Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 14


Kuch na kaha!

Nandini is in her bedroom. She took bath feeling fresh and energetic. While she is looking into mirror Manik’s words stroked her mind ” become a house maker”
“No! Never! I had to become doctor . As Manik said am I really unfit?”
“No! May be?”
“This time just because of my behaviour I shouldn’t loose my goal that to after reaching here. I will try to talk to everyone. Specially with Manik”
“Why am I call him Manik, I should call him sir”
“Why is so much intrested in only me?”

Manik is sitting with friends and sadana.
“Sadana! You know Manik is having toughest time. Manik is making a girl to talk to him” mukhti said
” mukhti no yaar! Manik kisi ka samna jukh gaya. Frankly speaking he is begging to see him, feel him, …..auch! It’s hurting” Manik is beating cabir while saying.
“You are correct cabir” both ladies had a hi-fi
“Laugh laugh a will come when I will laugh on your cost”
“See he is waiting for opportunity. Who used to make this without waiting”
All laughed.
Sadana is laughing more.
“Cabir! Why do you all make fun of him? Manik baba you don’t worry today night no dinner for them” Radha came to support him
“Sadana you know when I said I call you by your name, she said why? If she had to call you, she will address you as mom”
Sadana for frist time had tears of emotions “say again”
Sadana had tears flowed on cheeks all at time said
“Yaaaa sadana what happened?”
“I love Manik calling me sadana but calling me as mom is different feeling.”
“She is really special mannu I too love her”
All looked at her, with surprise.

Next day in college Manik went to nandini class, Nandini wished him. Manik too wished her showing his hand. Nandini picked it. Manik felt good.
Manik and Nandini had a casual talks. Manik seriously looking at her . “Her beautiful big eyes with depth of ocean in them. A bubbly face with dimples on cheeks which are soft and smooth. Her beautiful black and thick hair which are not so long but very organized. Img neck, which carry a thin chain with a locket of krishna. Broad shoulders, round and healthy chest, thin and slim waist, her back is also so beautiful which can attract any male. Long legs which add extra beauty to her”
Nandini felt embarrassed by Manik checking her.
Manik with a small embarsement and took his away from her which is tough for him.
“Iam sorry but I just looking at you”
Nandini did not reply.

Manik was unable to come out of her thoughts. Nandini came to canteen with her box. Suddenly all seniors came to canteen and started to champions for elections. All of sudden canteen is filled unwantedly Nandini came near to Manik. Manik is observing her, for first time he felt that her fear too has an advantage.

College is busy with election champign, Manik was ordered by seniors to paste posters along with cabir he is doing that. Nandini is also busy with her mid term exams which are in twodays.

After a weak college elections occurred which had a big contraversary between two parties which made campus a fighting ring. Manik along with cabir took mukhti and came out of campus safe. Manik dropped mukhti at home while returning his mind flashed Nandini. He ran to college on bike with great speed. College is full of police and people are fighting more. Manik started to search for nandini. She is in classroom entrance where all pushing her hard. Manik held her hand and pulled out. She is totally shattered and tears are flowing, Manik hugged her tight, Nandini too hugged him as if she may miss him. Manik took her safely and started to walk, all of sudden latti charge started. One of the cons table is beating everyone near Manik and Nandini. Manik with bulged eyes looked at him and took Nandini in her arms, hugging her and got hurt by the stick very hardly that his bone got fractured which made him to shout like hell. Nandini who closed eyes in fear of getting hurt opened eyes and got shocked and started to feel his pain.
Manik took Nandini out of the crowd and took her to hospital which is at left side of college.
“Pihu! Just go and bring me an injection of antiseptic and painkiller fast iam dying with pain”
Nandini before going looked at him and said “Manik just breath well I will come fast” she ran fast to store
Nandini brought injections and medicines
“Now take 5ml of painkiller and give me fast on hand”
“Me?i can’t”
“Shut up! And do it fast it’s killing me”
Nandini with hasitation took medicine in injection and with shevering hands gave injection to him
“Now 2ml of antibiotic”
“No it’s 2.5ml for fractures”
“What ever give it on my waist I can’t remove my pant so you do it fast”
Nandini is totally in shy and fear but having no choice, she lifted his shirt and took his belt and unbuckled it, removed button and unzipped it. She lowered it and injected.then she again zipped pant and buttoned it back. Buckled the belt.
Manik is looking at her. In Somuch pain, still he is getting feelings, her touch s making him to loose scence but he did not
“Now take my mobile and call cabir and ask him to come and pick us in car”
“Me? I will dial and give you”
“I didnot ask you to kiss me which iam desperately wanting now, you fool call him if not how will we go home? And I can’t talk and explain him everything so call”
Nandini called cabir
She explained everything to him
Manik is still in pain, Nandini removed her chuni and tied it hand and made it hang from neck so that it won’t get into more stress.
“Just because of me you are in trouble. You should t have come to me”
“Why are you feeling bad?”
“It’s me the reason for pain”
“That’s t????”
“Ha!” Nandini replied with surprise
Manik felt depressed. “Kash! You care for me”
“I do”Nandini replied casually
“You won’t understand leave it”
In twenty mins cabir came.

“What the hell man? We all went out na? How are you here again?”cabir in anger asked him
Manik gave a look that he had answer that question?
“Don’t say that it’s because of her”
“Shit man! In twenty days we have finals n Pune did you forgot? Now how will you play?”
Cabir!” Manik warned cabir to stop cabir looked back and kept silent but his anger is boiling.
Nandini is crying. She can’t carry herself is making her more worst.

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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  1. U rock sunitha wat a story line

  2. Dear I don’t know wt to say. I have a confession to make.. When I started reading ur ff I thought it is a story somewhat related to paa.. But u proved me wrong and I m surprised by ur imagination again . .. The flashback scenes are just sooo unique.. I love it..

    1. This story is written long long back
      More than ten years before paa released. Lot more to go
      Thanks for your support

  3. Its awsome
    Manik was checking nandu in such a way that he observed every body part of her, manik is tooo notty. N thr way u describe their feelings its awsome. When you will show the present time? Waiting for nxt update.

    1. Hai Lisa
      I missed you a lot
      I kept somany Msgd for you
      Just for you I wrote Dreamgirl one episode so that you will read and comment
      Anyhow iam happy now that you are reading
      If you don’t like be frank and comment I’ll be happy

      In this story flash black us real story
      When flash back completes everything over story wides up

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    Keep smiling..

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