kuch kuch hota hai ( Part-4)

Hii guys . so sorry for the late update . the wifi in my house was not working properly so I am gonna update 2 epi at once(separately).

Ishu , mihu prepare food & raman , abhi prepare food
Raman & abhi’s food turns bad
Abhi & mihu act like they fought to unite ishra
Raman plans a date in their room to please ishu
Abhika’s romance
Today’s epi:
Raman & abhi go to their respective rooms

Raman waits for ishu & abhi waits for mihu
Guys’ ishra stay in a room & abhika stay in one room
Mihu : I am going to sleep . I am going to the room
Ishu : ok mihu I am also coming

Mihu goes to abhi’s room
Raman bought a present for ishu & ishu is unaware of the fact that raman is in the room instead of mihu
Ishu wears half saree as she has gone to the temple (she wore the chunni beside & not like the saree)
Raman sets everything properly in the room. He lights the aroma candles & hides behind the cupboard hearing footsteps
Ishu opens the door & as she opens rose petals fall on her from above
Ishu has a smile on her face & is stunned seeing the decorations
Raman comes from behind & hugs her tightly & says I love you ishu
Ishu forgets her anger seeing the decorations made by raman but acts as if she is still angry
Ishu : raman leave me ( in an angry tone)
Raman : why ?? I wont
Ishu shouts raman ( again in an angry tone )
Raman : arrey ishu I am sorry I was just saying those for joke
Sab tera is the background song

Ishu frees herself from raman’s clutches & runs but raman holds her chunni
Ishu runs leaving the chunni she tries to open the door but cannot as abhika locked the door from outside
Raman is speechless seeing ishu’ s beauty & comes near ishu but ishu keeps her hands forward stopping raman
Raman falls on his kneels & takes out a ring & says : I luv you ishu I want these all forever will you irritate me with your tactics lifelong ………… will you marry me
Ishu says yes & says I love you too raman .
Raman puts the ring in ishu’s finger & gets up & hugs ishu
Raman breaks the hug (still catching ishu ) & tries to kiss her but ishu turns back & was about to run but raman catches her hand

Ishu was blushing & her heart was beating very fastly
Raman caught her hand for few seconds but left it
Ishu didn’t move but was still blushing
Raman went and bought the gift he bought for ishu
Raman went & moved ishu
Ishu came to her senses & Raman gave ishu the present
Ishu opened it found a frock (sleevless till knee length)
Raman: did u like it
Ishu: no I luved it & whatever you give me I will luv it
Raman: achha to kiss be lelo . u will luv it aur bahut s*xy hoo half saree mein
Ishu: raman……..
Raman : ok ok let’s eat I’m hungry u ate nicely I did not eat
Ishu: ok & they both sat on sofa
Raman fed ishu & ishu fed raman
After they had food, Raman left her & kept the song “ mon amour” & held his hand towards ishu asking her for dance
Ishu gave her hand & raman kept his hand on ishu’s waist & they both danced romantically
After a min of dancing , Raman pinned ishu to the wall and kissed her
They had liplock for a min & broke it due to lack of oxygen
Ishu pushed raman & moved away . raman came & put ishu’s hair aside & tried to intimate with her

Ishu: raman….. everything after marriage I said before & no crossing our limits .
Raman : ishu……..
Ishu : nahi raman we cannot misuse our freedom
Raman : what else can I do
On the other side(from the time mihu went to the room)
Mihu went to take bath & came
Abhi : looking very s*xy in shorts
Mihu : as if you never saw me before like this
Abhi : hahaha
And abhi lifted mihu & dropped her on bed

Mihu : abhiii……. Nothing before marriage I said before & no crossing our limits .
Abhi : mihuuuuuuuu
Mihu : kuch nahi sleep
Abhi : fine ( very sadly) & slept on bed beside mihu with a cute sad face
Mihu : awwwwwwwww
Mihu kissed abhi on lips and said goodnight
Abhi : gudnght
In ishra’s room, raman slept on bed & ishu slept on him
Raman : it would be nice if anything happened more than this
Ishu smiled & kissed raman on lips & said gud nght
Raman : gud nght
Precap :
Ishu is crying

So, guys how is the epi . Comment & let me know

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  1. Jasminerahul

    raman lost in ishita’s beauty when she wore half saree.wow.raman proposing her with ring,raman gifting her dress ,their dance n kiss was romantic.sab tera song was nice.abhi too lost in mihika.their scene was so romantic.loved it.thanks 4 abhika.missing them badly now

  2. Superb dear you are rock

  3. super but precap is disguishing

  4. Kumud


  5. Nice story but boys turn out to be naughty but girls want boys to control himself after marriage.

  6. lovely episode

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