Kuch khatta meetha pyaar (Intro)

Hi guys
I’m prarthna and I have always been a silent reader but today I would like to start my very own fan fiction inspired by some stories likeThe masquerade , Emerald,Ihate to love u , How long I shall wait for u. I know that there are many ff”s but i just hope u guys like my story.
So i would like to begin with mu introduction – Kuch khatta meetha pyaar is not based on any serial but my own creation.

Suhana Kashyap – A passionate and ambitious girl who can do anything for her family .She is very pretty and comes is half Punjabi and half gujrati and has settled with her family in Dubai.
Her father ( mr.rohit kashyap) and her elder brother (Saras) both run a I.T company they are UPPER -middle class people . And have a good and HUGE VILLA.

Suhana wants to do something in designing because she loves art and design and has topped in her boards . She is a above average student in marketing but wants to do design . She loves dancing and acting.A very big drama queen. She wants to go and work in a textile company as a fashion designer.Her parents don’t want her to be under someone but they can do anything for her, so she applies in a highly reputed company.Age 24

Varun Singhania – Handsome young dashing man but who is a complete saddu hates girls because of his bitter past but loves his family a lot .He is the head of famous textile company Varun group of design and industries. Very much respected in Dubai . But people dare to talk to him because he is angry and frustrated with his life 24/7 but is very serious with his work.Right know his companies needs a really talented designer bcz they’re best designer has left the company and gone to another one. He rarely talks and is a complete introvert but is very passionate with his work. He only listens to his parents. He has a younger sister named Kumud she loves her bro a lot and calls him bhaata shree Varun(bhatashree means elder brother)He only loves 2 females in this world his mom and his sis.Age 24

Both Saras and Kumud are 21 they are really close friends studying in the same university bcz both want to become neurologists.
Guys so here is my intro hope u like it btw Varun has a bitter past which will be revealed slowly. So most probably i will start my chapter 1 soon.

PLZ leave ur comments below bcz i am a 13 year old girl and i really need a lot of inspiration plz.
Thanks- Prarthna

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  1. interesting dr pls continue but one condition update regularly plzzz

  2. it is nice plz continue

  3. yeah ill surely continue plz keep supporting

  4. Nice, girl continue update regularly

  5. Hey prarthna….I am soo glad that you have started your own fan fiction..your writing skills are amazing…just love them…and the second thing I am glad that you have mentioned my story ” the masquerade” in your intro…thanks a lot…and write as much as you can..I am already a big fan of your story ..lots of love to you and take care ??

  6. Awesome intro prarthna dearryyy, I loved this storyline n concept. ..you’re such a sweetheart…in this small age you’re doing really awesome. ..you have talent to write n express it..so all the best for this wonderful story n also do good in your studies…. waiting for the first episode. ..love you loads sweetie. ..

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