kuch kuch hota hai ( Part-3)

Hii guys thank you all for the positive comments & wish you all a happy valentine’s day & many of you would have some plans & I have too
Guys in my ff ishu & mihu are modern & this ff is mainly for modern people(modern means wearing shorts & skirts which in real yhm ishu & mihu are shown traditional)
Recap :
Ishra & abhika fight
Ishu & mihu cook delicious food to make raman & abhi jealous
Abhi’s challenge to mihu & ishu
Today’s epi :
Ishu : lets see who will cook better
Raman & abhi leave to the other kitchen at the other side of the house
Ishu & mihu start cooking
Mihu receives a message from abhi asking her to meet her in their room
Mihu & abhi both leave saying they will go to washroom
They meet in their room & abhi locks the door
Mihu : kya karihoon abhi
Abhi : abi tak kuch nahi agar tum chahu tho

Mihu blushes & says : shut up abhi . u no why we both met . to discuss about ishra patch up & for that reason even we r acting as if both fought
Abhi : ya I know that’s why I called you. Acha listen raman is making some plans . he is arranging a date in their room so all you have to do is to see that ishu doesn’t come into the room
Mihu : ok . so shall I leave now
Abhi : stay na
Mihu : ishu will get doubt
Abhi : let her . acha go
While mihu is going abhi holds her hand & drags her back & mihu falls on abhi (not from the front but from the back)
Mihu : abhi leave me
Abhi : agar nahi choda to & moves her hair to front & tries to do romance with her
Mihu : abhi chodo mujhe & ur shameless & tries to move away from her but abhi holds her tightly
Abhi : why should I feel ashamed u r my girlfrnd & turns her front
Abhi tries to kiss her but mihu moves away
Abhi : abhe yaar mihu why do you do like this & only one kiss puh-lease
Mihu : abhiiiiii
Abhi : ufff & why am I speaking to you about romance & keeps an irritated face
Mihu : awwwwww

She goes to abhi & kisses him & they have a liplock
Abhi places his hand on mihu’s waist & they kiss for a minute
After the kiss mihu moves away but abhi doesn’t let her
Mihu (Blushing) : abhi u said one kiss & that’s it & kisses him on his shirt & run’s away from the room
Abhi : areyyy
Both of them leave one to ishu & the other to raman
Ishu : this much time washroom mein r u okay
Mihu : I’m ok
On the other side :
Raman : yaar tub hi kuch karo mihu ko please karne ke liye & doesn’t continue his sentence seeing the lipstick mark on his shirt & aska kaha gayi itna samay
Abhi : I went to washroom
Raman : that’s what alone or mihu ayi tere saath
Abhi : kya bolrahi hoon raman u know na I & mihu fought
Raman : accha to why is der a lipstick mark on your shirtu applied lipstick & kissed urself kya
Abhi is caught & says : now only we both patched up she came to the room at the same time & we cleared the misunderstandings & now why r u enquiring about me think about the plan
Raman : already the room is ready I made arrangements long ago . I kept the ice-cream in the fridge in the room & food I will order
Ishu & mihu prepared food & kept it on the table & so did raman & abhi ( they made aloo poori seeing in the internet)
Ishu & mihu served themselves & so did they two
As expected whatever the girls cooked was tasty & awsm smell & aroma was coming & what our boys cooked was flop & the pooris were like irregular shape of amoeba & they just ate one bite & threw the food away
Mihu (thinking) : arrey now these two will die of hunger . I will take food for abhi & anyway raman bhai will eat anyway with ishu
Ishu to mihu : let them die of hunger (guys she was really pissed off)
Mihu : serves them right
Raman told abhi that anyway mihu will grt food for him & he will eat with ishu

Precap :
ishu shouts raman

so guys what do you think will ishra unite or ishu will be still angry with raman comment & let me know

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  1. nice funny

  2. Kumud

    Awesome love the modern ishu and mihika

  3. awesome

  4. Mamatha_Chinni

    wow great…..

  5. Funny part!!!!

    Abhi and Mihu secret romance but Ishu did not know the truth but Raman caught Abhi red hand because he see Mihu lipstick on Abhi shirt then argue with him. Girls eat delicious food but boys can’t make nice food but to waste it. Mihu want to share with Abhi but Ishu let Mihu to do it but she will not do that to Raman. Ishu traunt Raman. Oh god, I can’t stop laughing.

    Can’t wait to read next episode.

    1. Sophia

      But ur assumption is wrong

  6. Jasminerahul

    so abhika were pretending 2 b fighting.Abhika scene was damn romantic.loved it a lot.waiting 4 ishra patch up.now on yhm too mihika is modern.in the mal version of yhm Mihika is quite modern

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