Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 15


Kuch na kaha!

Cabir took Manik to hospital. After x-Ray it was clear fracture in hand they made it plastered and after two hours plaster is fixed and a sack bag is given. Medicines are taken and all three reached to Manik’s house.
Sadana seeing Manik with plastered shouted all questions, cave with anger gave answer. Mukhti came. All made him to sleep comfortably. Nandini is silent and with tears standing in corner. Manik is watching o oh her.
“Those eyes are raining but only with repent if they are for me, I would have been on heaven. But I thank god if same pain she had?? Then??? No that thought is only giving me shevering.” Manik smiled at her. Nandini tried to smile but she couldn’t
“Shut up! All of you sadana! She is Pihu! I said na that’s she”
“Pihu! Who?”
“Nandini sadana!” Mukhti said hitting her hand
“O! Nandu!” Sadana looked at her carefully.
“Munna! Said you want to call me mom you can”
Nandini hugged sadana and cried a lot. All surprised. “Iam sorry everything happened just becoz of me. That should be me not sir. Iam ashamed of myself that I can’t even take care of myself Iam sorry mom”
“Chupppp! Pagli! Nothing happened! Just a fracture it will heal in some weaks that’s all don’t cry. It’s ok I feel proud that my son is grown up that he saved a girl. Cheer up!”
Nandini with surprise looked at sadana
“Yes! Every bad has a good in it search for it. Come on smile like a good girl”
Nandini smiled
Manik felt relaxed.
Mukhti dropped her home.

Nandini is getting ready fastly. She packed some food for Manik. Sharada, Shashank and Nandini started to Manik house. Nandini is in great repent.

Nandini’s family when came Manik is sleeping so, they didnot disturbed him. They all had some talks with sadana and returned back.

Vishwak malhotra along with his whole family came to see Manik.
Dadi is crying, his two chachus and two bhuwas along with all other members are also worried.
“Munna! You are so neglecting and who the hell was that who had hurt you? I will see his end” malhotra said
“Dadu! Leave it. It’s general election hungama that’s it”
“Munna! Come to our Ranchi I will takecare if you properly”
“Dadi! Then who will go to college?”
“Your dadu!” Dadi replied fast
All laughed
“You all don’t worry! Iam fine it’s just a fracture nothing else. Stop this crying and smile now”

After a long discussion they all went back leaving saddu and a car to Manik.

Cabir and mukhti came to pick Manik to college. Manik went to college. Sadana and sadu shouted at him still he didnot listen.

Nandini is in library with piya. Some girls are talking about Manik made them hear it carefully
“Yes! Manik is back”frist girl said with excitement
“Really!”second one is surprised
“Come on let’s go to him”both walked out
Piya and Nandini looked at each other and they too walked out keeping books back.

After a long search in college Manik is found at coridar. He is surrounded by somany girls.piya tried to reach Manik holding nandini’s hand but failed as they all are seniors no choice. With sad face both walked back. Manik who is observing both also felt sad. Manik’s plaster is filled with all girls note.
“Sala! Here iam crying for match and flirting with girls. One is the reason and others are enjoying” cabir is still in anger.
“Don’t be jealous cabir” mukhti said with smile. Both Manik and mukhti had hi-fi.
“Shut up! Mukhti! Iam jealous it’s for sure but iam also angry.”
“The time you are leading team” Manik said
Cabir is shocked”no! I can’t! And I will not”
“Go and practice.dont make fun out of yourself as captain”
“No no!” Cabir shouted
“It’s final cabir! Go and practice” manik walked from there leaving cabir and mukhti.

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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