Kuch khatta meetha pyaar (Episode 22)


Hello everyone how are u all . I know it has been quite long but what to do had so much work so that’s why sorry .

Suhana’s point of view
I look up to that creature he isn’t even worth calling a creature its an insult to animals by calling him one.
As I look towards him I can see him pulling out a miniscule box from his pocket that box seems very familiar to me . Before I could recognize what it actually was Shaurya lit up the match . NO I screamed my lungs out Shaurya how dare u no u can’t do this to me . Ahh he says in a hoarse voice my dear suhana I actually feel guilty for what I am doing but what to do its your fault you won that blo*dy competition and ruined my life so I have to tale revenge but you know what I will give you some discount I was planning to lock u up in this room and burn it but now I feel that I should give you two rooms . You know the more you suffer the more I enjoy . But I cry out u know I can bear anything literally anything but nit fire my biggest fear is fire you know that very well please I will do whatever you say but now fire ?

shaurya lists to me plz for heaven sake . Sorry yaar but what to do I love seeing you in pain and fire what is better torture than that remember u fainted seeing the fire in the big pot in college but now this fire will be all around you . I am going to give you 2 rooms only 2 rooms are open do what you want bit everything Iis locked and yes no water no resources nothing so bye see you never ENJOY!! He says locking me up and going from there. I feel so helpless tried calling his name out tried slamming the door nothing worked. I am the most petrified person ever I ca see the fire raging and increasing every moment . Tears roll down my eyes i jump from one place to another trying to find something shouting crying its just so horrible just no idea what to do . After searching like crazy i just find one thing a little blanket by the side i run to that and cover it around my body i death was in front of me and for the first time i could do nothing . There was a cupboard standing on my left i go inside and sit down with that blanket wrapped around me .

In the office
Sid – yaar where the hell is Bhai he isn’t even picking up the phone . He isn’t even at home since he has read that thing god I hope there isn’t any problem.

Guys I know its a very short update but ok sorry I hardly have time to spare exams are starting and so I will only meet you after may . Probably mid June .


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  1. Awesome!! Waited so long.. It was worth it.. Byeee TC ❤️❤️

    1. Thanks a lot .
      Mystery girl

    1. Thanks Swara

  2. Love the episode. Keep it going. Lot of love ????

    1. Thank you soooo much mihir .

  3. Hey Prarthna…how have you been? Ahh yeah obviously , it’s been a long long time. I know , but I’m glad you took time out of your busy schedule and gave us this awesome update. I’m really happy , seeing the update. Plus , I can’t even explain the limits of my happiness. I hope your exams are going on well , good luck and I’ll be glad that you will get good marks , because after all you are like a sister to me.

    Now enough of the blabbering.
    To the chapter ;
    As always it was really splendid and amazing.
    I was like woah! Feels like I’m watching it alive.
    Awesome one…
    Can’t wait for the next one.
    I seriously have the paka wala hate feeling for Shauraya! He’s such a Moron. I wish he could have died in that fire.

    And proud of suhana! She’s so brave and amazing. Keep it up dear.
    And again , a marvelous one.

    And about the masquerade , I’ll give you the update soon and and and there will be a big twist in it…
    I hope you will like the twist…don’t worry they are not gonna go to that separation and all..it gets boring haha…
    You will read it soon..
    Till then good luck and take care
    Loads of love to you and your family

    1. Hey misha your love and affection is so adorable you I am so lucky to have an elder sister like you . Like I can’t even express how blessed I feel to have you you. Thank you soo much for your valuable comments . And for masquerade I am waiting plz update fast can’t wait to know what happens next…

  4. Gud to seeu girl nice ff

  5. Thank you so much rishi . And I will update but yes after a while .

  6. Awesome episode prarthna. …missed you sooooo muchhhh. ..plzzzz prepare for your exams and get very good grades…we can wait…love you loads.

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