Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi: RiVanya RaIna SS Part 3

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Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi: A Little Sour, A Little Sweet Part3

After some time Ritik went near Indumati and Raghav.
Ritik:I am ready to marry Shivanya.
They became very happy.
INDUMATI:Good that you realized your good future is with Shivanya.Shivanya is a nice girl.Perfect for you.

Raghav hugged Ritik:I am so happy bro.
Ritik smiled thinking:I can do anything for you Raghav.

Shivanya came out of her call centre where she is working.Ritik who was waiting outside saw her.
He thought:So this is Shivanya.Her serious face hints that I am going to marry a studious girl.My God!How will an easy go boy like me tolerate her?
She saw Ritik there.
Ritik:I am Ritik.
Shivanya was quite nervous as she realized that he was the person who was going to marry her.
Her lips shivered:Ritik!

Ritik:Yes…Ritik…with whom you are getting ready to get married.

Shivanya became upset hearing what he said.
She thought:What is he upto?To call me for a date?

Ritik:Shivanya…I know for a girl, marriage is a dream come true.You may be having a lot of dreams about your marriage.But sorry to say.. I may not be able to fulfill your dreams.Because I’m not interested in marriage.

Shivanya was shocked:What are you saying?

Ritik:I don’t believe in marriage.I want to be a free bird.

Shivanya did not know how to react.

Ritik:Shivanya…I know I broke your heart.But I am helpless.My attitude towards marriage can’t be changed.

SHIVANYA:You didn’t agree for the marriage?

Ritik:Yes,I had agreed.

SHIVANYA:Then why did you agree for marriage?

Ritik:Because I don’t want Raghav to lose his love because of me.I love my brother a lot.

Shivanya became very emotional.

She thought:He loves his brother so much that he is willing to sacrifice his joy for him.He is so nice.Like me he also agreed to get married for his sibling.

Shivanya:Ritik…actually you have not hurt me.I am doing research along with my job and that’s my priority.Marriage was never there in my cards.So we both are alike.

Ritik couldn’t believe it.

Shivanya:I also agreed for the marriage only for my sister Naina.

Ritik was surprised:Thank God.That means even if we get married there won’t be expectations from both the sides and there is no place for compromise.

SHIVANYA:Yes.I won’t force you to be an ideal husband.You can live as you please.But I want to continue my work and studies.

Ritik:No problem.

They smiled.

He extended his hand to shook her hand.She held his hand.They shook hands with a smile.

Engagement day…

Raghav could’nt take his eyes off Naina.She looked that pretty.

She blushed seeing Raghav’s eyes rolling on her romantically.

Shivanya came wearing a saree.

Ritik’s eyes struck her.

Unknowingly a smile appeared on his face.

Ritik:Shivanya is so beautiful.

Raghav-Naina,Ritik-Shivanya exchanged rings.

Raghav-Naina were very happy while Shivanya was very upset.

Ritik noticed it.

Ritik:Shivanya…are you alright?


Ritik:You know that I will not force upon you.Then why are you so depressed?

SHIVANYA:I feel I’m cheating myself.

Ritik: Shivanya…we are not doing this purposefully.We are doing this for Raghav and Naina’s happiness.Making them happy is a good thing.So you should be happy.

She nodded her head.

Indumati :Put music.Let my dearest grand children dance with their beloveds.
Yamini smiled:Yes..you are right dadi.No function is incomplete without music and dance.

Raghav Naina smiled.
Ritik Shivanya became dull.Ritik went near Shivanya.
S:You want to dance with me even though we are not interested in this relationship?
Rit:I am not keen to dance with you.It’s because Dadi told us to dance that came to you.
Shivanya looked at Yamini and Indumati smiling.
Shi:Yes for them we have to dance.I will dance with you.

