Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 1


Kuch na kaha!(Manan)

A beautiful building, with everything organized as if they are soldiers and owner is army officer.
Watchman checked his watch twice, he knew at 10 the owners vechile will be out.

Now inside the house, a middle aged lady who is widow, sitting with a cover in her hand she is nervous
“Radhakrishna! Please complete my wish”
All workers are complying there work fast and neat.
The lady looked at watch, it’s 9:30 she is ready, and looking at steps.

A young age lady of age 25, coming down, her one hand carry a handbag and the other one with white coat which says that she is a doctor.
The middle aged lady name is sharada, the other lady is her daughter.
She served tiffin in plate and in slow voice said “yesterday! Your chachi came, she gave this photos once you look at them”
“When you know the answer, then why?”
“All are talking rubbish about us, at least to stop them, you have to get married, how many days you will be alone?”
“Iam not alone I have sri with me”
“Yes I knew, and I informed them about sri, they accepted just that he will stay with me, it’s ok na”
“Mom!iam his mother not any packet for which he is free or can reject, and in this house no more discussion on this its final.”
“Then shall I go to them and talk?”
“Mom! Do you want to beg them?”
“I can’t see you like this”
“This is my fate and iam responsible for this and I will handle it”
“You are my daughter and I want to see you happy as all girl at your age”Sharada sat in sofa with tears
“Bye! Iam going to hospital”
She took her car and came out.

Shashank neuron hospital, a reputated hospital in Mumbai west, all the staff are very strictly following rules, they new the doctor here is so strict and her eyes are very sharp,no one can cheat her.

The car entered the compound all the staff became ulert. She just walked directly into room, sat in her chair and informed nurse to wait for five minutes and send patients, she relaxed but her mind is not.
“Why iam disturbed? For mom’s words? No? Then for what? The news which I read in paper, yes! Does he really disturbs me? Or effects me? Why?”
She closed her eyes, sri came infront of her eyes, she got smile. Took a cup of green tea and started to look patients.
Her nameplate is written outside as “nandini khanna”

Guys it’s my intro for new story
I request do comment.

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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