Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 5


Kuch na kaha!

Manik kissed her on forehead, “after 5years the only great news which I heard. Thank you.” Manik hugged her more tightly.

“Leave me”Nandini spoke
Manik left her
“Why at everyone you sleep have a baby for you? Or only I have this facility? Iam ashamed of myself that I once loved you and slept with you, iam feeling disgusting that you are my sri’s father. I feel helpless for myself who loved you once. You don’t deserve anything from or my son. Yes Manan is our son, your son whom you think a mistake of your life, whom you think as a black mark for your carrier. Don’t worry I will never reveal that sri’s father is you mr.manik malhotra o sorry mp Saab. Go go and keep your chair safe. I loved dr.manik not this worst politician who is coward and disgusting. My Manik is so straight forward and dare to face this society not like you. He was my hero you are a zero. You are not sri’s father. I didnot slept with you, I made love with my Manik and sri is my symbol of love just get out” Nandini shouted. Her emotions and angry are fighting

Manik with tears went out of the room. He looked for sri, but then didnot go to him.
“Manik! Where were you?”sadana asked
“He is my son”
“What?”sadana in shock
“Yes! My son”
Sadana slapped her son. Manik didn’t shock, he knew his mom’s reaction
“What you are saying is if true than don’t expect that I will excuse you, I said you before if anytime I had to choose between you and nandu I will choose nandu. Are you really my Manik? Who can’t see nandu in pain gave her life time pain? How pathetic is your love for her why did you do this? Iam ashamed of you.”
“Iam ashamed of myself, you know the reason then what should I do? But now I can do everything. Come with me” Manik took his mom’s hand and dragged her with him. She too walked fast with Manik

Nandini reached house in the evening, along with sri. When she entered saw Manik and sadana at house. She took hold of sri to his room and gave him music player and said to listen to it.
Nandini came down. Sharada is with them.
“Nandu! I know what ever happened is rediculous still …”sadana is trying to collect her words
“Pihu! Come let’s go”Manik told straight forwardly
“Where?why?and how?”
“With me”
“Look I can’t talk bullshit I said come that’s it”
“O I think now you are my senior or minister to order?”
“Come I said”
“Why do you want me now? Becoz of sri?”
“Pihu!” Manik stopped her “I don’t think that I did wrong about sri’s birth and leaving you both is my mistake I accept still I have right to give you pain so chaal lets go home”
“No when you have right to give me pain then I have right to refuse”
“I don’t take no for any answer”
“You got it now”
“Sri needs me”
“Ok take him alone” Nandini said with shevering voice.
“Shut up”Manik shouted at her”when I said come then there is no argument”
Nandini went in and brought a old packet and throwed it on table infront of Manik,the packet reared off and money in it came out flying all in the room
“This is what your daddu gave me to obort my child when it’s just one month of pragnancy. What did he say giving me mom? Aaaa! ‘I can pay any girl Manik wants to “play with, if you want more you can demand me anytime but don’t dare to come back to Manik again, he lost interest on you. Don’t play with his carrier if happens so, with in secs you will be arrested as pr*stitute and no one in this country will help you to come beware of it’ exactly these words, so when iam already paid for what I did on that day with you is paid to me.” Nandini tears are cutting her into pieces. “I lost my dad after hearing those, I came here leaving my own house and city to keep myself safe from your shadow. Now you say come with me, that’s it?”

“Nandu! Papa ji was one who did all this not Manik” sadana said
“Then why didn’t he come back in all these years?”
Sadana want to say something but Manik stopped her with hand
“Iam sorry”Manik said in sweat voice
“At last Manik malhotra said these magical words Iam sorry in these 10years.” Nandini gave a satire
“Yes Iam sorry”
“I don’t accept your apology”
“Fine then I will stay here till you accept” Manik declared
“Minister can’t stay in my house”
“Pihu! Iam comfortable in hall no need of any separate room.”

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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  1. I don’t know wht to say but just tears are flowing. why did he say like dat. very emotional. sry does’t enough for this words. very emotional. Thank u for updating. waiting for the next update. please update it soon.please remove all these suspenses fast because it’s hurting so much.

  2. Sunitha.. What matlab nandu is not manik’s wife.. Oh god! Pls nandu try to give one chance to manik..
    Loved it … Rocking..
    Keep smiling….

  3. nestle joseph

    sindhu u r an amazing writer…

  4. Maniks daddu done this to nandhu she must be hurt a lot but nandhu can give one chance i think manik is hiding something plz update next episode

  5. Loved it..its very nice and the suspense is killing ….you just made it awwwsum

  6. aww from 1st line to the last still now tears are falling from eyes like hell,wow no words to express

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  10. fabulous….luvd it.

  11. if nandini accept his apology so easy then the character of nandini will be so cheap…….. y manik doesn’t search for her and he is unaware of having a son……….that’s so ridiculous………now he simply ordered to come then nandini should come ah…….. no nandinis shouldn’t accept……… being a single mother she is upbringing her son……that’s a great capability

  12. Awesome episode. Emotional and heart touching…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. . .

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