Kuch khatta meetha pyaar (Episode 5)

Hi guys me back again sorry couldn’t reply bcz it ws a Friday was out the whole day.
Thank u sooo much guys u are really very supportive.
So here I start my epi 5
Suhana – it wasn’t my mistake who was on their phone .
Varun- You know what I don’t care , I cannot waste my precious time on u .
Suhana- hello Mr. whoever u are I’m not sitting free for u .
Varun angrily goes to the washroom- What man I was so excited for the new designer and this stupis girl spoilt my mood completely. But who was she I have never seen her here in my office I’ll ask Sid.

Suhana( in washroom) – what is this god bcz of him my mood is completely off I was so excited fr my interview.
Both sigh and come out of the washroom . Varun gives a dead stare to Shana and leaves angrily.
Suhana- OMG what does he think of himself I’m not one of those scared ppl let him do what he wants to I don’t mind.
Sid sees Suhana – Ms. Suhana Kashyap u can go inside Sir has come.
Suhana – Ok
Sid – best of luck
Suhana- thanks
There is a knock on the door a girl asks – May I come in
Varun replies – yeah sure .
That girl is none other than Suhana.
Suhana enters the room .

Varun stands up in shock – You !!!
Suhana- You !!! What are u doing here .
Varun – What the u r asking me I shud ask u that.
Suhana – why shud u ask me I was called here.
Varun – exuse me miss this is my cabin
Suhana- what ??
Varun – yes I own this company . who r u .
Suhana- I have come hereto apply for the job of a fashion designer.
Sid enters varun’s cabin while entering-nhai u forgot this file sorry to disturb
Sid is puzzled to see both of them standing.
Do u guys no eachother from before .
Both together say No.

Sid – bhai she is ms. Suhana kashyap the marvelous designer I was talking abt. Infact she is the daughter of Kashyap group of I.T AND Tech.but she wants to do something in designing that’s why she has come here. And bhai her designs r just awesome.
And suhana this is Varun singhania owner of this company and we r looking for a gr8 designer who will handle our Paris show .
Varun – wait a sec. sid . u are suhana KASHYAP YOU .
Suhan – yeah me .

Sis- arre bhai forget all this ms.suhana plz show ur designs.
Suhana – Yeah just a sec. she opened her file and gave it to Varun.
Varun takes it he looks through it – he is mesmerized to see her work .
Sid – ok bhai u guys talk I’ll take a leave know.
Varun – wow are these ur designs or someone elses.
Suhana- ofcourse mine.
Varun – they are so nice Varun is smiling because of the beauty of the designs they are really cool he says.
Varun – hey don’t go listen I am
Suhana – u are
Varun – I am SORRY (it’s the first time he has ever apologized to anyone )
Suhana gives a slightsmile.
Varun – it’s just that got a little angry on u .
Suhan – little

Varun – ok yes a lot , but plz we r just looking for a designer like u 80 ppl have applied fr this post but only ur designs r different , ur hands have magic , plz
Suhana – ok even im sorry it was my mistake too . both smile and Varun puts his hand forward and says deal done suhana shakes his hand and says a yes . Both smile and suhana leaves.
Varun – there is something special about this girl .

Precap- Suhana starts her first day in Varun’s office she is distributing sweets to everyone.

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  1. Suhana kashyap name reminds me of sasural genda phool
    It really intresting dear ..

  2. What varun said sorry strange yaar

  3. Its nice girl i like suhana

  4. Nice episode …I loved it..it’s going on really good…good luck for the next update ..take care dear bye

  5. Thank u sooo much guys love u all. Yeah Zayn I love sasural genda phool and that’s why in their remembrance I kept her name suhana. If u guys don’t mind may I know ur ages. If u don’t mind . Just in general that’s why.thanks

  6. Yeah sure I’m 14 gonna be 15 soon ..and you are 14?

  7. Awesome episode, the fight was really awesome. ..both firing, thx to sid for being a life saver…varun is impressed with suhana…wowwww keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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