Kuch khatta meetha pyaar (Episode 3)

Hi guys ,before I start today’s epi 3 I would like to thank all of u for ur motivational comments. Thank u ani ,hayathi,swara,rishi,liya,bella.
Sorry liya but from now onwards I’ll try to use minimum hindi.And dear bella yes we aren’t very far from each other we live in the GCC.
Epi 3-

Suhana and Saras are having breakfast while Varun and Kumud are doing the same.
After breakfast suhana prepares herself for the interview.
Suhana – god plz help me I really want this job bcz my passion is art and design I can work in papa’s office and earn much more but I really want to do this. Just be withy me god , and again pkz I want a really nice boss bcz I strongly believe that if the leader isn’t good then the ppl following him turn bad as well.I want a boss who is just like papa , sweet , caring, understanding and friendly.
Suhana has dahi shakkar(sugar in curd)which is suppose to be eaten before any new and auspicious start.
After this suhana leaves in her scooty though she has 2 cars forherself she only uses her scooty bcz she loves driving it and for her all these things like status,dignity don’t .She only follows one motto in life and that is – Simplicity is the best policy.
Varun’s mansion
Varun gets a call on his phone and answers it .
It is his pa Siddarth.
Siddarth has been with Varun are cousins and he knows Varun really well. They are like best friends and know he is working with his elder brother to gain experience .
Varun- hey Sid (siddarth) wassup man.
Sid – hi bhai there’s a good news.

Varun – What , Have we got Ayyesha (there old and one of the best designers who was handling the project for their show in Paris) back.
Sid – no bhai but we hav got a completely new designer , she sent me her samples a few days ago and they are just WOW I don’t think anyone in our company could do such great work .
Varun- Heyy that’s great news I want to meet her.
Sis- yeah bhai even I want to she has her interview at 10:30,called to ask u weather u will take her interview or if ur busy I’ll take it.
Varun- No no not at all work is the most imp. Now and we really want an extra – ordinary designer for the Paris show I will be waiting to meet that person .Infact it’s 10 right know ill reach in the next 10 min ok.
Sid- ok bhai come fast me already in office.
Varun- ok just make sure that person is treated well.we really want an excellent designer , and if u r praising someone that means that person is really capable for this position.Very eager to meet that person.

Sid- ok bhai , bye see u soon.
Varun – bye (cuts the call)I have been waiting for this day 80 people came for this job but all got rejected . Sid wont just praise anyone like that there must be something really special about that person.
Varun leaves in his BMW FOR OFFICE.
Varun’s office
Suhana enters she can see a huge place filled with ambitious people working, she can hear complete silence nobody talking just focusing on there work.
Sid notices her and asks
Sid- Ms. Suhana Kashyap
Suhana – yes
Sid – Good morning, u can wait here sir might just be coming.
Suhana – ok thanks.

Precap-Varun enters the office and suhana is going towards the washroom.

Guys plz leave ur comments below and if u hav and questions feel free to ask me anything.

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  1. Hey…how are you?..the episode was amazing…I loved it…you have a good concept going on…keep it up…and yes we are not that far from each other as next year I’m going to dubai for a trip…lots of over and take care ??

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  3. Very intresting ,i loved this ff

  4. Thank u sooo much u guys r really amazing. Hope to see u soon bella. Hayathi didn’t understand the height comment plz help me by sharing ur whole view on that.

  5. Hi guys
    Really sorry won’t be able to update bcz I am a little busy today but I will write tomorrow for sure.pakka promise.
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  6. Awesome episode, loved it dearr…don’t say sorry honey, do update when you find time….take care

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