Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 11


Kuch na kaha!

“Sadana! She is so innocent, how cute. Her eyes are like oooo…..” Manik since from one hour he is saying same thing to her

Manik is thinking about her all the day. Sadana came to him
“Munna! Are you thinking about that girl”
“What is her name?”
“Nandini khanna”
“Did you like her?”
“I don’t know sadana! Iam so much attracted to her”
“Do one thing help her come out of her fear and make her to smile”
“But how?”
Both tried for lot of options but they didn’t get a best one.
“Mannu! Do one think ask her to do some task daily like wishing you or some thing else”
“Yes this is best”

Next day morning Manik is waiting for nandini after half an hour she came. Manik saw her. She is just listening to piya without any expression. Manik called piya both came
“Good morning sir” piya and nandini
“Today onwards both I mean you both should come to me and wish me morning and while leaving from college you have to say bye and leave. You should search for me and the say and go. Got it”
“Yes sir!” Both said in chores.
Manik felt funny still he kept his face serious and went to his class

Nandini is tensed she is not comfortable with Manik but she as no choice, piya to convinced nandini.

Nandini and piya is regularly wishing Manik where ever he is like classroom, canteen, ground everywhere. Which made Manik annoyed. This time it was hikes they both are standing infront of washroom. Manik got irritated and shouted on both “are lost? Can’t you both wait? Did you keep your brains in dustbin?”
Both are silent.
“From now on no need to wish me or inform me just leave”
Both went almost running.
Manik in irritating mood came out and started to home. When he was about to cross the bus stop he found something which made him to stop.
Manik kept his bike a side and looked, it’s only nandini standing in budstop and two boys are annoying her. Manik want to beat them like hell but took a step back and ent nandini and in dominating voice said “what the hell! You are here? I was searching all the way. Come let’s go” he took hand and started to walk
Nandini is totally confused. As she had no choice she walked with him.
Manik asked her to sit and stared to drive after a perlong distance, he stopped bike and asked her to stand and called his dadu! He informed him to take sever action on those teasing batch immediately. Being minster he in mind sent police to that area.
Manik started his bike and nandini sat back with confident and little smile
“If you don’t say address how will I drop you?”
Nandini said the address
After few mins he again said “it’s boring why do talk something”
“What should I talk?”
“Anything! Fine say what you think about me right now”
Nandini is silent
Manik insisted
“You are very helpful person”
“You are ……”
“I don’t know”
Manik felt sad.
Both reached Nandini’s house.nandini got down from bike and started to walk then turned back and said “please come in”
Manik is on 9cloud. He walked in.
Nandini’s mom and dad invited Manik and after learning about budstop issue nandini’s dad shashank khanna and sharada khanna thanked him a lot.
Sharada brought sweats and snacks for him.
Shashank was asking him about his family Manik said. Shashank felt very happy
While leaving Manik said ” if you don’t mind can I suggest something?”
“Why don’t you make her ride a bike. She will be confident and safe”
“I always say that but she is not intrested”
Manik after saying bye took leave from them.

Next day nandini came to Manik and said thanks to him for helping her
“So I did a favour to you?”
“Fine then you do one thing today I had a match after lunch come and wish me luck. I will be waiting”
Nandini said bye and went to class. Neither she accepted nor denied.

Manik waiting for nandini at dressing room.

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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