Kuch khatta meetha pyaar (Episode 8)

Yayyyy loved reading ur comments guys ur just marvelous no words u know I fell so great when I see ur comments . I’m so grateful that I have got such amazing followers . and misha man hats of to u and ur ff I wish it would be published , u write very well infact ur my inspiration and yes one more thing I cannot write better than u man ur level is somewhere else . Zayn Bella Risha Swara Hayathi Misha Ananya u guys have always been so encouraging without u I won’t be able to make it , so a big thank u to all , love u all to the moon and back . xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
Sorry for the short update actually I was a little busy yesterday that;s why wrote a short one .
So I start epi 8 .

Varun shows suhana her cabin it’s just next to his . there is a door connecting both of the cabins . suhana is the head designer now bcz her designs are the best among the rest and she will be working for the very grand paris show.
Suhana’s cabin is really gigantic it has at least 5 paintings hanging on the wall a very huge table with a royal blue chair .
Suhana’s cabin is very classy and royal . she just loves it . there are 2 doors entering her cabin 1 is the main one and the other one is connecting to varun’s cabin .
There is a slight knock heard on the door it’s the side one (connecting varun’s cabin)
Varun enters the cabin he sits on the chair and tells suhana

Varun – see Ms.kashyap I have come here to tell u some imp. Details this year our theme is old is gold and that’s why u will have to design some antique and unique pieces . that royalty and classy style I have seen in your work only and that’s why I needed such a brilliant designer. Ur room is connected to mine so here r the details about the dresses u have to design . (hands her a file) u can come to me anytime u have anything in mind because I don’t want any problems feel free to ask . remember it’s a very imp. Show for our company and it all depends on us . Now there is one more thing I have to tell u . u will be coming with me to paris in the next 2 weaks to see the place and do the other formalities and I want u to be there so most probably we’ll be leaving in the next 2 weaks . is this fine .
Suhana – ok sir and yes I’m looking forwards to paris I’ll keep informing u abt my work and yes after I read this file I’ll start designing .
Varun – good then see u bye , remember don’t hesitate come in anytime .
Suhana – ok sir thanks .

Varun leaves from there .
Suhana to herself – yaar he is so different , when I met hm first saddu kahika , he was so furious but he’s not even that bad .
After a couple of hours (5-6)
Suhana enters varun’s room sir
Varun – yes ms.kashyap
Suhana – I made this look she shows him a beautiful piece of drawing can we process dis design sir .
She moves her hand from the paper to pass it to him and while moving her hand hits the hot coffee and the varun’s files get spoilt .
Varun – what d mere files .
Suhana – (screams)ouch the hot coffee burnt her hand
Varun rushes to her makes her sit .

He wets a cloth with cold water and puts some anti-burn gel on her hand . while applying the gel . couldn’t u see always this excitement and hyperness won’t work (angry) what if something happened to u han then who would be responsibe at least be mature sometimes .
Suhana –( makes a puppy face ) but sir…
Varun – I’m not listening to anything and now be carefull yes sir ,
She gets up and starts to walk away when she feels a tight grip on her arm she looks back to see varun is holding her hand .
Varun – ok sorry I shouln’t have shouted so much now u came happy no , show me ur designs .
Suhana – has a smile on her face
Varun – aaram se
Suhana hands the paper to him
Varun is mesmerized to see her designs , wow ms. Kashyap Bravo if u keep working like this our company will reach new heights ,

Suhana is sad.
Varun – now what happened .
Suhana-sir but ur files got spoilt .
Varun – no worries abt that I have a soft copy its’k ,
Suhana – ok sir then I’ll leave it’s already 8
Varun I’m leaving in the next ten min . do me a favour help me clean up and I’ll drop u home , sid told me ur scooty isn’t working , na I’ll drop u ok.
Suhana-but sir it’s fine why r u taking so much effort.
Varun – just do as I say not a word.
Suhana – ok sir
They both tart winding up.

Precap – both our in the car and it starts to rain

Hi guys plz keep supporting me and bella I’m happy to know that u love me . love u too . love everyone and plz tell me where I shud improve that will be the biggest hep I can get (I tried updating longer zany and rishi )
Loce u loads

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  1. u rocked prarthna today epi is very nice

  2. Prarthna it was gud episode. Varun is so caring.. Loved it…

  3. Hey…today episode was really good…can’t get enough of your story…addicted to it…I’ll always support you dear..keep writing and love you..bye and take care..don’t get mad at me just an advice okay?…you know you should just make them fight a little a make varun jealous and all from sid.it’s gonna be fun..hope you will like it…bye and take care

  4. Wowwww awesome yaar but he is gud or bad

  5. Great epid baby nice yaar

  6. Hey prarthna…ah the episode was killing I just loved it..it was really good…awesome fabulous..yeah I agree with bella you should do it..it totally depends on you dear..bye and take care..make sure you update soon

  7. It was very nice …. but it have some drama na … even i lyk belle’s idea
    Pls dont take wrong
    Love u n TC ♥♥♥♥♥♡♡♥

  8. Hi guys love u all soo much . And yes Bella zayn mishai u r d best bcz true supporters help them and tell them their wrong.actually I had thought of a big fight in the car . Don’t worry its coming love u loads I really appreciate ur effort to take Tim out of ur schedule and help me . It really means a lot to me I’ll try to improve as much as I can on one condition plz keep telling me my mistakes. Ok love u alll sooo much. Thank u

  9. And yeah guys one more thing in not feeling well hav cold cough and slight fever with severe head ache so I wont be able to update . Really sorry but tomorrow for sure . Thanks love u ??

    1. Hey prarthna…no dead it’s absolutely okay if you don’t update ..I hope you are fine now…get well soon dear and take care of yourself …bye and remember get well soon ..love you ????

  10. Hello prarthna..are you fine now? I hope so..get well soon and make sure you take care of yourself ..I’ll always support you dear no need to thank..love you and get well soon .bye and take care

  11. I’m feeling much better . Thank u all and yes I’ll update in the evening going to school now .
    Bye love u all
    And yes I’ll get perfectly fine soon.

  12. Hi prarthna dearyyy, it’s awesome, lovely episode, liked the cooperating nature of varun n his care n concern for suhana…agree with bell’s suggestion..n honeyyy plz take care of yourself n don’t worry about anything, when you feel 100% ok then update…love you loads my sweetie. …

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