Kuch Kuch Hota Hai….SNS & DBO….Season 1 Part-26 and 27:PRIVEER’S ENTRY!

Part 26-

Recap: Part 24/25 here


3 Weeks Later


St Xavier’s College


Gauri, Meera, Aru and Dharam are shown seated on a table….

Gauri is in yellow jumpsuit, yellow hoop earrings, open hairs??….

Meera is in blue top and black jeans, blue small earrings, hairs tied in a bun??….

Aru is in red top and ankle length leggings, red small earrings, side puff❤❤….

Dharam is in white T-shirt and blue ripped jeans, bracelet….

They are shown eating sandwiches, noodles??????….

Gauri: So yummmmmm????….By the way Aru u were talking about some….Some….Forgot his name?….
Aru: ?
Dharam(In his mind): ??
Aru: My cousin bro Ranveer☺….
Meera: I remember u talked about him…He is an artist right?….
Dharam (In his mind): ?
Aru: Yaa he is☺….He is planning to open a Art Gallery in India?….
Gauri: Means??…
Aru: He did that from France and is soon planning his trip to India?….Wondering what he must be doing now?…



France, Paris

Whole France is shown?????….

Le compte à rebours de L’Amour
(It’s the countdown of love)
Dix, neuf, huit, sept, six,
Cinq, quatre, trois, deux, un!!
(Backward counting in French 10-1)

Ude dil befikre
Ude dil befikre
Angaaron mein nikhre
Ude dil befikre (x2)

A boy is shown roaming around the roads on his skateboard….People are in awe of him???….His face is shown blurred….

Raat bhar jhoomenge
Aasmaan ghoomenge
Chand ye choomenge
Taaron ke maarenge phere

Girls are shown drooling over him, but he ignores them???….

Ude dil befikre
Ude dil befikre
Angaaron mein nikhre
Ude dil befikre


Dix, neuf, huit, sept, six,
Cinq, quatre, trois, deux, un!!

CAMERA Zooms on his face….He is Ranveer ?!…


Ranveer Sharma (ROHIT SUCHANTI): Smart, Handsome, Caring, Loving….An Artist by profession….Close to his cousin sis Aru?…Loves his GF a lot?….

Dhandhana jhanjhana
Sansana jaaye saansein
Jagmaga jaaye ankhein
Milte milte milte hi




St Xavier’s College

The fives are shown discussing something…Suddenly, Aru gets a call….She excitedly receives it….

Aru: Was thinking about u and u called?….
Gauri: Who must be???…
DheEra: Ssshhh☝
Gauri: ???

Suddenly, Aru gets very much excited and jumps???….All looks at her weirdly??….

Aru: Really??!…
Gauri: What happened to her??…
DheEra: How we would know??…
Gauri: Hmm?

Aru cuts the call….

Aru: Sorry guys, I got so much excited that I forgot where I am??….
Dharam: It’s ok?….
Aru: ?
Gauri: What happened??…
Aru: Oh Yaa I forgot to say?….My cousin bro I talked about is coming to India today itself in his private jet☺☺….Tomorrow he will be inaugurating his Art Gallery☺….U all should come?….
Gauri: As tomorrow is Sunday I was to…To….To…But ur idea is also good?
MeeRu: ??
Dharam: ?




Basketball Court

Dharam and Meera comes there to do their practice….They greets Omkara….

Suddenly, Gauri comes from behind Meera…Omkara gets shocked to see her??…

Omkara: What are u doing here??…
Gauri: U don’t know why people come here?…
Omkara: Ok, so u came to see them practice?…
Gauri: Umm…No…
Omkara: Then??….
Gauri: I….I…I want to learn basketball that’s why?….
Omkara: What???….Are u SERIOUS???…
Gauri: Yep I am?….
Omkara: No way I am gonna teach u?….Stop ur nonsense….Get lost from here?….
Gauri: But I really want to??….
Dharam: Plz sir, she really wants to….
Omkara: See I can teach anyone but not her?….Take her away from my sight?….
Gauri: ?

