Kuch na kaha (Manan) Next???


It’s Sunitha.k writer of manan; a business rivals new love story, Manik malhotra_its my love story, now Kuch na kaha! , guys I have some stories which I want write after this story. Please guide me to which one you guys love to read first.

1. Hero is a lawyer, heroine is murder, hero saves her from her case loves her, marry her but due to his mother they get separated then how they meet is story.
2. Hero and his brother are multimillionaires. Hero’s bro loves a slum girl but she won’t she feels him as her small brother, to cancel his marriage from a business family on his request that girl writes a letter to the family saying that hero’s brother loves her. When hero knows everything hero kidnaps heroine and forcefully marry that girl. Story is how the both hero and that girl unite how miss understandings flew away.

3. Hero loves a married women and have a child, how total world is against them and still how they manage to love eachother? How their daughter reacts when she knows? It’s story.
4. Hero is a businessman. His grand mother wants him to get married, when he is shown a girls photo he gets shocked and goes to meet him as he and his whole board of directors are searching for that girl since 2yrs. What is their story?

Guys which one you like plz write the no which will get more numbers that one I will write waiting for your votes
Love you lot.

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  1. 4th story is nice plz contd. it

  2. No. 1

  3. I think 2nd one

  4. All r good but

  5. I like 2nd and 4th ………

  6. i luv so much ur ff. they r awesome

  7. 2nd &4

  8. I like all your and I know if you write any one of them would obviously mindblowing we are just obsessed with your stories you narrates stories very beautifully I just want you see your amazing updates keep going take care

  9. 2nd one

  10. 4th one was the best I think

  11. I think the 3rd one. Something different.

  12. I think the 4th one is the best

  13. Mahi13

    All r amazing its hard to choose.
    Would like to read all the stories.
    I think u can write the 2nd story now. It’s amazing.

  14. 4th one

  15. Meghna shanti

    All are awesome
    But I prefer 1 or 4 more

  16. 4th story s more intresting plz

  17. All r interesting…..but 4th one is awesome…..
    Plz continue this one….

  18. All r Superb
    4th one is nyc concept

  19. 4th one

  20. No yar plzzzzzzz plzzz start with 2nd one ……n I know that all ur story’s r superb mind blowing n amazing no words I have much to describe bcz first time I’m commenting that’s it….I know u will not stop just entertaining ur lovely freinds but plz start with second one plzzzz??

  21. Tanushree

    4th one pls

  22. Tash

    Oh my god! What stories.. Superb story.. Hard to choose..
    Ammmm…. Hmm. Pata Nahi..
    Ok.. Plzz 4th one first n then 2nd one n they 3rd one??
    Plzz sare hi likh do agar aapke pass time hai toh.. I m obsessed fr ur ff that’s y…
    I love all of the above..
    Sare likh do ek ek kar ke???

  23. I guess 2&4is good

  24. 1 2 nd 4 r very interesting

  25. 4th one please

  26. Aswini Durga

    Except 3 al u can write…..

  27. Mouni Godavari


  28. 2nd & 4th

  29. 2 n 4

  30. No. 4 please

  31. 4th one

  32. plz write 4th first and then 2nd

  33. Sunitha.k

    Thank you all
    3rd one is the story which made me a writer. Yes it’s my first book which I wrote in 2003.
    When a man is deeply in love with a women nothing matters, no boundaries, costume, relations nothing only love matters. A hard core lover who fights with world for love.

    Anyhow I will start 4th one as all requested it once I complete this story.

  34. 2& 4are fab……. after that the one you like….. but still 2&4… both are equally interesting……..

  35. 4 i like the most

  36. All storylines r fabulous.. am ok with all

  37. 4th one suni

  38. All the story lines r superb….will b waiting fr ur nxt ff.

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