Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi: RiVanya RaIna SS Part 8

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Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi: A Little Sour, A Little Sweet Part 8

Dedicated to Shakaib who wants Rehaan Ahana in my Raina story.Sorry Shakaib..I could’nt include them in HDDCS as you wished.So I included them in this SS.

2 months passed with which Ritik Shivanya’s friendship became strong.
Raghav-Naina,Ritik-Shivanya went for the success party of the Mehra project.

A couple arrived.
Raghav introduced them to Naina:Naina…they are our business partners.Rehaan and Ahana.
Naina smiled:Who does’nt know Mr and Mrs.Khurana?
Rehaan Ahana smiled.
Ahana:We too know you very well Naina.Raghav always talks about you.He praises you a lot.
Nina smiled looking at Raghav.
Rehaan:You both are made for each other.
Ahana:Ye right.Raghav Naina are one of the most adorables couples I have met.Let no evil eyes fall on you both.

Raghav Naina smiled at each other.

The music was played.
Raghav-Naina started dancing.

Do Dil Mil Rahe Hain
Do Dil Mil Rahe Hain
Magar Chupke Chupke
Do Dil Mil Rahe Hain
Magar Chupke Chupke

Ritik Shivanya were simply watching them.
Seeing them standing still one of Ritik’s colleagues approached them.
“Hey Ritik…you love partying and dancing.Then why are you not dancing now?”
He didn’t reply.
Shivanya asked him:Ritik…is it because I don’t like parties and dancing too much you are not dancing?

Ritik:Nothing like that.
Shivanya said in her mind:For my friendship you are sacrificing your happiness?
SHIVANYA:Ritik…I feel like dancing.Shall we dance?
He was surprised.He extended his hand towards her happily.
She held his hand cheerfully and started dancing.

Sabhko Ho Rahi Hai
Haan Sabhko Ho Rahi Hai
Khabar Chupke Chupke
Ho O O O Do Dil Mil Rahe Hain
Magar Chupke Chupke

Unknowingly Shivanya also got immersed in dancing.

Both had a romantic eye lock.

She thought:Why I feel nice with Ritik?Usually I don’t enjoy dancing.How I danced so comfortably with him?

He thought:Never thought I will start liking a serious person like Shivanya.She is so different from me.Still I treasure my friendship with her.

Rehaan held Ahana’s hand romantically:Shall we also dance my beautiful wife?
Ahana smiled:It seems that you are in a romantic moon.
Rehaan:When I have a beautiful wife like you how can I not be romantic?It’s not my fault.It’s your fault.Why are you so pretty?
Ahana blushed.
Ah:Let us dance Rehaan.
Rejaan smiled.
They both started dancing together.

Sansoon Mein Badi Bekarari
Aankhoon Mein Kehi Rat Jage
Kanbhi Kanhi Lag Jaye Dil To
Kanhi Phir Dil Na Lagey
Apna Dil Main Zara Tham Loon
Jaadu Ka Main Ise Naam Doon
Jaadu Kar Raha Hai
Jaadu Kar Raha Hai
Asar Chupke Chupke
Do Dil Mil Rahe hain
Magar Chupke Chupke(Pardes).

Shivanya noticed them.
Shi:They are so romantic.
Ritik:You are right.They are the most romantic couple.I have een them romancing in the office too.
Shi:No..you.Why are you looking at their romance?Are you not ashamed?
Ritik wa embarrassed.Then he smiled:When they can romance shamelessly why can’t I watch it shamelessly?
Shivanya and Ritik giggled.
After a month…

Naina saw Raghav sleeping.She smiled and walked forward.Suddenly he held her hand and puller her closer.
She fell over him.

Tere naam… (repeat 2 times)
Hamne kiya hai jeeivan apana saara sanam
Ho… Jeevan apana saara sanam

Naina:Raghav,you awoke?Still you pretended to be sleeping?Naughty.
He smiled.
He caressed her face romantically.She was lost in him.

Pyaar bahut karte hai tumse, ishk hai tu hamaara sanam
Ho… Ishk hai tu hamaara sanam

They shared an intense eye lock.
La la la…
Tere ishq ne saathiya, tera haal kya kar diya…(Tere naam).

hey broke the eye lock with a blush.
Raghav:Get ready Naina.I have arranged a special dinner for us.
She smiled:Really?Wow.
Raghav got dressed up and went out.After some time he came back.

