Kuch love stories esse bhi (Twinj SF) by Crazy- SF 2

hai guys i m here with a new story line..
I with my next series of friction..
So hope u like my this SF too..
let proceed to next series

well well well..
thankuuuu soooo much for giving such a responce for the first Sf…i m just too much overwelmed….

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Series-2:Kuch Love Stries esse bhi!
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There lived a girl..
the girl that every boy actaually would love to have..
her eyes… her lips… her smile…her talks is what was all would adore..called Twinkle
there lived also another boy..tall 6 ft fair complection..built up body..
better be called dream boy of every girl..known as Mr Kunj Sarna
the destiniy was very happy with them i guess so they both fell in love with each other..
but u know so called “andar ki awaz” dint let them confess it..

It had been 7 yrs now that they were dating each other..no no no dating means not that dating which u are thinking..
here dating is something different..

inka dating anokha tha..alag tha..they never said each other that love the other..but were waiting for the other to confess..
and when one among them indeed wanted to confess..the fear of loosing them would make them backoff..
their dating was chupke chupke ek dusre kho dekhna..
observing all deeds of each other..
following eaach other..
meeting in cafe but saying “ooo how come u here in cafee?”
and then making a excuse that they came with some one else but they had work so they went..
and then acompaning each other..

(hahaha! so funny,,i think i m being foolish in writing all this..hope u are enjoying)

then one fine day something anokhi happened….kunjs marriage was fixed..
as he was dream boy of every girl..
everybodys heart broke..
in those everybody someone else heart was also broke..yes our twinkles heart..
she loved him with all tecticks..
when she got know about it..she was in mumbai..
it would take now about 24 hors to reach their..

on the other side..
kunjs haldi sangeet ceremony was over..kunj was bound with few things so unwantendly he had to marry..
after a long hectic day..kunj went to his room to freshup..
as he knew the next day would change his life..

as he opened the door..his jaws fell off..
he immediately closed the door..
then something happened..
some one came and hugged him and said ilove u ..plz dont marry and plzz..
she was just blundering her heart out..
u might have guessed who na..?
btwn yes,it was twinkle..
kunj too admited that he loved her..
but he also told about the promise of his mom..
he had to marry today..
his mom has put him with the promise..

again some thing anokhi happened..
the girl made boy to run away..and said him ur mom said u to marry today right ..then we will marry today..
kunj was super happy..
they both ran away and married each other..
yet their families never excepted them..
but they soon did when they gave birth to a small angel..

its been 8 yrs now..
and today is the hearing of the court for their divorse..
angel is 4 yrs old now..

twinkle was asked by the authorities..
“do she need the divorse?”
twinkle looked at kunj…with teary eyes..so that atlest he can make an eye contact with him..
coz she could read him eyes..

kunjs POV-“i knew if i could even dare to look into her eyes she could easily understand them..
which i dont wanted to…i wanted her to be with me..but that was not possible…i wanted our angel to be with both of us..but i also knew that its either she or me who ll get custody..
i wanted to let her take twinkle…
so that twinkles pain ll be less..
my seelf taught came to an end..
when twinkle said yes shes sure of divorse..
but also pleeded the judje to give angel to her..as shes small and need lots of care which only a mother can give..

at last the dark days of my life had began..,said kunj to himself..and a droplet from his eyes followed his cheeks…
which were immediately rubbed by two soft little hands..
s..it was angel..
he hugged her..and said take care beta..
papa will call u daily…
“and when ll u meet?” a small weak voice choked out ..
hmm..sooon..beta,said her papa..

its been an year now…
kunj meets his angel…alternate days…
tommo is twinjs angels bday..
s..it ll b her 5th bday..
but our angel tho angel hai na…
it was her bday next day..
kunj and twinkle both were present their for her preparations..
as it was their angels 5th bday…

but here our angel took a promise from them..
asking that she needs the gift which ever she asks for..
both twinkle and kunj agreeed..

and finally the day was here..
a big palace like house was shown ..”Sarnas was written on it..”
s..the celebrations were done their…
all guests were already their…
only missing people were..
twinj and their angel..

In a room…
angel sat on caught…
with a pout face..
T-kya huva…
K-y is ur moos off?
T-today is ur bday
K-and ur so dull on this day..
A-i wont speak with u..
A-coz u din give my gift..
T-but u said u ll ask us..
accha lev that say me what u want..
A-i want my mumma and papa both
T-but v both are here only..
A-no ur just here physically that too coz i m here..
u know my all frnds stay with their mom and dad…
both cm for parents meet..
K-v too cm..
A-han but u never came together..
my frnds maa paa play games together they do romance also and their kids matlab my frnds tease them and say stories but i dont have any..

angel slowly walks and takes twinkle hands and keeps in kunjs hands…
she goes and gets a box..
T-were did u get this..
Angel removes id of it..
and kunj looked shockingly ..to twinkle…
K-u still kept these….
K-then y did u say sin court..
the box had her sindoor…and magalsutra…
and a ring…
kunj made her wear all those…
angel clapped and jumped…
twinj had tears n their eyes…

all three came down..
cake was bougth….
angel cut the cake and made both twinj feed at same time…
(now dont ask how…)

Angel hugged twinj..they had a group hug…
and she said nw time for another gift maa paa…
i want a sibbling…
twinj were shocked at her !
K-wese shes right hai na…
twinkle hits kunj by her eldow…
he side hugs her…

—– * —– * Happy Ending * —– * —–

hope u liked it..
And yeah i ll be back soon with another story till then take care..
sleep well..
eat well..
and keep doing crazy things and dont forget to cmmnt..


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