Meera and Dharam drags her away??….

Gauri(In her mind): Dekhti hu kabtak tum Mujhe naa bologe?(Will see till when u will say no to me?)….Will try again??….


Part 27-


Oberoi Mansion

Whole house is shown decorated with flowers?? and ballons??….TejVi are shown welcoming guests….

Guests are shown drinking juice? and eating snacks….

After Sometime

Tej: Janu wait for some more time, she told she will come on her own?….
Jhanvi: How can I wait Tej?….Someone should have gone to receive her?….
Rudra: Mom, u know naa she doesn’t like us coming to receive her from the airport….
Jhanvi: Hmm….I am very scared?….Yeh ladki bhi naa?(This girl is too much?)….
Kalyani: Have patience Jhanvi, she must be on the way?….
Jhanvi: I can’t Momji?….I think we should register a police complaint….
Omkara: Yes Mom ur right and I am with u….Let’s go….
Rudra: What are u saying Om?…
Soumya: Momji is in stressed that’s why she told this, don’t take any decision in haste Om bhaiya….

Some guests are shown discussing on this….Oberois hears them and feels bad?….

Suddenly, lights goes off….Everyone wonders what’s happening….

Jhanvi: Tej this lights…
Tej: Wait I am doing something….

He tries to go, when strong winds blows in, blocking his way….

Jhanvi: What’s this?…
Soumya: Momji this is so?….I can’t see anything?….

Suddenly, it stops….

Tej: Finally it stopped….
Jhanvi: Tej see there someone is standing at the doorstep?….

All looks at the doorstep….Someone is shown coming inside….

Just then, lights gets on….All gets very happy to see….

Jhanvi: My Priyanka baby?….

CAMERA Zooms on her face….She is Priyanka….


Priyanka Tej Oberoi (Tejaswi Prakash): Cute, Sweet, Bubbly girl….A chef by profession….Princess of her family….Though loves both her Bros, but is more close to Rudy?….Bit possessive of her BF?….

Priyanka is in pink flower print crop shirt and pink long skirt, pink magical earrings, long open hairs….

Priyanka: Dadi….Dad….Mom…Ru bhaiya???….

She comes running towards them…She bends to take Kalyani’s blessings but she stops her and hugs her tightly….She hugs her parents….She comes to Rudy and emotionally hugs him….

TejVi looks at them emotionally??….

Priyanka: Ru bhaiya?….I missed u so much??….
Rudra: I missed u so much my chef sis??….I very well knew it must be u only, as u only come in this way….
Jhanvi: Exactly, u should have been named toofan only?….
Priyanka: ???

She hugs Soumya….

Priyanka: OMG Bhabhi, u have become fat???…..
Soumya: Priyu??
RuYa: ???

She gives a side hug to Omkara….

Tej: U know beta ur Mom got so scared about u….
Priyanka: Mom!…
Jhanvi: I am a mother Tej, how can I not be scared??…
Tej: But Janu, u shouldn’t be; she is our daughter?….
Jhanvi: Still Tej…
Tej: Janu?….
Jhanvi: Tej?….
Tej: Jhanu?….
Jhanvi: Tej?….
Priyanka shouting: Can u two plz stop ur melodrama?….Mujhe bhuk lagi hai?(I am hungry?)….
All: ???

She goes to grab something???….

Rudra immediately looks at Soumya….

Rudra: In this department she has gone after u??….
Soumya: ??What do u mean by that?….Kya mein itna khatti hu??(Do I eat this much??)
Rudra: Yes!…Umm…No?….
Soumya: ??I will see u afterwards?….
Rudra: ??

Rudra stops Priyanka from eating further….

Priyanka: But Ru bhaiya??….
Rudra: For u I have brought ur fav cake?….
Priyanka: A cake for me????….

