kuch kuch hota hai ( Part-2)

Hii guys . I am happy that u all liked it & so sorry for the late update as I had my assignment going on.
I cannot update regularly till march 9 as I have assignments going on & my final exams will start on feb 25th & will last till February 25th
Guys please note that intro is also part 1

Recap :
Ishra’s cute fight & abhika’s fight because of ishra
Raman making fun of ishita & ishita listening about her
Ishu & mihu leave angrily
Now lets get into today’s episode :
Raman : now what stupid plans should we make to get these both devatas again into the right mood now this all because of you why did . why did you not say that ur sister was standing behind me & listening to all what I say . you should have alerted me

Abhishek : don’t know raman & this all because of you & you are blaming me . I even tried to warn you . You are a number 1 buddhu
Raman : now why are we both fighting instead of thinking how to cool them both
Abhi : great realization now what should we do???
Raman : let’s think
On the other side :
Ishu : iss raman ko mein kya karu???
Mihu : its okay ishu calm down till when will you be angry . come on now lets go to house
Ishra & abhika stay together in an independent house in mumbai & their parents stay in delhi
Mihu & ishu went home
Ramn & abhi also went home
Both the couples saw each other & turned their faces away .

it is night
ishu : lets cook mihu I am hungry
guys in my ff ishu & mihu are also Punjabis
mihu : k . but what will we cook
ishu wanted to make raman jealous so
ishu : lets cook chicken biryani I bought chicken
mihu also wanted to make abhi jealous so
mihu : lets also cook chicken 65 you cook biryani & I will cook chicken 65
abhi & raman who were hearing these had their mouth watering
raman & abhi : guys we are hungry . what is their to eat
ishu : don’t know about you both we are cooking 4 ourselves
raman : this is not fair today it is your turn to cook yesterday I & abhi cooked
mihu : we are using one stove u can use the other & it is fair & u both just made idlis
abhi : there is no option raman we have to cook in the other kitchen & we will make more tasty food than ours . they will feel jealous seeing our food & will come to us
ishu & mihu : whatever
raman : agar tum kahe tho ok lets cook

precap : romance

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