Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 18


Cabir and mukhti after listening everything started to laugh like hell.
“Manik Malhotra ! The great Manik Malhotra got reject by a girl. Who is famous for his looks and all college girls die on him and he is been rejected just because she don’t know what is love…….. O my god! Iam dying of stomach by laughing Somuch.” Cabir said laughing
“Seriously Manik! That girl is a specimen. You know all girls ask me about you but she….. We need a party on this”mukhti too laughing
“Stop it yaar! How fool she is? She says mukhti and she is one to me”
Both again laughed.
Manik kept a puppy face.
“Wait! for this yesterday you broke down?”cabir asked seriously
“Yes! She said that I cheated”
“Cheating? Did you sleep with her?”cabir laughed mukhti added.
“Cabir!” Manik shouted
“It’s a long long nuscence. But now I got clear idea. She don’t know anything. Nothing! Only books”
“Ok! Yaar it’s fine let her take time. She will soon have idea what she did”mukhti consoled
“Hope so! Dump! Iam dump! Now see what I did? I messed up everything I should have listened to sadana”
“Yes” both said.

Nandini said everything to piya.
Piya almost faint”nandu! How did you do all these? After all you are nandu who hardly spoke. Iam with you since long long time and it’s a miracle. I think you love sir”
“Ok fine but you should love him.”
“He is friend”nandini said firmly.
“When friend changes to bf who knows”
“Stop it plz”
“Nandu! On serious note think once . He saved you twice, he got fractured becoze of you, he is handsome, whole college girls irrespect of age and class flurts openly with him. He is sensible, caring about you, never took advantage of anything then? What else do you want from a guy?”
“Actually I don’t know! I never thought of this. Why is their any rule that we should and must love anyone?”
“O God! Baby doll! To marry a guy we need to love him, to live with him lifelong”
“May be! But why now? And about marriage its long way and my dad will do all things I don’t need to do anything. Love is bad thing. That’s it”
“So you don’t love me?”
“Arey! I love you as friend”
“Then how did love became bad thing”
Nandini started to think
“Love is not bad one, loving wrong person will make love bad that’s it”
“Look around you, parents, friends, teachers, everyone loves you. A relation between two people starts from knowning eachother and end with loving eachother. Eyes attract, mind thinks, heart feels, life starts. Sir liked you, attracted towards you, his heart feels you. Think, the one who safely went out of college all of sudden came back only to see you safe. He stood between you and your pain. He took it. And to be clear he is happy now still it’s paining him as it is not you.
He proved frist then praposed. Not like all boys who just speak those words and when time comes just run away”
“It’s friendship”
“Fool! Friend is different from love. Yes friend can do all above but can’t kiss you or hug you or sleep with you get babies”
“Chiiii! All are dirty things”
“Stupid if so then how did you born? Your parents did wrong? Dirty thing?”
“I don’t know! Iam confused”
“Your krishna also fails to make you understand. Iam fed up.”
“Then leave it”
“Nandu! Iam your friend I can see your future with Manik sir, it’s bright and beautiful. And Iam happy for you. Now you are not feeling it, but when you feel it you will know how much happiness it will give you”piya hugged Nandini

Nandini started to think everything. She felt more confused and mess up. He just went to sleep.

Manik made a clear sketch to win the game for cabir, he made cabir to do more hard work. Mukhti to helped Manik in training cabir well
“Guys! If I win this game will all girls run to me as they do with Manik?”
“Frist concentrate on game” Manik warned
“Are! It will boost my energy”
“Yes!” Mukhti said while throwing ball
Sadana brought food for all.
Under moonlight all sat and started to eat.

“Hero! What happened? Did you speak to your gf?”sadana asked
Cabir and mukhti started to laugh
Manik kept a puppy face.
“No sir! We are best friends Iam like mukhti mam”cabir acted like a girl and tried to imitate Nandini
“Iam ur bf. I can kiss you not fright who can’t kiss you”mukhti acted like Manik
Mukhti is trying hug cabir, cabir is running sadana is laughing.
Manik threw plate
All became silent at once and then laughed again
This time Manik too laughed.
“Pihu! You are killed now. Look how all are making fun out of me” Manik said in mind.

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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  1. Thank God for very very very nice update u made me laugh. last dialogue wht the manik said was nice. and thr he is struggling to make nandini know abouy love is nice. please update it fast waiting for next update.

  2. Thank u for very very very nice update u made me laugh. last dialogue wht the manik said was nice. and thr he is struggling to make nandini know abouy love is nice. please update it fast waiting for next update.

  3. ohoo ……cabir and mukti’s act was ..mast …….awsm …….keep going !!!

  4. Thank you for the update… I laughed a lot that my stomach is aching……..its really really superb……

  5. Sunitha u defined love beautifully.. Loved it..
    Keep smiling..

  6. Superb..sunitha..

  7. Suni yaat this is so funny. N manik n sadana s bond is so friendly just love it.

  8. Awesome episode, piya explaining love to nandini was really awesome. …manik n his friends was funny scene….keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads.

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