kuch kuch hota hai ( Part-6 )

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Part 6:
Raman lifted the call
Raman: the connection was not proper ma that is why the call was cut
Toshi: ok puttar where is ishu & abhi
Ishu was washing her face
Abhi: I am here aunty
Raman: she is coming ma she is in kitchen
Mihu: hii ma how r u all I miss u all a lot what am u will only ask about ishu & not me this is not fair
Toshi: oyy drama queen drama bandkar & how r u all doing ur jobs
Madhu: where is ishu???

Ishu: I am here amma say
Madhu: yes I was talking about that boy I will
Abhi: amma wait for a min ishu doesn’t like this alliance she is already in love with someone
Madhu: who is he u did not tell me about him
Abhi: amma he is none other than
Raman: let me speak abhi. Aunty will you accept me as ur son in law & ma will u accept ishu as ur bahu & ma one more thing even abhi & mihu love each other a lot

Everyone were delighted
Toshi: ha puttar I am happy to accept ishu as my bahu & abhi as my son in law
Madhu: me too
Romi comes from behind & shouts plan success
Raman: wait what plan??? u people know about us before
Madhu: what u thought we wont’t know we r ur parents
Toshi: romi told us when he came here so we made this drama just to make u people confess
Raman: dramebaaz people. Saw ishu they were doing drama & u were unnecessarily worried
Abhi: and u cried & made us tensed. and what else ma

Madhu: kuch nahi
Mr.bhalla & mr.iyer & everyone congratulate abhika & ishra
Rinki: so when is the marriage
Raman: pagal I won’t marry so soon & anyways I will marry ishu so I can marry at any time & even ma will support me
Toshi: no raman in this thing I wont support you I will support rinki & ur’s & mihu’s marriage will be at the same time
Abhi: arrey we are just 28yrs & will not marry soon. Ma say them
Madhu: we are thinking. we will call pandit tomorrow & keep muharut
Abhi: but ma u know na who will manage the company it is just a yr since we started the business

Madhu: no abhi I won’t listen to anything & ur company has become popular so u need not worry
Toshi: why r mihu & ishu silent. It means they are ready to marry. U both only are having prblm . ishu & mihu when do you both want to marry
Ishu & mihu: its their wish
Madhu: so it is final we will call pandit day after tmrw & keep muharut u all book tickets today & come by tmrw

Raman: ok what can we do if u say
Abhi: I will book tickets today. Ok ma then bye we have to cook our breakfast. Bye everyone
Everyone tell bye & they cut the call
Mihu: cook ishu I am hungry
Abhi: lets get something from outside

Raman & ishu: yes we don’t have energy to cook
Abhi & raman go out & get the food
They have the food & sit in hall.
Abhi: so much drama everyone did
Ishu: yes I did not think they were doing drama
Raman and you were crying like an idiot pagal
Abhi: oyy meri bahan kuch mat kaho. She was crying coz she felt it is real
Mihu: yes bhai even I would have cried if I was in ishu’s place
Raman: ok ok ok

All the four fly to delhi

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  1. Jasminerahul

    so yes from parents.nice.waiting 2 c what’ll happen in delhi

  2. Kumud

    Nice and nice acting by their parents as well

  3. nice….

  4. Wow awesome dear

  5. awesome so it was ishra parents plan they are getting married pls continue soon

  6. Very funny part and they get happy that they confess their feeling and want them to get marry. Raman is so mature but Abhi get eager to marry Mihu. Ishu silent and let parent plan the wedding without complain. Raman call girls pagal for crying.

  7. Very nice

  8. Rashita

    Very very very nice……plz update soon….waiting for the next

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