Kuch love stories esse bhi (Twinj SF) by Crazy


Hai guys crzy here..hope u doing good..dont be angry on me..
for being late..
well i m here with a surprise for u all..
i m here to write “Kuch love stories ese bhi”
well guys this is not a series of FF that i would write before..nor this is on OS..
these are those stories that might fill ur heart with love..,and some times cry out hard..
these stories are those which ll some times unite love brids or some time apart them..
indeed this is for the first time in TU that i ll introduce u to some unique stories every time a new fresh one..
now u might have a question how is it for first time and all bla bla bla..
so guys this is nor a FF nor a OS infact its a SF -SERIES FRICTION

so i m giving it a name as

u all have given me a lot of love here..
i have many few unwanted stuff news to u..after hearing that i m sure u all ll just dump me..
actually i m not gonna write ff after about 1-2 months..
as i m moving to my higher stuies ,luckly i got few job offers from software companies..indeed i rejected them for my higher studies and i m trying my luck in Fermandis,yes,i m shifting there
so my bro being too much possisive i m not sure if he ll allow me to continue to write or no..
so i want to give up my best to u all..
so i m writing a SF this tim..
those have short stories for all u guys..
an dont worry its all about twinj”

so hope that u guys ll support me..

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Series-1: Kuch love stories eese bhi
—– * —– * —– * —– * —– * —–

so just a wwek more for my paa and maa s aniversary..
they love each other so much but still are apart..
i live with my paa and my bro with my maa
we all 4 meet on sunday and have fun..
i enjoy being with my bro and maa
i love the company of 4..
ohh so u guys are reading my story..so before that let me introduce myself..
i m Teju..Teju Kunj Sarna..
daughter of Twinkle Sarna and Kunj Sarna..
and sister of tej sarna..
uff hes too naughty..
last sunday when me paa maa and he met..
maa said me that hes as naughty as paa..
tej at age of 11 is a big flirt..
he attracts girls by his hazy eyes and his hair..uff being his sister i love playing with them..
i bet if he was not my bro i would have proposed him..
i always take advantage of being elder to him..
han han just 2 min elder i m..
yup u guessed it right..
me and tej are twins..
and i m in my paas room with out letting him notice me..
i came here to keep the fetched personal diary of his..
last week i asked tej to take maas personal diary and yesterday he kept it back..

we both are planning since 6 months..to unite them….all are plans are utter flop..
i asked UV mamu to cm here and flirt with maa..so that paa can be jelous but of no use infact paa went to much angry..
and he din come last sunday..
maa was very hurt..
Uv mamu is friend of maa and paa since they were in clg..
i know paa loves maa a lot..
but somethinng stops him frm letting him say that..
yesterday something unique happened
paa came to maa..and they were continuously speaking..
paa was scolding maa..
i knew it was coz of her new job..
that she got in mumbai..
paa was furious at her..

maa came to me and tej and hugged us..
she said she is going somewhere and asked tej to be good with paa and me..
tej though waas just 2 min smaller then me..
i taught we have same brains at lest mature..as i m
but no…he is way too small in brain..
tommo tej will be with us..
and for some days he will stay with us..
i was keen to know y maa was sad..
when i shared this with tej..
he neglected the fact and said it is coz she is gonna lev us and go for some days..
she would miss us so she is sad,by saying this he consoled me..
i just faked a smile to him..
and i was concerned..
tommo was a special day…
to all of us..
paa was so exited..
he came to me an hour ago and asked me..what should he prepare ffor tommo..
i said anything u like paa..
paa said me t say..so i just said panner as i know maa liked it a lot so did tej..
i never felt maa loves tej more,infact though i stay far from her..she loves me more and afterall all daughters are princess of their dad
so was i..

@Next day..
i ran to hug maa..
maa and tej had already came..
i felt her body is just too hilring..it was burning hot..
i could see the pale face of hers..
i quickly started shouting at her..
for not taking care of herself..
and only thinking of hers..
i yealed all my anger on her..
their was only silence in home..
only my voice was heared..
maa huged me and consoled me..
just then uv mamu came..
she huged him infront of us..and even kissed him on cheeks..
i and tej was fully shatered..
i was just too much..
i taught all while that my maa paa love was eternal but no..my maa betrayed my paa who loved her so much..
she again huged me and tej at a single time..
we both dint respond..
coz what we saw a min ago had just made us so angry on her that i m not able to express it too..
then my maa walked to paa..
she huged him..they went into bedroom
all while uv mamu was with us..
i was too furious on him..
for touching my maa..
i call him mamu which indeed mean that he is my maas bro..
i was about to confront him..
but i noticed that it had been more than 3 hours that my maa and paa where in room..
just then i heard a knock..
maa came with tears in her eyes..
later paa too came he was all red..
maa left with uv mamu..
paa came to us and hugged us..
we respocate his hug..

