Kuch khatta meetha pyaar (Episode 7)

Hi guys a big thank u zany hayathi rishi swara bella love u loads.
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Epi 7.
Suhana call her dad and saras and tells them the good news both are extremely happy with the news.
In celebration suhana goes for shopping with her friend ayyesha .IN shopping mall a very pretty girl is shown wearing a black shorts and a light pink crop top. With black flats and hair tide in a messy bun she is none other than ayyesha khan .
Suhana come running to her and gives her a tight hug she is wearing harram pants (royal blue) white sleeveless top and a white scarf with floral designs in blue .her hair is tide in a French brade and she is wearing flats too .
Ayyesha yaayyy I got a job .
Ayyesha – yaye honey that’s gr8
Suhana-Yeah I know.
Ayyesha – Ok then so I need a treat we’ll start with baskin robbins
Suhana – gr8

After having ice-cream both start shopping they buy loads of stuff abt 10 bags! (typical girls u see )
The next morning suhana is getting ready (she is wearing casuals because she is the head of designers and sid told her to wear something casual as its more comfy)
She is wearing a very pretty aqua colour full length jumpsuit with a golden chain and small golden earings her hair is tied up in a messy bun .she is looking perfect with all this her golden sandals and sun goggles add to the perfection.
After having breakfast and doing aarti she went to office by her scooty.
She entered with a box of sweets
Sis-hey suhana wass up
Suhana-hi sid , everythings up my mood too im super excited
Sid – gr8
Suhan opens the box – first sweet to u
Sid takes one in his hand – thanks a lot but first u (he makes her eat it )
Varun enters – sid what the hell is happening here
Suhana – actually sir I was just …
Varun(cuts her) – no ms.kashyap everyone loves to defend this naughty fellow it’s not ur mistake , and sid next time I see u eating sweets ur gone u know u hav diabetes but still u don’ listen to me .
Sid – bhai sorry , I’ll make sure this never happens .
Varun – promise
Sid- promise
Varun – ok now get back to work
(sid leaves )
Suhana – sir u love ur brother soo much u care for him soo much that’s so nice of u .
Varun – he’s the only boy in my family I love him a lot .
Suhana – sir can u hav sweets (offering him)
Varun – yeah I don’t have diabetes
Suhana – gives him 1
Varun – wow soo nice u made it
Suhana – yeah sir
Varun – its amazing can u get them for me everyday . I miss home-made sweets .
Suhana- (giggles) sure sir.
Varun – I’ll have one everyday .

Precap – varun thinling about suhana and how he cannot shout at her .

Hi guys I didn’t emphasis on some scenes that much bcz I thought it wud get a little boring plz share ur valuable comments below they really mean a lot to me thanks a lot
Love u all loads.

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  1. Varun is so sweet .. caring .
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  2. varun so cute

  3. I think varun is typical boy but he is behaving so cool

  4. Gud one prarthana..

  5. No dear its intresting but small updation

  6. Hey prarthna…the episode was amazing as usual..just loved it to core..you manage to write so good ..even better than my fan fiction..love you to core bye dear and take care

  7. Wow..prarthna…the episode rocked..amazing..fabulous…it’s going on awesome…just need to tell you something do get upset or mad at me please but love you so much prarthna dear.. bye and take care

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