Priyanka gets surprised to see the cake?….She cuts the cake and feeds first to her Dadi, and then to Rudra, Tej, Jhanvi, Soumya and Omkara….

Rudra: This is just a starting my dear sis?….There is a surprise for u?….
Priyanka: Really Ru bhaiya??!…

Just then, someone taps on her shoulder….She turns back and gets surprised??…

Priyanka: Ranvu what a surprise, when u came??….
Ranveer: I took my private jet and came☺….

Ranveer is in black T-shirt and blue jeans, bracelet….

Priyanka: Love u Ru bhaiya??….
Rudra: Anything for ur happiness Priyu☺?….

Ranveer gives his hand to Priyanka….Peiyanka looks at him?…

Ranveer: Will u?…
Priyanka: Of course I will☺….

She gives her hand in his hand and both goes to the dance floor….Everyone joins them….


Jeene bhi de duniya humme,
Ilzaam na laga,
Ek baar to karte hai sab,
Koi haseen khata..

PriVeer, RuMya, TejVi are shown dancing??….❤❤❤….

Warna koi kaise bhala,
Chahe kisi ko bepanah,
Aye zindagi tuhi bata,
Kyun ishq hai gunaah…

Jeene bhi de duniya humme,
Ilzaam na laga,
Ek baar to karte hai sab,
Koi haseen khata..

PriVeer deeply looks at each other??….

Ranveer: Don’t look like this in my eyes, u will lose urself?….
Priyanka: I want to lose myself in ur eyes?….

Khud se he karke guptgu,
Koi kaise jiye,
Ishq to lazmi sa hai,
Zindagi ke liye..

Khud se he karke guptgu,
Koi kaise jiye,
Ishq to lazmi sa hai,
Zindagi ke liye..

TejVi and RuMya looks at them and are very happy….

Tej: Both are perfect for each other☺….
Jhanvi: Yes Tej!…I am very happy for both of them☺….

Dil kya kare dil ko agar,
Accha lage koi,
Jhootha sahi dil ko magar,
Saccha lage koi..

Soumya: Both are made for each other like us☺….
Rudra: Yes Sumo☺!…But I am feeling it’s just yesterday she was so small and now all grown up??….
Soumya: Rudy!…
Rudra: But I am very happy that she got a very loving partner☺….
Soumya: ☺

Jeene bhi de duniya humme,
Ilzaam na laga,
Ek baar to karte hai sab,
Koi haseen khata..

Warna koi kaise bhala,
Chahe kisi ko bepanah,
Aye zindagi tuhi bata,
Kyun ishq hai gunaah…

PriVeer’s eyes are fixed on each other’s eyes?….

Priyanka: I am very happy for u, as tomorrow is a very big day for u?☺…
Ranveer: Not me, but for us it’s a very big day☺….
Priyanka: ?
Ranveer: My everything is urs Priyu☺….

Dil ko bhi udne ke liye,
Aasmaa chahiye,
Khulti ho jinme khikiyaan,
Wo makaan chahiye..

Dil ko bhi udne ke liye,
Aasmaa chahiye,
Khulti ho jinme khikiyaan,
Wo makaan chahiye..

Darwaze se nikle zara,
Bahar ko rahguzar,
Har mod par jo sath ho,
Aisa ho humsafar..

Priyanka: ?
Ranveer: ❤❤

Jeene bhi de duniya humme,
Ilzaam na laga,
Ek baar to karte hai sab,
Koi haseen khata..

Warna koi kaise bhala,
Chahe kisi ko bepanah,
Aye zindagi tuhi bata,
Kyun ishq hai gunaah…

PriVeer are still looking at each other?….❤❤….



Gauri: So boring??….
Priyanka: First tell me, who allowed u here?….
Gauri: Why should I tell u that??…Who are u??…
Priyanka: That I should ask u?….


Kalyani: Om u should too get married now?….
Omkara: ?

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