After 1 year…
its been a year now..
i remeber maa said she is going somewhere be a good daughter and good sister and take care of everything..
and always suport paa and maa
now my paas world was ma tej and few memories of maa..
we all forgot her..
but i dint..
tej started hating her..
and so wa me..
but paa never hated her..coz he knew the reason..

i again slipped into his room when he went to office..
now he dint write a diary..indeed wrote it in laptop..
i knew the passwrd..
it was “Kunj ki Twinkle ”
i opened the diary..
i searched the date
s i got it
i opened the page
and started reading it..
i knew its sin to read like that but i wanted to know the reason..
yes,here it was
//guys i ll write few lines in hindi..coz it ll seem good in reading and ll be heart touching//

“babaji kyun appne esse kyun kiya..
sab galti meri thi..i taught uv and she had realatin ship..
when i and twinkle cleared everything and were about to be one again..tabhi appne eese kyun kiya..
wee both love each other so much..
that day when i got to all..
mein tuut gaya ..pura..
mano paro talezameen kisak gaye..
twinle kept it as secrete for so many days..
but i found her reports..
i confronted her..
but uski vo akhen vo uska masum sa cheara..
all mde me go nill
i asked her to be with me..
but she was adment..
then she came to home to liv tej..
i know twinki kissed uv just to make tej and teju against her..
so that they hate..her..
but u know what babaji muze mere bachoo par pura bharosa hai..vo apni maa ko kabhi bi nafrat nahi karenge..
akhri uspar mere aur twinkle ke jo sanskar hai..

i was not able to read further..i had tears in my eyes..
i noticed someone comming near me..
in a hurry with out even shutting down laptop i just kept it in sleep mode and rushed out of room..
uff it was paa..
he went in room closed door of room and i din knew what was happening..
just to make sure paa dont open lapi i went in room and huged him..
he asked”kya huva bacca?” i said nothing paa
maa ki yaad arahi hai..
dont she miss us..
i want to see her..
meet her hug her..paa plz take me to her..
paa continued”u know what my baccha..ur maa is alwys with u..c she is within u..
(showing me stars)c the biggest twinkling star is ur mom..
she loves u a lot..

“i want to be alone paa..plzzz..i want to share secrets of this one year with her..
now give me and maa privcy..”i added making my paa smile..
he said “oky..then i ll make dinner
btwn where is tej..”
he added
i said “doing his homework!”
“oky i ll see him and help iin doing it then “said paa

after he went i immediately put the lach of rrom..
and opened lapi..
and it continued
“i know u love me a lot ..when she said she want to spend some quality ime with me..i was very happy..
we snekeed in to room..
we both went wild..
her essence was still the same..
i never felt that she is mom of two kids..
uske khushboo se mehke hawa ke uss harr zaree ko meine apne andar sama liya tha..aur try kiya tha ki uske ruuh ko bhi appne anndar sama luun..
usske uss dukk ko kaam karna chahata tha mein..
nahi dek sakta tha..apni bevi ko..wese..
and then infront of eyes she went far from me..
then at late night i got a call from uv..
then what he said made me go mad..
i knew twinkle would lev me..but so early..i din knew..
i feltt to die right at that moment..
but how could i..i had responsibility of being a dad and mom both now..
i had promised her that i ll take care of tej and teju and if sometimes i need to be a mom i would ssurly be..
i just ran to hospital..
and went to twinkle ward..
they had covered her with white cloth..
she was suffering from brain tumer..
doc said only 1% of chance to survive..
i was so shell shocked..
now twinkle is no kore with us..and i miss her everyday”

i was so shocked to read all this..
it means maa..
i miss u maa
i took a photo of lying at left side of bed and hugged it tight and let my heart out..

i was so glad that i m blessed with such loving parents who are called true lovers..
only to lessen the pain to us..she did drama of having affair with uv mamu..
i taught for a while
how much paa could have suffered in maas rememberence..

@After 15yrs..
a big campus is shown..
where there is a school,a big hospital a ashram for oldies and kids..

and a broad is shown “Twinkle Nivas”

a oldy comes to it..
“dek na twinkle today is inaugration of twinkle nivas..
ur both children have made it in rememberance of u..i hope u are happy now..
just then he sees a blur image comming their..
towards him..
he gets shoked to see it..
she was twinkle..
his twinkle..
she said
“kunj i m so so so happy..
for our tej and teju..
u know ur siyyapaa queen is still waiting for her sadu sarna..and now i think it time that u too come to me..our both kids are settled now..”saying this she disappeared..

@After 2 days..
kunj and twinkles photos are placed on a table..
with garlends on it..
yes,they are no more now..
but their love story has become imortal for their kids..

a girl is shown and a boy standing infront of the pic of twinj..
bowing their heads down..

hope u liked it..
And yeah i ll be back soon with another story till then take care..
sleep well..
eat well..
and keep doing crazy things and dont forget to cmmnt..

Credit to: crazy

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