Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi: RiVanya RaIna SS Part 7

Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi: A Little Sour, A Little Sweet Part 7
Naina and Shivanya went to meet Yamini.
Shivanya:Maa…why did you call us?
Naina:Is everything alright?
Yamini:You both have to come with me to a place.
Shi:But where Maa?
Yam:Don’t question me…come with me.
Naina and Shivanya looked at each other.

They reached a house.
Shivanya and Naina were shocked.
Shiv:This is dad’s house.Right?
Naina:Maa..tell me.Why did you bring us here?

Flash back…

Yamini on the phone:Hello…who is this?
She heard a sick voice:Yamini…
Yamini was shocked:Ankiji..
Ankush wept:Yes..
Yamini shed tears:Why did you call me now?
Ank:I am sorry Yamini.
Yamini was stunned:What did you say?
Ank:I realized the sin I did.When I fell sick and got bedridden my so called wife left me.
Yamini was shocked:Sick?Are you alright?
Ank:God punished me for what I did to you and our daughters.I am bed ridden after an accident.
Yamini was shocked.Her tears rolled down her cheeks.
Ank:I am moving closer to death Yamini.
Yamini cried:Why are you talking like this?Nothing will happen to you.
Ank:Your words can’t change my destiny Yamini.I have one last wish.I want to see you and our daughters once before my death.Will you fulfil my last wish Yamini?
Yamini cried:Yes..I will.


Naina:Maa…I put garland on your husband’s photograph.He is dead for us.Then why do you want to meet him?
Yamini:Stop it Naina.Just because of a garland over the photograph he won’t be dead.
Shivanya:Why this sentiments for him now Maa?Did you forget what he did to you?
Yam:No…but I am not made of stone to ignore a dying patient’s last wish.
Naina and Shivanya were confused:Maa?
Yamini burst into tears.
Naina:What did you say Maa?
Yamini told them about the phone call.Naina and Shivanya were shocked.Their eyes got filled up with tears.
Yam:You both hate him.Still felt upset hearing about his health.Right?
Naina wiped her wet eyes:No Maa..
Shi:We are not sad.
Yam:At least now stop lying.If we also do what Ankiji did to us what difference is there between him and us?We should do our duty though he failed to do his duty.
Naina and Shivanya became emotional.

Yamini went near Ankush’s bed.Ankush could’nt believe his eyes:Yamini!

He smiled tearfully while Yamini could’nt stop her tears seeing Ankush’s condition.
Ank:I am happy that you came.Thank you so much for coming Yamini.Even after what I did to you you came to fulfil my last wish.
Yamini held his hand and shed tears.
Ank:Our daughters?
Yamini thought:Are Naina and Shivanya adamant about not coming inside?Oh no..What will I tell Ankiji?
Suddenly Naina and Shivanya entered tearfully.Yamini was relieved.Seeing them Ankush smiled tearfully.
Ank:My daughters…you both have grown so big.Please come near me.
They went near him slowly.
Ank:Because of me you both did’nt get a father’s love.But to be frank I wanted to meet you…I wanted to spend time with you.But I made a big mistake by dancing to my wife’s tunes like a typical spineless man.She never allowed me to meet my own daughters.I did’nt have the guts to go against her.It’s all my fault. I know you both hate me.Still you both came here.Thanks a lot.But please forgive me.Please say once that you both forgave me.
Naina and Shivanya cried.
Ank:Won’t you forgive me?
Naina and Shivanya cried.


They held his hand.Ankush was relieved.
Ank:You both called me papa.This is more than enough for me.
He kept his hands over their heads:God bless you both.
Suddenly his hands fell down…his eyes got closed.
Yamini,Naina and Shivanya were shocked.They cried loudly.
Yam:You left me again Ankiji?
Naina:Why papa…why?You blessed us only to leave us?

Shivanya:You said you always wished to be with us.Then why did you leave us again?

Shivanya cried bitterly:We are not lucky enough to get you.

Ankush’s cremation was done.
Yamini cried hugging Naina and Shivanya.
Y:He had given me only pain.But when he gave me a moment of happiness he was forced to leave me and go immediately.

Naina and Shivanya tried to console Yamini:Maa…please control yourself…

They all were weeping.
Indumati:Now no words can console you all.Still I am saying..please be strong…only then his soul be in peace.
They tried to control their tears.

At night…
Naina hugged Raghav and cried:I always hated my dad.But seeing his condition my anger got melted.
Raghav embraced her tightly.

After many years I saw love in his eyes for us.But we lost our loving dad very fast Raghav.We miss him a lot now.I can’t believe that he is no more.

Raghav cupped her face:Naina..I understand your pain.But he went only after patching up with you all.Atleast in the last moment he expressed his love for you all.Aleast in the last moment he turned into a loving person.Now you will only remember him with love.

Naina resed her head on his chest:That’s the only relief Raghav.

Raghav was caressing her which gave her a soothing effect and she slept off on his chest.

Shivanya was upset.Ritik went near Shivanya.
Rit:Shivanya…I don’t know what to say…but..please don’t be upset.It does’nt suit your face.I swear…
Suddenly Shivanya burst into tears and embraced Ritik.Ritik was stunned.He did’nt know what to do.But slowly he started caressing her to console her.
Shi:Why this happened with us Ritik?Our father had left us years back.We lost our father.But when we got him back again he left us.
Rit:Life is not in our hands Shivanya.We lost both our parents in childhood and it’s dadi who brought us up.

Shi:Now I understand the pain you and Raghav have gone through in life.
Suddenly Shivanya realized that he was in Ritik’s arms.She became embarrassed and moved away from him.
Shi:I am sorry Ritik.I don’t know how..I am sorry for hugging you.But I swear..I did’nt do it purposefully.Please don’t get angry.
Suddenly Ritik started laughing:You silly girl.Why should I be angry with you?I know what’s your mental state and you are not a girl to physically exploit me.
Shivanya became shy and smiled.

After a few days….

Shivanya was worried.Ritik noticed it.
SHIVANYA:For my research reference this book is necessary.I didn’t get it from the library.What will I do?
Ritik:Which book do you want?I will get it for you.It’s simple.

SHIVANYA:You were here?Anyways what is the use of telling you the name of the book?You are completely detached from books.You never valued books or studies.Somehow with your brother’s help you got into family business.What do you know about books?Without knowing anything about books how can you help me?

Ritik got irritated:Enough Shivanya.No need to talk too much.
He walked off.
Shivanya did not care.

Shivanya returned from the office.
She was surprised to find the books in the shelf which she needed on the table.
SHIVANYA:This book?Ritik?
She turned back.She saw Ritik there.
Ritik:I saw the list of books you wanted.You had unmarked this book specially which made me guess that it’s the book you need.So I bought it.
Shivanya did not know what to say.
Ritik:I was not a good student like you.I am detached from books.That doesn’t mean I don’t respect books.
SHIVANYA:I am sorry.I talked too much.Please forgive me.

Ritik gave her an angry look.
SHIVANYA:And Ritik….thanks a lot for the book.You helped me a lot.
He did not reply.
SHIVANYA:Shall we be friends?
His silence made her upset and she tried to walk away.
Suddenly he called her:Shivanya!
She looked back.
Slowly he smiled and extended his hand:Friends…
With a smile she held his hand.

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