Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 13


Kuch na kaha!

Manik and cabir returned back. After coming Manik frist sadana is that “I love that girl. She is ruling my brain and heart. I can’t stay without her.”
Sadana smiled.

All the house is in thinking mode.
“Manik! It’s better say it” cabir said
“No it’s bad idea! You need to be close to her”mukhti said
“Question is how?” Sadana asked
“Guys! Stop it beside giving me solution you are messing up. Let me go in my way” Manik’s mind is thinking something.

Manik came to college, straight away went to nandini’s class. There are few students in class. Nandini is reading her books. Manik went to her and sat besides her. Piya wished him morning! Nandini too.
“I want to know about you, actually why are so ….. What do you say.. You fear for everything why?”
“Iam like this from childhood”
“Ok! But there is no hard and fast rule that you have to be like this lifelong. More over when you become doctor, if you are like this how will you treat patients? You have to talk to them, sometimes you have to be harsh, how will you manage? I think you don’t fit for this profession. Do one thing go home ask your dad to get you married and have dozen kids”
“What?????” Piya said Nandini is shocked.
“Yes piya! You think whatever I said is right or wrong? Why to waste your time and energy?”
“No! I want to become doctor” Nandini very determinedly said it
“Then come out of this fear zone”
“Means?” Nandini in confusion
“Look if you get rid of your fears you will be free like piya, me and everyone then you can manage patients easily.”
“Yes!”Nandini still in sad face, her goal is become doctor.
Manik smiled happily “I have a plan to make you normal”
“Say it sir I will make her to do so”piya said in curiosity
“Nothing much! You talk to me daily for ten or fifteen mins daily you will get used to me, then we will plan next”
“Sure sir!”piya with happy face said it
“But alone”
“Ok then shall we start from now?”
“Ok” piya said
Manik is observing Nandini “you have to reply”
“Yes” Nandini in low voice said it
Piya with smile went to otherside of room.

Manik looked at Nandini. She is in fear. He thought of taking her hand to console but stopped.
“Say something about your family, yourself”
“My dad is a bussiness man, mom is homemaker”
“Ok! On that day when I came to your house, I heard that your parents call you with other name”
“Your nickname”
“Shall I call you Pihu!”
Nandini looked at him, and then again down her head “yes”
“What do you like?”
“Ok any other thing hobbies?”
“I don’t have”
“I didnot get any time”
Manik is feeling restless. She is just answering him, suddenly his eyes went to her box.”what did you bring in box?”
“In lunch what?”
“Aloo ka?”
“Wow I love it”
“Have them” Nandini offered box
“Not now! Come to canteen at lunch alone”
“With piya can I come”
Manik looked at her and smiled “ok but on one condition”
Nandini is waiting for condition
“You should bring me lunch daily”
Nandini nodded head
“Do you know cooking?”
“No”Nandini nodded
“Sadana too don’t know cooking”
Nandini in confusion face looked at him
“Sadana my mom, I call her by name”
“She is best friend so”
Nandini is not convinced by the answer
“Ask what you want to”
Nandini nodded no
“Talking means not just answering”
“Why to address your mom with name if she is your best friend?”
“Actually when I was child my dad calls her by name so I too used to call by her name, it went in practice. All my friends too call her by name. You also can”
“No! I will call her mom”
“What?” Now Manik confused
“If iam in your place or if iam your friend I will call her mom that word make women feel proud and eternal. It’s purest word of love and care”
Manik looked at her. Deep inside somewhere a pain is seen in her eyes.
“Then call her mom”
Nandini nodded.
As professor came Manik went to his class.

In lunch hour Nandini and piya came to canteen. They didnot find Manik. Both searched for him atlast in classroom they found him.
Nandini gave him box. Manik took it. “I forgot about this, thank you.”
Nandini and piya was about to go Manik called “what will you eat?”
“We both will share sir” piya said
“Come on all together we will have lunch”mukhti said
Piya and Nandini looked at eachother and with hesitation they sat.

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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