Kuch khatta meetha pyaar (Episode 6)

Thank u sooo much Zayn,Rishi,Hayathi,Bella u guys r just awesome in 5 episodes so much love for such a young writer thanks a lot guys ur comments mean a lot to me plz keep supporting me. Swara also ur amazing too. Zayn I replied to ur comment yesterday chl epi 5 comments .

So here I start my epi 6 –
Suhana- comes out of the room she is really happy
Sid- what happened?
Suhana – sir I’ll be working here from tomorrow .
Sid – wow yay I told varun such an amazing designer shouldn’t just go like that .
Suhana – thanks sir .
Sid – hey man don’t call me sir
Suhana – ok Siddharth
Sid – call me sid
Suhana – ok thanks sid .
Sid – dosti ka hosool hain madam no sorry no thank u .
Suhana – ham dost hain ?
Sid – no we r more dan frnds
Suhana- what
Sid – kidding just kidding friends (forwards is hand to her)
SUHANA – friends( shakes his hand) .
Sid – so I’ll email u all the details then see ya tomorrow .
Suhana – ok
Sid – wait
Suhana- now what happened
Sid- I want a treat tomorrow ok.
Sid-ok bye

Varun in his cabin talking to himself –
Varun – I have never pleaded any girl past these 3 years . 3 years before it was ayyesha and now Ms kasyap , what is happening to me . there is something about this girl . what has happened she has just met me an now I cannot think about anything except this girl . she is crazy , she is pretty she is the biggest fighter cock but she is cute .
Suhana rushes to home –
Maa maa I got a job yayyy
Suhana’s mum (sm) – wow congrats baby.
Suhana-I told u no ur daughter is really smart .
SM – YEAH WHO’S daughter is she
Suhana- maa urs only .
SM – NOW go and call papa and saras go and tell them this good news.
Suhan rushes to her room .
IN varun’s office –
Varun – what d varun focus on ur work stop thinking abot ms.kashyap u just met her for for 30 min and now ur lost in her forever . focus now varun singhania our paris show is just 3 months away .

Precap – suhana distributes sweets her first day in office

Guys plz tell me where I shud improve on plz plz leave ur comments below . And yes if u don’t mind plz answer my age question which I had asked previously in my epi 5’s comments plz chk dat .
Thanks a lot guys love all of u who r reading my ff kepp supporting me.

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  1. Todays update was realy intresting …

  2. Both r fighter cocks

  3. Intresting love u loads

  4. Thank u guys ur d best love u all Zayn Hayathi Rishi and swara . Really ur just amazing. Love u all.? ❤

  5. It’s really good…love they way you write..well I’m already a big fan of your story …waiting for the next one..a big hug and love

  6. Awesome episode, suhana fighter cock…lol…varun himself is not less than that but he is totally lost in her …interesting story. .loving it…

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