Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 10


Kuch na kaha!

“Who is miracle Manik?”sadana asked Manik
“I don’t know her, she was waiting for some one, she flashed at me, when I looked at her, she is pure and beautiful, her eyes are like two rabbits running fast to search something, her smile is like a rainbow which is just a miracle, her bubbly face is soft and smooth with dimples, like a fur of teddy bear, in total she either a miracle or my illusion as in this world we can’t see such a beautiful soul”

“O my god! I can’t believe you are talking about a girls beauty? Radha! My son is grown up” sadana shouted
“I said it before, in sleep he is murmuring. Get him married” Radha said with smile
“Yes sadana if that girl exists I will marry her, please get me marry” Manik said as a child asking for a Chacolate. Sadana laughed.

Manik and cabir searched for that girl. Sometime mukhti too will join him. Still Manik didnot find her, Manik even wen to same place for jogging daily but no use. Manik descided it’s just his own illusion not real as such a beauty can’t be on earth.

Manik is busy in basketball tournament. He is the capitan of his college team. Manik want to win in inter college sports meet championship. So he is busy. Cabir is also playing with him. Mukhti came running.
“Manik juniors came, come na let’s check out them.” Mukhti called him
“I have game mukhti you have fun”
Mukhti knew Manik can’t be distracted from game she went away.

After days;
While Manik entering into college,he found some seniors are ragging girl. In that group a girl made Manik to drop his jaw. She is the same whom Manik saw while jogging. Manik dropped his bike and ran to that girl.
“Ayi! Wait! Wait! Are you real? You are not my illusion thank god! I found you at last.”Manik is breathing heavily
The girl along with other girl kept their heads down and gave a salute to him. Manik just ignored it.
“What’s your name?”
“Nandini khanna”
“Nandini khanna” she said more clear fully and fearfully.
“Iam piya sir”
Manik looked at her once again. Her fear is seen in her eyes.
“So you are real and iam thinking its my illusion. Frist year?”
“Yes sir!” Piya answered
“She can’t talk?” Manik asked in frustration.
“Yes …,sir!” Nandini answered. She is having no idea what Manik is talking about.
“Where do you stay?”
“At santoshnagar”
Someone called Manik, he turned back its priya his classmate along with him cabir came
“What the hell was that? You left your bike to rush here? Did anyone died?”
“Look her! I said na she is the one” Manik showed nandini to cabir with excitement
“O hoooo! She is really really worth it” cabir said.
“Manik you said we will go on ride?” Priya asked Manik in sweat voice “aa you! Juniors? Get away from here” priya in harsh voice ordered them.
Both girls went to class. Manik got angry on priya and about to say something cabir stopped him “she is in our college, chill bro when get her back any time. No hungama here.” With a big smile he convinced Manik

Manik could not concentrate on class he walked away and came to nandini’s class. Class is empty. They are having a meeting with principal in conference hall. Peon said that, Manik went to hall. As he knew all nobody stopped him. He entered and searched for nandini.
“Last year students are best in their performance Manik is topper and also basketball team capitan. We have …,” the sir who is giving speech is saying on stage to students

Manik got nandini, he took beside seat. Nandini is seriously listening to the speech. She didnot notice Manik coming there.
“Hai!”Manik said in low voice
“Hai!” Without seeing nandini replied
“It’s about me, sir saying on stage.”
Nandini turned to him. She is shocked, her face is like small o.
Manik got smile. “Hai! Iam Manik malhotra your senior. Second year.”
Manik gave hand
“Hai….!” Nandini in shevering voice replied
“Introduce yourself”
“Nandini khanna! Frist year”
“Ok! Look don’t keep always this fearing face you can smile. I saw you 20days back while jogging you were waiting for someone.”
Hall is full of claps suddenly. Manik is interrupted by that.
Meeting completed and all are going to class Manik stopped nandini.
Nandini in fear catches piya’s hand. Both stopped
“Look! Iam trying to talk and you are not responding?” Manik asked in anger
“She is very conservative and had a phobia for new people. She fears. That’s why she is num.” piya replied
“Fear? Why? For what?”
“She is like this only, she can’t talk freely with everyone.”
“But why?”
“I don’t know” piya replied “shall we go? I think class started. Nandini is very punctual”
Manik in confusion said yes, both walked away.

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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