Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 12


Kuch na kaha!

Manik is in practice room waiting for nandini. Cabir and mukhti are enjoying Manik waiting for a girl
“Mukhti! Let’s have bet I strongly feel she will come to wish Manik luck”
“No! She is so timid she can’t dare to come”
“Arey! She will come”
” guys! Stop the shitt. I strongly feel she is coming”
“O Manik babaji! You know astrology? When didn’t you say it to us?” Mukhti satires
“Manik ji say when will I get a girl?”
“Over! Bohol diya? Now just check in crowd did she come?”
“Girlfriend yours you go and check”
“Manik come on game is going to start. Play well. All the best” coach said
“Thank you sir! Just five mins”
“Come soon”he went out of the room calling other guys
All team members left the room except cabir and Manik
Mukhti said” come on guys! All the best.”
Manik is in sad mood with half heart he left room. He was about to go to ground Nandini with pits came”all the best sir!”
Manik is looking at Nandini
“All the best sir!” Nandini wished
Manik showed his hand to Nandini, she took it with great effort.
Manik smiled and said “you made me to wait for you”
“It’s ok iam late sit and cheer for me” Manik went to play

“Piya we have class”
“How are there in the class, see all at ground, come we will also go and watch”
“Nandu! Becoz of you sir was late now he said to cheer for game then, don’t make any senior to get angry on us, that was our resolution then?” Piya asked
“Ok but I don’t know anything about game?”
“If we watch we will know”
Both sat in middle row.

Game started.
Manik is full swing he has already done two baskets. The opposite team are still in zero.
Everyone are shouting Manik Manik
After two mins one more basket. Which made all to clap
Manik team won the game.
All the student ran to him to congratulate. Cabir and his other team members lifted him.
Manik eyes are searching for nandini.
Nandini and piya are going to class. Nandini turned back. Both Manik and nandini eyes lock for a fraction of sec and diverted as Manik is kept down.
Manik want to go to nandini but the crowd was heavy. He felt dissopointed.

Manik’s thoughts and feelings started to revolve around nandini. Sadana is observing this.
“Mukhti! You say this boy, my son, munna has changed he don’t love me anymore”
“Why did you say that?” Manik asked
“After nandini came he forgot how to make a coffee for me. Check this no taste at all.”
Manik took the cup and sipped it. He felt bad taste, he went to kitchen and made a coffee again
“Sadana! You are right this girl na she is ruling me. Iam messed up. She don’t talk, don’t come to me, she don’t show interest on me, still she affecting me a lot. Her silence, those looks, o my god iam fed up to solve her”
“So you love her” sadana asked.
“Love??? Such a big thing?”
“Yes! You are in love”
“May be or may not be iam not sure”
“Fine do one thing avoid her for few days”
“Great now for twodays you are going to Pune for tournament. Great if you miss her a lot then you love her, if forget her in your own game then leave her.”
“Ok” ” I forgot! You will be alone? Mukhti stay with sadana and Radha you to be with her and ladies please no fighting till iam back”
“No need I can manage why to trouble them?”
“It’s final”
“Sadana we will have ladies out. We will have great fun”
“Then ok!”
Manik felt relief.
Manik got call from his dadi
“Dadi! How are you?”
“Fine! How are you Munna?”
“Iam to Pune for tournament”
“Why do take risk? Anyhow all the best, tomm morning sadu is coming what should I send?”
“Dadi! My favs you knew then?”
“Anything more?”
“No nothing”
“Munna! You never ask me anything”
“Ok ok ! How is dadu?”
“Wait I will give to him”
“Munna! How are you?”
“On that day you didnot call me again?”
“A dadu! I was busy”
“Munna! Iam sending you a new moped”
“No my bike is my fav one I love it”
“Ok keep onemore”
“Why waste dadu”
“Munna!” He said in warning tone
Manik kept silent he knew his no has no value.
“Bye Munna I have work”
“When are you coming to meet me?”
“May be next month”
“Ok fine?”
Manik felt relieved.

Next day morning sadu came with new bike and somany things to eat and to wear. Along with them Manik is given a cover. He knew that will be money. Asusal money is kept in safe.

Manik went to Pune with cabir and team. For twodays mukhti and sadana along with Radha had great time like shopping, parlour and night out with movies in home theatre.

Manik very badly missed Nandini. His thoughts and mind are just feeling her. His team win the game but Manik is not happy. He want to celebrate with Nandini. Cabir made much more fun out of his feelings all the way but cabir too found the difference.

Sorry for delay we had severe power cut problem due to heavy rain. I’ve you all

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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