Kuch love stories esse bhi (Twinj SF) by Crazy- SF 3

Hello all..i know u guys are miffed with me..but its oky yar..
bade bade desho mein choti choti bathe hoti rehti hai..
so i have decided that i ll continue Twinj Love Strategy FF..
only coz of ur rqst..
but guys next time if i think of ending it..plzz dont pressurise me and respect my decision..
i was thinking of a new story..
but any way its ky..aftr completing this i ll post that..
i ll soon upload the proluge of it..
only if u guys like it i ll continue..coz its mixture of diffent jodis too..
oky..i think i m talking to much..
so heres a SF another one..
a true life wala Sf..
the incident happened 2 yrs back..
she was my seniour…
n also my mentor..
so heres a SF on her..
after begging her a lot she gave me approval of writing it..
but i wont reveal her name oky..any way i added my own stuff too in it..to make it look good..
but this sf is insipiration by her story…


————————————————————–SERIES-3: KUCH LOVE STORIES ESSE BHI

“m i being punished for the sin i never commited..
is it coz i supporteed the truth and made my sister reach her goals..or i m being punished for being her sister..or m i being punished to rather be a smallest of her…or being punished to stay silent..
dii said me ..to never tolrate wrong and never do wrong…
and i m just following it..
but what about my dreams…my dreams of being a actor…”

their was a knock at door..
and the girl turned back..
s..she was our twinkle…she sitting being ready as an bride…
her mother walked to her..
with tears in her eyes..
coz she never taught that she would be making her smaller daughter of age just 18 marry a man of age 25..
her sister was supposed to be married..
but with help of twinkle she elopd..coz she din like the person..coz he had strictly oppoed her to prsuiv her dreams..
he was something like a womeniser..he never had hurt any women..
but the world called him..so…
that made him hurt though…
but they nevr saw his face (i mean world)
s..it was true that he liked womens..
but truth was he just saved the women..
he elopd with them and made them stay at his ashram..
but world the witty one..
u know na how chep it is guy…

now leela came towards..twinkle and took her down..
s she sat next to a man..

twinkles world was shaken.
the person she called as jiju till 2 hrs before ll be her husband now..

the marriage took place..everything was perfect but two souls were not..
one was twinkle and other was the dhula ..
s hes a busniness tycon..
the yuoung business man of the generation..
who left his studies at the age of 15..
and worked under some busniness man as chai wala..
but what did world know that the same chail wala ..
would achive so much..
he just by seeing all the antics of his boss..created his own empire..
the boss was none other than his father in law..
this was the reason he never oppoed..him..
coz for the dhula..his FIL was all..

ohh..sorry han i forgot to intro u to our dhula..
he was none other than..
MR KUNJ SARNA..the youngest business tycon..
the most eligible bachlr who turned to be married now..

he loved mahi but to his fate he got married to her sister..

he was in depression..
he kept cursing him self..as all taught him to be a toy…

the marriage was over..
dhula and dhulan bid bye to all..
and left the place..
nor kunj nor twinkle spoke..
theere was complete silence..

only the sobbing of a girl was heard..
s its twinkle…
bus that was enough for kunj…
they reached home..
new bride was welcmd..
all relatives left and now only twinj were present..
but the cry baby was not stoping..
kunj was just contrling his anger..
but now it was too much for him..
he draged her to his room threw her on bed..
he said..
what do u think of ur self han?
u guys made me a toy..
i loved ur sister..
i made my life plans with her…
and c…wwhom m i married too..a cry baby…
twinkle was still crying..

K-“what was my fault..is it that i respected ur dad more and trusted him and his daughter..”
T-par kunj ji..
K–what han..
he slammed out of room and straight way went to bar..
that was right in his home only..
he became devdas yar..


bechara my kunj..
ooo hello dont stare me oky..
bhai/jiju hai vo tumhara..(not mera he tho is my hero)
sharam karu..
lal tapak rahi hai..
i know hes hot and handsome hunk but control ur self..


a darpok cry baby matlab ham sabki twinkle yar..
(sorry for calling her like that..)

kunj ji plzz..dont drink it may effect ur health…”

said twinkle….

k-its already done..
kunj when he saw twinkle there he again became furious..
he just went to her..and in his disguss splashd his lips to hers…
she waas in shk..
she was binded in with two strong hands..
the more she tries to g far the more she was hurt..
he atlast enterd int her and she could not do anythiing…

i was very scraed of him right from that day..
i knew he was feeling gulity…
but i was very angry on him..
he cant force himselfon me..
he asked me sorry for many times..
after 2 days of that incident..
kunj was never seen..
he used to get up..n go to office before i get up..and would cm home after i sleep..
i din c him for 2 weeks from then..

one day i was waiting for him he came too..
he just smiles at me..
and said”soi nai abb tak?”
and from then on v became frnds…
best frnds..
v used t hang out..
play pranks on people..and what not..

and now i m staying happily with himm…he supports me in my dream…and i still trying to be a good wife and indeed a frnd..
i like his company…he likes mine..

and still v are best frnds first and then a couple..
it was on our frst marriage aniversary day that he proposed me and i whole heardly accepted it..


my frnds marrige was exactly in same way..now shes in acting school…he supported her..
but the drunken yard story of their first night is my beja not true one..
indeed hes too supporting hubby for her..and a very good frnd of me too…)


purpose of this story is..
love is nothing but a frndship..
if u are frnd to a buddy..
u can call it love coz dosti is first step for love..


“Dosti ke alaava bhi kuch rishte hote hain, kuch rishte jo hum samajhte nahin, kuch rishte jo hum samajhna nahin chahte. Kuch rishte jinke koi naam nahin hota, sirf ehsaas hota hai khush rishte jinke koi deewar nahin hoti, zarrat nahin hoti aise rishte jo dil ke rishte hote hain, pyaar ke rishte hote hain mohabbat ke rishte hote hain.”



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