Kuch kuch hota hai (EDKV ff) Epi-1

Hii I m back with my first epi. I m going to post on alternate days as i m in 10th. Thank you everu body for commenting.
NOTE– I mentioned shravan and Urvashi’s daughter as anjali but her name would also be suman but everybody call her sumo.
Intro— http://www.tellyupdates.com/kuch-kuch-hota-hai-edkv-ff-introduction/
Here i start—
Sumo’s school is shown. She has taken part in elocution competition and shravan and Nirmala came as audience.
Sardar ji—o ji abhi mere beti ki bari hai vo har saal jeetti hai
Shravan— meri sumo bhi har sall part nai leeti
Sardar ji’s wife—dhekana kitna accha bolegi meri beti
Anchor—Now comes Gurpreet kaur
Gurpreet comes and takes a chit from the bowl kept on stage
She reads the topic loud and completes her speech.
Sardar ji and his wife—meri beti hai meri beti hai
Now its sumo’s turn—

Sumo also takes one chit from the bowl. Seeing the topic she gets teary.
Sumo—maa maa
Saying this she starts crying
Sumo—i m sorry
Shravan(saying this he walks towards the stage)—
Maa woh hai jo humko itna pyaar karti hai, ki kabhi kabhi hum khud uss pyaar ko samajh nahi paate
Maa woh hai jo humko ehsaas dilati hai ki hum kitne acche hai, humse achha koi hai hi nahi
Maa woh hai jiski khushi hamari hansi se hai, jiska dukh hamare dukh se, Maa woh hai jiske bina hum jee nahi sakte.
Maa sab kuch hai.

Sardar ji– oh ji first price
Sumo hugs shravan.
Sumo and shravan are in the car. They are going home.
Sumo—papa pls give me mummy’s letter pls
Shravan—Dont ask me dear ask your daadi
Sumo- papa she will not give.
Shravan- okay once you go home call your daaai beautiful.
Sumo-thx papa I love you
Shravan-i love u too
The reached home.There nirmala is sitting eith her friends.
Sumo—hey beautiful
Nirmala- who taught you this (she feel uncomfortable and smiles seeing her friends)
Shravan stands near staircase
Nirmala- what do u want?
Sumo- letter
Nirmala—birthday aaj hai ya kal
Sumo- kal
Nirmala— then you will get yr letter tomorrow
Screen shifts——
Shravan is playing basketball. Nirmala enters. She starts telling about the girls and their Marriage.
Nirmala- that manju’s daughter is ready for marriage with any on even a widowed father.
Shravan—but y ar u telling this to me.
Nirmala—yes you are right.there is no one in our house for marriage.
Shravan- Maa i m not going to marry again.
Nirmala- Sumo needs a mother.
Shravan- ma she has a lady more than a mother and thas u. And i m not going to marry because-Hum ek baar jeete hai, ek baar marte hai, shaadi bhi ek baar hoti hai … aur pyar ek baar hi hota hai
Saying thi he goes to his room.

Screen shifts—
Its night time every body is sleeping. Sumo’s room is shown. In her room the clock noise is heard.Its 12am sumo’s birthday.
Sumo gets up and runs towards the living room.There on the center table there are too many gifts. She sees here and there and finds the letter by her mom beneath the gifts. She reads the letter.

So how was it?????


  1. pretty preeti

    Awesome epi ime
    Loved it
    Post soon
    It was too good
    Everything was awesome
    Loved it
    Love u
    U r my ime di
    Love u

  2. sona

    While imagining its shraman..
    I didn’t felt at any WHR..that its srk..
    Or didn’t get the thought of much much hota hai film…
    So enjoyed it..😂😂😊😊😊😄😄

  3. sona

    Sori for the spelling mistake..its not much much hota hai…😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Its kuch kuch hota hai..😂😂😂😂

  4. Ariana

    |Registered Member

    Aww so sweet. I’m glad Urvashi died, she was hopeless. But imagining her for a positive character…I won’t mind changing my mind. Anyways wonderful epi, post next part soon

  5. Sumo

    |Registered Member

    but dat “hm ek baar jeete hai, ” dialogue it was only srk I could remember.. he is a boss anyway..
    but m loving it.. 😍

  6. Neeti

    ek traf mera SRK dusri taraf mera Namik wow,thanks Ime ( is it Ishita di) di
    yes, finally sumo apne mummy ki galati samajh jai gi
    di ise pr kr mere dil main bhi kuch kuch hota
    tum pas aye u mushkuraye
    tum ne najane kya sapne dikhaye
    post soon di warna-kabhi kushi kabhi gum ka sirf gam rah jayega kiuki, manwa laage… laage ra Ime di,lage re Ime di or unko jaldi se rangdo Gerua, wo Neeti ki dil se he dua…
    I love you I..ii…iii..Ime di and Kabhi alvida na kehna – Neeti

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