Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 68

Kuch na kaha!

Manik got full idea on Malhotra. Patodi and Prithvi are helping Manik in all means. Manik is getting information about Nandini upto date. Now Nandini is 6months pregnant.
Manik is safe with sadana, as he knew raosingh is a strong person he keeps sadana safe.
Sadana’s dad and Malhotra were partners in business, at that time they married sadana with Rishi. Due to some problem both raosingh and Malhotra separated, when Rishi died raosingh asked sadana to come with him but sadana denied, raosingh warned Malhotra that if anything happens to his daughter or grandson he will make Malhotra repent. Since then Malhotra is just baring them.

Manik knows that, sadana known a little more than Manik but what is the truth between both no one knows. So sadana is safe.

Mobiles are taking place fast, Manik with help of patodi sent a mobile to Nandini. Cabir and mukhti already have one. Nandini is roaming with baby bump, Manik saw her twice while going to parliament. From cabir he found that Nandini is becoming strong and answering everyone who is questioning her on her pregnancy.
Manik felt happy.

Prithvi started a software company, asking daddu. Malhotra happily agreed as he want Manik to be in politics and want Prithvi away from politics.

Actually it is a strategy to make Prithvi free from the sight of Malhotra, then he can collect clues against Malhotra and trap him.

Malhotra is sick, his kidneys damaged, everyone are busy with his kidney transplantation. Ranbir gave him kidney. Manik is free from his sight.
Manik went to Delhi. As patodi is following Nandini closely, everyday he is getting news about her. Now Nandini is ready for delivery. Mukhti is attending her. Delivery date is in twodays, Manik is in tension. Mukhti said that Nandini is weak and anemic. She may have complications in delivery.

Daily night Manik is sitting in his car infront of Nandini’s house. He is dying to see her, kiss her, hug her, feel her bump, but controlling himself and his emotions.
Patodi came to meet Manik.
“Sir! Can I ask you a question?”
“Yes sir”
“Who is this Nandini? Why are you so careful for her?”
“She is my wife, my Pihu! My life, my love. She is carrying my baby.”
“Please sir no questions, I don’t have answers. She needs me that’s it.”
Patodi kept silence.

On third day Nandini got pains in afternoon, sharada took her to mukhti’s hospital. Manik got news as cabir called and informed. Manik want to run to her, but he looked around, all malhotra’s people are around him. Manik is silent.

Nandini is struggling since afternoon it’s late in the night, she is still in pains, Manik came to hospital at 10. He went directly into labour room, Nandini is struggling.
“Mukhti! What happened? Why is delivery delayed?”
“Manik baby is coming to position. It may take more time”
Nandini while pain relaxed for sometime, recognised Manik
“Pihu! Don’t worry nothing happens, our baby will come to us, don’t loose hope just little more”
” Manik! Where are you? Why did you leave me alone? You know I lost my papa, you know everyone are calling my baby as bastard and me as a …..” Manik closed her mouth with his lips.
Manik’s tears made Nandini’s cheek wet, “who are you Pihu? Just my gf? Is this baby basterd?”
“No,” Nandini said looking into his wet eyes.
“Chup! Don’t think, just let our baby get out of your womb I want to see, feel and carry”
Nandini smiled.
Mukhti gave her injection, pains started getting heavily, Manik is crying as a child, Nandini fainted due to weakness.
Mukhti checked Nandini got panicked.
“Manik! She is sinking”
“No! Mukhti don’t say that” Manik took stetathescope from Mukhti and checked bp, pulse is weak, Manik started beating Nandini
“Pihu! Get up! Pihu! Don’t let me a failure, please Pihu! Get up” Manik is crying,
Mukhti gave her drip and started to hit Nandini hard, Nandini got up
Manik and mukhti screamed with happiness. This time Nandini got heavy pains and delivered a baby boy.
Manik took the boy in his hand, Manik is so emotional that he felt like he won everything in this world.
Manik showed boy to Nandini.
“I won its manan”
“Manan” Nandini smiled.
Nandini is so weak that she went into deep sleep.
Manik kissed Nandini on her forehead. Wiped her tears, cleaned the baby himself.
Held him so carefully and started to kiss him.
Mukhti shouted ” Manik! Bleeding is uncontrollable, is this case of post pasterum haemorrhage?”
“Call Lalitha madam take her suggestion” Manik replied. Mukhti called dr. Lalitha professor, she suggested some medicines
Mukhti gave them to Nandini
“Get up Pihu! Don’t sink please look Manan is crying” Manik made Manan cry.
Nandini got up hearing baby cry, Manik gave boy Nandini’s br*ast and started to feed him, which will make bleeding control a little. This thing he studied at exams, which really worked bleeding started to get control.
Mukhti and Manik relaxed.
“Idiot! Your one night stand gave me such trouble” Mukhti said
“Shut up! Pihu is my life and he is my son”
“Old man! You are first to have baby in our batch”
“Yes! Iam proud if it”
“Yes I agree”
Mukhti smiled and hugged Manik
“To you also massi”
“How are you?” Mukhti asked looking deep into his eyes
“Don’t ask questions which I can’t answer. Atleast not now I want to enjoy with my son”
Manik got tears “may be?????” Manik cried. “If sadana is here she would have not even for a second leave him, she don’t know anything, not even this, it’s about seven months she is away from me. Only happiness is she is alive, that’s it”
“Manik! Why this all happened? Why? How happy we all were? Cabir said everything to me, Nandini don’t know, she is still waiting for you, when she lost her dad, she collapsed but her eyes used to search for you, waiting for you. When I said you pregnant, she was so happy that she want to come to Ranchi, but you daddu, he rueined everything, Nandu is killing herself daily, Manik come back”
“I will Mukhti! I will but when I don’t know, Pihu will wait, now she has this boy her strength. Support and life. She learns to fight smile and leave. Mukhti promise me that you guys will never leave her alone. I may take years or months to come back I don’t know but I surely will come back. I need to move”
Manik kissed Nandini once again. He held Manan carefully and kissed him
“Takecare of your Pihu! Bye”
Manik came out of hospital with lots of pain as he want to be with Nandini and his son but it’s impossible now.

Malhotra got discharged from hospital.

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  1. its very emotional with lots of love
    very nice thank u

  2. Anandi

    Awww…such an emotional episode…?. …but happy to knw the real reason behind separation n all…nxt episode plsss…

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  8. Tash

    I was crying.. I was crying like a small baby reading it…. So much pain… To Nandu who is innocent.. Doesn’t know anything… To Manik who is helpless… Suffering n killing himself daily..n sadana she doesn’t even know anything…. So much emotions….. Love u sunita aunty fr this story…. M huge fan of urs…

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