. Mukhti said she will drop piya. Cabir is practice sessions. Manik took nandini to woods.

“So now you can drive”
“Yes! My dad was insisting me from very long back but me and my fear never dared”
“Then how now?”
“You said you will sit back and hug and kissssss” nandini stopped the flow of words when she recollected her concussion.
Manik laughed”but I sat back of you”
“But you didnot touch me”
“So you waited for my touch?”
“No no no”
“Then? You hate my touch? You feel akward?”
“No no”
Nandini lowered her head.
Manik smiled.
“So you are confused, let’s do one thing,we will try it again” Manik went near her. Nandini with tension stood back
Manik went to her back, pinned his body to her back kept her head on her shoulder and asked”what you are feeling now? Liked it or not?”
Manik’s hot breathe is giggling her neck area and his words are making her stomach get waves. Now he kept one hand on her waist and plunged her more and asked again “now”
Nandini with great efforts spoke “sir”
“Uuu! Manik! Say Manik”
“Manik sir!”
“No only Manik!”
“It’s late I had to leave”
Manik surprised and turned her to himself and made her head up and looked into her eyes which are lowered by shy. Face is blushed. Manik felt very happy. “Ok let’s go. From now I will stay away from you”
Nandini looked up sharply
“Means I will not touch you”
Nandini got embarsed by her own reaction.
Manik got laddus in mind and heart but acts normal
“Chal! I will drop”
Both went home

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