Raghav took Naina to the restaurant.She saw food arranged on table.

Naina:Raghav!As you said you arranged special dinner for us with our favourite dishes.

Raghav:Yes.I thought for a change we will eat from here .It’s the best restauran.No preservatives are added.You will have rest also.

She smiled.

Raghav:Shall we start eating?

Naina:Why not?The food looks yummy.

Raghav-Naina started eating.

Raghav admired her lovingly.

Suddenly Naina felt nausea.

R:What happened Naina?You didn’t like the food?
Naina:Ya..I want to go to the washroom.I will come now.
She ran to the washroom and vomited.
She came back.
Raghav :Naina,are you alright?
Naina:Yes Raghav.
Raghav:Then suddenly why did you go to the washroom?
N:I felt like vomiting.
R:What?Oh sorry Naina.I think the food was not good.
N:No Raghav.The food is really good.
R:Then what happened to you?
She blushed:I think…
R:Tell Naina?What’s your problem?
Naina:I missed my date.All the symptoms show that…I mean I think I am pregnant..

He was surprised:What?Wow!
He lifted her in his arms.

Naina:Wait Raghav.We need to confirm it.


They went to the hospital for testing.

Dr:Congrats.Mrs.Naina Raghav Mehra is expecting.

Raghav-Naina looked at each other happily.

Indumati,Ritik,Shivanya were very happy.
Indumati:Today you both gave me the biggest happiness.God bless you both Raghav Naina.

Raghav Naina were very happy.

Yamini came there with jalebies knowing this news.
Yamini:Hey God…thanks a lot.
She looked at Shivanya:Now why are you waiting?You are giving attention only to your studies and job.Stop that and get ready for motherhood.Poor Ritik will be longing to be a father.Right Ritik?
Ritik-Shivanya became dull.

Indumati:Very soon give us a good news.I can’t wait for your baby too.
Everybody smiled leaving Ritik Shivanya in an awkward condition.

Ritik-Shivanya in their room…
SHIVANYA:They all are waiting for our baby.They are expecting too much from us.
Ritik:We also got married along with Raghav Naina.Still there is no good news from us.That may be bothering them.But what to do?Our marriage is only for name sake.There is no relationship between us.Then how can we be parents?So stupid.

Naina who overheard this by mistake was shocked.
She entered the room and shouted at Ritik:Ritik…I never expected this from you.You made my sister a doll.You played with her emotions by breaking her heart.
Ritik-Shivanya were shocked.
Naina:You married Shivanya only for namesake?You spoiled my sister’s life.
Ritik Shivanya became upset.
SHIVANYA:Naina…please listen to us.

NAINA:Don’t say anything Shivanya.You suffered silently and I didn’t know it.
Raghav came hearing a noise.
RAGHAV:What happened Naina?
Naina pulled his collar harshly.
NAINA:Don’t try to be innocent Raghav.You knew that Ritik-Shivanya were not living like a couple.But you hid it from me.Why Raghav?
Raghav was shocked:What?

NAINA:You didn’t care.Because you were only using Ritik for our wedding to get done.Since my mother was not ready to conduct our wedding before Shivanya gets married you got Ritik married to Shivanya forcefully.If you knew that Ritik was not a committed person why did you get him married to Shivanya and spoil her life?

Raghav’s heart was getting pricked because of the accusations Naina made.
Tum ho gham ko chupaye, mai hu sar ko jhukaye

Naina:Why did you do this Raghav?Is this your true love?I made a big mistake in understanding you.
Tum bhee chup ho, mai bho chup hu, kaun kise samjhaye

I hate you Raghav.

Raghav was shattered.

Abb duriya itanee hain toh, milna yaha kal ho naa ho – (2)

Naina walked off.

Tears fell down from his eyes.

Sach hai ke dil toh dukha hai, hamne magar socha hai Dil ko hai gham kyon, aankh hai nam kyon Hona hee tha jo huwa hai

Naina too cried bitterly.

Uss bat ko jane bhee do, jiska nishan kal ho naa ho Har pal yaha je bhar jiyo, jo hai sama kal ho naa ho…
(Kal ho na ho).

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