Ritik Shivanya Raghav Naina danced…

Jab tak tujhe pyar se
Beinteha main bhar na dun

Jab tak main duaaoon sa
Sau dafa tujhe pad na loon

Haan mere paas tum raho
Jaane ki baat na karo

Mere sath tum raho
Jaane ki baat na karo
Woh oh o.. (x4)

Tum aa gaye baazuon mein mere

Sau sawere liye
Sau sawere liye

Haan baadalon se utaara gaya
Tumko mere liye sirf mere liye

Jab tak meri ungliyan
Tere baalon se kuch kehna le

Jab tak teri lehar mein
Khwaahishein meri behna le

Haan mere paas tum raho
Jaane ki baat na karo

Mere sath tum raho

Jaane ki baat na karo

Woh oh o.. (x4)


Raghav grabbed Naina’s hand and took her to a private room.He caressed her sensually.

He leaned towards her face.
Naina got lost in his closeness and she closed her eyes.

La La La La La La La…
Tere Naam Humne Kiya Hai Jeevan Apana Saara Sanam
Hooo Jeevan Apana Saara Sanam

Coming back to senses she opened her eyes shyly.
Naina:What are you doing Raghav?
Raghav: I can’t control myself Naina.
Naina blushed:Control yourself Raghav.Anyone can peep in.

Tere Naam La La La… Tere Naam La La La…
Tere Naam Humne Kiya Hai Jeevan Apana Saara Sanam
Hooo Jeevan Apana Saara Sanam

She pushed him.
Raghav:But I will kiss you before our wedding.
She blushed:Is it a challenge?You will fail.
Raghav:It’s a challenge and I will win.

Pyaar Bahut Karte Hai Tumse, Ishq Hai Too Hamara Sanam
Ho Ishq Hai Too Hamara Sanam
La La La La La La…

She blushed:Let’s see who wins.

Tere Ishq Ne Saathiya, Tera Haal Kya Kar Diya

Raghav smiled in a naughty manner:Yes..Let’s see.
They shared a romantic eye lock.

Tere Ishq Ne Saathiya, Tera Haal Kya Kar Diya

Mehendi function…

Naina was very happy to her palm was adorned with ‘R’ written with mehendi.

Naina:I should show it to Raghav.He will love it.

She went to Raghav and showed him:See your name’s first letter.
He looked:Where is it?So difficult to find it.
Naina:You can’t find it?

Naina sat close to him:See…here is your…
Suddenly he pecked her forehead.

Nindon Me Aankhon Me Pyase Khwaabon Me
Too Hi Too Hai Yaara Mehakee Saanson Me

She was lost in him.

Har Bechaini Rah Rah Ke Yeh Kehati Hai

They shared a romantic eye lock.

Har Dhadkan Me Teri Chahat Rehati Hai

She blushed:So for this only you pretended to not see your name’s first letter.So that I will sit near you and locate it for you and you can get intimate with me.

Raghav with a naughty smile:You are right. And I won the challenge.I kissed you before marriage.

Tere Bina Tere Bina Tere Bina Namumkin Hai Zindagi Ka Gujara Sanam
Ho Zindagi Ka Gujara Sanam

She blushed.But she pretended to be angry:Naughty boy..I will not leave you.

Raghav laughed seeing her fake anger.Naina melted in his laughter and smiled.

Laagee Chhute Naa, Laagee Chhute Naa, Laagee Chhute Naa
Ishq Ka…(Tere naam).

Shivanya became dull seeing ‘R’ written on her hand.

She thought:I love mehendi.But the Mehendi on my hands does’nt look beautiful because of of this fake wedding of mine.This R letter does’nt deserve to be on my mind as ours is not a real wedding and I can never accept Ritik as my husband.

Her eyes got filled up with tears.

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  4. so , ritik and shivanya mutually accepted each other for their siblings ,though they dont want to get married , sad . ritik is so different from shivanya , eagerly waiting for them to get united . they dance on jab tak was beautiful . raghav’s challenge and he winning in that challenge was so romantic and cute . poor shivanya she is doing all this for naina , but soon her life will become beautiful when ritik and she start loving each other

  5. Nice story. Loved nania and ragahav scene. But I wish even Shivanya and rithik is also happy. Hope they both will have romantic time after their marriage

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