kuch kuch hota hai ( Part-5)

Hiii guys
Recap :
Ishra & abhika unite
Today’s epi:
In the morning, raman wakes up & sees ishu sleeping on him
He does not get up as he does not want disturb ishu’s sleep * he caress her hair
Abhika come & opens the lock but it was locked (of course)
Mihu : what’s the use of opening the lock they will keep the bolt inside
Abhi : ya right
Abhi starts banging the door much to Raman’s annoyance
Ishu gets up & opens the door & says good mrng
Raman : u people have no work kya ???

Abhi: why?? What were you doing???
Ishu : kuch nahi . u r so shameless to speak about ur sis like that
Mihu & abhi act as if they both still are not talking
Mihu : learn something from bhai see how he arranged to make ishu’s mood fine.
And she winks at abhi ishu doesn’t see it
Ishu : stop fighting u all go I will take bath & come
Abhi : do u want any help ??????? raman is ready to help you
Ishu : shut up

In the hall,

Raman : why r u both acting still???
Ishu hears this from top
Ishu : so these both were acting
Abhi explains everything to her and ishu beats abhi
Abhi runs in the house & ishu follows him
Abhi: raman tumari gf ko sambalo zara
Raman: haaa okk
Raman comes & stops ishu & ishu beats him also
Mihu is laughing & says : stop stop lets cook im hungry
Today ishra should cook
Ishra went to the kitchen

Abhi: cook don’t do romance
Ishu: ha ok
Just then they receive the video call from their parents(iyers & bhallas)
The iyers & bhallas are good frnds & their houses are beside to each other & they call raman for a video call
Abhika and ishra are in Mumbai doing jobs & the campus which I mentioned in the first part is the campus they went to meet romi
Abhi & raman do business . they have their own company
Ishu & mihu are fashion designers
They lifted the call.

Rinki & simmi shout hiii bhai, hii mihu , hii abhi ,hii ishu
( guys rinki & simmi are mr.bhallas brothers daughters and he & his wife died in an accident from then rinki & simmi stay with bhallas & call them ma & papa)
Ishra & abhika also say hiii
They talk & suddenly mrs iyer says that they saw a boy for ishu ( iyers & bhallas don’t know about their relation )
Ishu had tears in her eyes & immediately left from there as she cannot bear the fact that she will marry someone else than raman & cannot deny her parents as she had never said no in her life to her parents ( iyers bought ishu what she liked & gave her freedom so she never said no)
Raman cut the call & everyone went following ishu
Iyers & bhallas thought that the connection was cut & didn’t call them again
Ishu went to the kitchen crying
Raman : ishu what happened

Ishu : did you hear what ma said ??
Raman : I heard & why r u crying for that
Ishu: did you hear properly what ma said?? They said they found a groom for me. And how can you be so cool after hearing that. I cannot live without you. I can’t even imagine any other person in my life except you
Abhi : bas itnisi baat ke liye tum ro rahi hoon . Ma said she just found one not final one & anyway we did wrong by delaying & not saying them about us & the time has come

Ishu : par abhi
Abhi : ushhhhhh ishu say no more I will talk to amma right now & no more crying . u make others cry & how did u cry . rainn will fall somewhere today
Ishu smiled & hugged abhi
Raman & mihu came from back & hugged them both . all four were hugging together
They heard the call sound & broke the hug
Raman : it must be ma & pa
Abhi : I will talk to them come ishu
Ishu : k
All the four go & lift the video call

Precap :
Abhi says but ma . u know right that…………

So,guys how is the epi & what do you think will bhallas & iyers accept ishra’s & abhika’s relation
Comment & let me know

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  1. Superb dear waiting for next epi

  2. superb. i think abhika ishra convinience about their marriage

  3. Kumud

    Superb waiting for the next one

  4. Jasminerahul

    hope ishra abhika marriage gets fixed

  5. Awesome!

  6. nice update

  7. Rashita

    Hope ishra abhika will unite….waiting for the next one……epi was nice….

  8. can you clear the fact: abhika means mihika
    and abhishek, right?

    1. Sophia

      yes,abhika means mihika
      and abhishek

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