Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 16

Kuch na kaha!

Manik went to nandini.
“Why did you come from there without meeting me?”
“How are you sir?” Nandini asked looking at his hand
“Fine! You treated me na! Iam your frist patient”
“Iam sorry”
“For what?”
“Becoz of me you are suffering”
“Ok then let us have a deal”
Nandini is looking at him to listen to his deal.
“Come with me alone for sometime”
Nandini looked at him for a second and got up to go with Manik
“So you are coming”
Both went to woods which are between college and hospital. Generally it’s secluded spot of college. He parks his bike here.

Manik sat a tree log asked Nandini to sit on a rock.
“You know Nandini, I have a big family. My grand pa is mp. But me and me with mom stays here. She is a bank manager. I love my mom most. She is my world. Cabir and mukhti are my friends. Iam very much obsessed with my bike. Iam fond of basketball. My profession as doctor is my dream. This is my simple life.toll I saw you for frist time.
The smile on your face and your searching eyes. I felt as if you are an angel who came on earth to surprise me with her beauty. You believe or not, even I too don’t believe, that moment was a miracle for me. I know iam just jumping still I want to express my feelings. Pihu! I love you so so much forever.”

Nandini who is listening to him carefully, had became shocked and stressed. She became more frigid her thoughts are running like a jet speed plane. Manik’s intrest on her is intensional. She felt like he betrayed her. Nandini thought him as a friend, indeed a best friend who is helping her to get rid of her phobia but here, it’s totally different. In her own world I love you words are nothing than a curse which will ruein both partners life.

Manik came near to her, “I said I love you. Just reply me. If you want time it’s ok”
“Sir!” Nandini said in shocking voice
“Say what ever you feel. It’s ok for me but please say it”
Nandini closed her eyes and prayed “krishna”
“Sir! Everything between us is ok na? Why do you give it a dirty mode? I thought you are my best friend but you cheated as everyone do. I thank you for saving me and I always be great full to you for this but love? Never. It’s just a curse to life. Iam sorry but I want to go” Nandini said in one go
Manik is shocked now. His mind is not accepting what she said now.
“Yes! Iam your friend that’s it” Nandini cleared and said bye and went away.

Manik is broke down. His heart broked into several pieces. His mind is blowing out. What he heard is totally no for his heart and feelings. For how long he sat there he too didnot knew. A absolute silence. That’s it.

Cabir and mukhti came with tourch in their hands, searching for Manik. When they saw Manik there both came runing “Manik”
Manik is silent. Still and his ears are just listening a word “cheating”
Cabir and mukhti shaked him. He fainted.

Manik woke up in the morning. Cabir, mukhti, Radha and sadana and sleeping round his bed sitting down. Without disturbing them he went to washroom and fresh up. Sadana worked up by sound
“Manik how are you feeling now? What happened Munna? Are you all right now?” She is so worried.
“Iam ok sadana!”
“Munna!” “Look at me, what happened?”
Manik hugged sadana tight.
She felt something weired.
Manik said everything to sadana.

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  1. nice twist sunitha i liked it
    thank u

  2. New twist?i think nandu has a vulnarable past thats why she behaves like that

  3. Poor manik .. Heart broken… And ya Lisa even I think soo that nandini has a past… 1 o clock while reading this I get a shock .. And nandini is so sweet she remembers kanha ji even while turning someone down..

  4. Nice yaar go on

  5. how manik wud be feeling ….aftr all dat ………this ff is a different one ……I like it !!!!

  6. ohh god………….why nandu behaved so weird.
    i mean at least she should have given it a thought…..
    very interesting……..
    keep smiling…..

  7. Ahhh…Poor manik…so sad for him…why nandini said that ?…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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