Kuch kuch hota hai (EDKV ff) Epi-6

TY everybody fr bearing me. TY 4 commenting. TY 4 reading. Ty everybody 4 supporting me.Now enough of thank yous. So let us get started.
6th epi—
Suman runs and says
Suman- hey urvashi
Urvashi turns. Suman forcefully shakes hand
Suman- hey urvashi i m suman
Urvashi- hello suman

Shravan- hello i m shravan
Urvashi- hello shravan
SUman- urvashi ri8
Urvashi- yep
Suman- tumhe principle sir
Shravan- no no no subha subha us takala ka naam mat lo suman to urvashi tumhara first day hai aaj college me
Urvashi gets surprised suman tries to cover up
Suman- ha ha shravan abhi abhi London se aai hai maina tumhe aaj subha hi bataya tha ki
Shravan- maina kaha na us taklu ka naam mat lo to mat lo
Urvashi- taklu

Shravan- to urvashi London me tum kaha pad tit hi
Suman- oxford uni
Shravan- ooh oxford uni tumhe kaisa malum
Suman- kyuki maina aaj subha hi tumhe bataya tha ki
Shravan- ya ya ya urvashi tumhara jo naya principle hai na sadu us ki chamchi hai
Urvashi- sadu
Shravan-just forget it ab tum batao kaisa lag raha hai 1st day par
Urvashi- gr8
Ram comes
Ram- goodmorning
He sees urvashi
Ram- oh my god no short skirts
Shravan- yahi hai vo sadu principal (to ram) good morning sir
Ram- good morning college me short skirts phanena mana hai pata hai na
Urvashi- vo mai kal hi London se aai hu aur theek se un paking bhi nahi ki
SHravan- may i sir
Ram- no
Shravan- ty sir to kya hai na ki urvashi kal hi London se aai hai to thik se kuch hua nai hai
Ram- tum kaisa janta ho
Shravan- mai us ko bachpan se janta hu
Ram- bachpan se jaana ho
Urvashi comes from behind and says
Urvashi- really papa
Shravan- really pa pa

Screen frzeess

Precap- to be continued……....
Agar naam me koi galti ho gai ho to maaf kr dena.
To how was it


  1. Ariana

    |Registered Member

    Lol the ending!!! Nailed it girl…Enjoyed the epi a lot. Post next part soon. I really can’t wait…
    Loads of love
    Take care

  2. sona

    Haha…I raised my hand😝😝😝
    Nice one..dear…no mistakes at all..gud..😍😍😊😊😊

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