Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 17


Nandini is crying all night.”how harsh I was, how did I say all those words? How did I get that much courage? Bottom of the line is I said truth. Love is cruelty, it make people fools and mad. So no love in my life. I thought he is my best friend but he said…..! Cha! Iam fool I always e silent then why did I not???? But he saved me twice. What should I say? How should I make things normal? Krishna please help me. I respect him a lot. Mom???? What happens if mom knows that her son praposed me??? She will kill both of us. My parents too, they gave me Somuch when I deserve the worst. So no love nothing. But sir????”

Sadana Listen to Manik she thinks that Nandhini had a bad perception.
“Manik she didnot said no to you, she said no to love itself”
“Both are same”
“No not at all. Movie is bad different from watching movie is bad”same way loving you is different from love is different she don’t like low but she like you as a friend best friend. Now it’s your turn to make her feel your love she didn’t go through those feelings which are going now you have to explain and make her feel that love is different from friendship then you have to find out whether she loves you or not
But sadana she said no to me
No she said no to love Manik started to think all the conversation between him and Nandini he too felt the same as sadana.
Manik got lots of energy by listening this.
He got ready to college to meet Nandhini again.

Nandini is dull and then mode of state Piya was continuously asking for that reason but Nandini didn’t reply all the time she was just saying nothing both went directly to library to return the books.There they found Manik returning books they just wished him good morning and about to go to class but Manik took Nandhini again to Woods he made her sit and started to clarify his doubts
“Nandhini are you really out of mine and I am I this today I didn’t go with you yesterday you said no to me or no to Love”
Nandhini clarified that she hates the word love as love is the one thing which makes life hell with lots of confusions and trouble
Manik laughed at himself then he said “you fool when you don’t love anyone how how do you know that love is right or wrong I said I love you then trying me know take a chance then you can say no to me”
“Why should I when I don’t like to go and I said you’re my best friendas Mukti to you then what is the problem with me why are you insisting about Love”
Money got frustrated “mukhti is different from you”
“how? how I am I am different from mukhti?”
He is my friend whereas you are my love I have feelings for you which I don’t have for mukhti why don’t you understand there is a lots of difference between you and Mukti”
“I don’t know and I don’t want to know them. which are not my cup of tea treat me as Mukhti
“You fool! why don’t you get that simple thing,you are totally different from myfriend.”
Manik sat on the woods he now had a clarity that Nandini don’t have any feelings for him she treats him as a friend nothing more than that
Manik hugged Nandini tight.
Shocked Nandini. She started to go away from him but Manik didnot leave, after few seconds she stopped protesting and stood still. Manik still hugging her, now slightly she felt disturbed in her heart which took few bears more. Manik left her
“Now say did you really feel me? My hug made you any serious action on your mind and heart?”
Nandini is blank. Her feelings are negligible.
Manik understood. She had feel him, his presence and absence. She should know her own feelings.

“Ok Pihu! We will have a deal, I will show my love to you, you be my friend. If I change to yours or you change to me we will see.”
“You know Pihu! Now you are talking to me freely, you are expressing your views. So you are changing. You will change totally see”
Nandini is watching him with surprise. As Manik’s words are correct.
“I have one condition for this. You have to meet me here daily for half an hour.”
“Fool! Now go to class and tomm at same time go. If you ask such stupid questions I feel like hug you tight and smooch with a super hot steamy kiss. O my god iam getting mood. Go go from here fast” Manik is trying hard to control himself.
Nandini ran from there
Manik smiled and said “it’s really going to be tough for me to teach you to love me, without touching you. It’s killing me to be chupku. Ummmmmaaaaaa”

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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