Kuch khatta meetha pyaar (Episode 4)

Hi guys , again a big thank u to all I posted a comment saying that I wont be able to update yesterday for those who did not read it im sorry .Btw thanks a lot Roma.
OK so episode 4 starts.
Varun enters the office as he enters people stand up in their places like robots but don’t say anything because once wat happened was when a employee wished him good morning he shouted at him and said “my mornings aren’t good do u get that they are terrible what morning ha my life is terrible so plz don’t wish me a good morning they will never come back.
People are shocked to see Varun smiling they were all puzzled since it’s the first time he has ever smiled .Sid very happy to see him.

Everyone shell-shocked.
Employee1 to employee 2 – Am I dreaming is this Sir.
Employee 2 – he is sir is he fine is he in his senses what did he just say. Wow sir wished us good morning.
Varun – What why are all of u staring at me like this haan.
Sid- nothing bhai leave them , I think everyone is astonished to see u smiling.
Varun- today I have a reason to smile we will be starting our work for the paris show. Inshaalla just hope that designer is good.
Sid- bhai designs were amazing literally no words she is waiting in the reception shud I call her in ur cabin .

Varun- yeah im ready , just give me 5 min I’ll use the washroom and come .
Sid- ok then I’ll call her in.
Suhana asks receptionist about the washroom . she leaves from there to use the washroom.
Sid comes in the reception – HEY maya(reception ist) where is ms. Suhana kashyap .
Maya- sir she went to use the washroom she’ll be back soon .
Suhana and Varun are walking towards the washroom they are coming from 2 different directions.
Varun gets a message from kumud- bhai u forgot ur valet here only . Varun is texting her back and simentanously walking .
Suhana’s earing falls so she picks it up and she’s walking as well as trying to fix her screw .(while she is fixing her screw she is facing upwards to screw it in )
One is facing upwards one downwards both walking towards the same direction.
Suhana’s point of view
Suddenly I feel a strong force hit my left shoulder it was indeed quite hard and bca of that I’m about to trip but I can feel a tight hand around my waist my eyes closes bcz I was scared cd just feel a warm hand around me don’t know no who that person was.
Slowly and gradually I open my eyes a tall , fair in compaction and handsome man is seen with a very angry face he was holding me with 1 of his strong muscular arms.
Varun’s point of view
I suddenly bump into a light figure and bcz of that I can see a girl who was just about to fall I tightly held her waist and secured her with my bare hand .
I could feel a very smooth and warm hand tightly encircling my neck .
Suhana was lost in her thoughts she doesn’t know what had just happened.
Varun gets her up and she comes back in her senses immediately she takes her hands from his neck and stares at him.

Varun- What the , can’t u see and walk or u hav just got eyes for ur make-up
Suhana – Exuse me u were on ur stupid phone not me and just by the way I have put no make up other than an eye-liner can’t u see.
Varun – Don’t try to teach me who am I ok , u don’t know who am I
Suhana- hello mr. whoever u are I don’t care and just for ur kindest information mistakes can happen with anyone it doesn’t matter who that person is . now say sorry .
Varun- are u in ur senses ur asking me to say sorry to u have u even seen ur self in the mirror. And hello madam it was ur mistake not mine .

Precap – a girl is seen coming inside Varun’s cabin.

Guys plz tell me how was it hope u liked it plz plz leave ur precious comments bellow. Any questions plz feel free to ask by the way I forgot to tell u guys that this story is inspired from ipkknd season 1 .
Thank YOU .

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  5. Hi guys I will update regularly and thank u soo much for ur love and support.i usually won’t be updating on Friday’s since I have holidays cz here in Dubai Friday is a holiday.but still I’ll try my best.once again thank you so much ?.

  6. Hey..the episode was amazing…really good ..update soon..take care

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  8. Awesome episode, wowwww loved it very much. ..first meet n fight…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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