Kuch khatta meetha pyaar (Episode 21)


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Suhana’s point of view

The black house is not at all welcoming there is this big door standing in front of me some very peculiar points about this place no bell also I push the door and unexpectedly it opens I am welcomed by a tall dark man in a black costume with a black mask actually I take my words back I am not welcomed by I’m kind of scared looking at that man but then I remind myself suhana’ u r a very brave girl and shaurya won’t do anything bad with me .

that man starts to laugh malevolently his laugh echo’s in my ears , whoever he is suhana u can do it I say to myself . I then see him coming towards me as he takes his steps forward I move backwards until I realize a pillar behind me I can’t move further he comes towards me holds my hand tightly I cry out in pain , paining u r in pain finally that man says I immediately recognize that voice it’s shaurya I’m sure it’s his voice, I shout out to him shaurya??
Wow u recognized me he says while trying to hurt me even more leave me I cry out and slap him hard on his left check I think that slap was quite hard cz he was lying on the floor . what the hell shaurya what are u doing are u in your senses I say .
He suddenly gets up and pulls me towards a room come here he shouts forcing me to a small room on the left of the entrance.

I try my best and let go of his hand but all in vain.
Now u listen to me he says while locking the door of the room .
Not a words suhana enough now I will say and u will listen even once I hear ur voice I will kill u I’m telling you he says.
my heart beating fast my blood looking for escape my body wanting me to leave this place right now .
Shaurya starts saying whatever he had to
Shaurya – we were friends since childhood I was a very nice and humble boy u very well no my parents had died and I was living with my foster parents u remember the student of the year we had in high school (soty) my parents had told me actually warned me that if I didn’t win they will throw me out of the house all they needed was money which this competition was giving me my family. Winning SOTY was my goal from day 1 I worked very hard also but the day you came in my life my life turned over you don’t even know how many times I tried getting you out of the competition what not had I done . the person who stole your presentation was none other than me the person who gave you the shock in that room was none other than me the person who burnt your papers were none other than me infact the person who tried to kill your father was none other than me none other than shaurya goenka . I must say you have amazing fate every time I did something somebody came in between or you escaped.
Suhana – shaurya I never expected this from you but if u would have spent your time concentrating on your competition and working harder rather than making plains for me to loose or fail you would have won. Aur tum jaise ghatya insaan ka yahin hoga . instead of working on yourself you did this all I can’t even believe you shaurya you did this all. But why are u tellin this to me now. Even if u say sorry I won’t accept it

Shaurya ferociously pushes suhana – oh hello u think I’m saying sorry and this lecture of yours keep it to yourself I’m least interested so answering your question I’m telling you all of this because today is your last day suhana kashyap ha hah ha ha ur last day I always wanted to kill you actually take revenge on u I will not kill u just like that don’t worry you still have time
Suhana – enough shaurya u think u can do whatever u want varun was right u r such a creap
Shaurya – oh yes thinking of that varun I had come to dubai to take revenge only but your varun he never gave me a chance by the way that day I didn’t call u chashmish and all I called u hot and s*xy u are na what should I do now explain to ur boyfrnd he got really angry and hit me ab baby now u tell me was I wrong

Suhana – how dare u call me baby and he’s not my boyfrnd he is my boss tameez kya ghar par bhoolke aaye hon
Shaurya – ghar to hain heen nahi, but don’t worry I will make my family very soon
Suhana – shaurya , just shut up ok , (slaps him tightly) don’t talk to me like that understand
Shaurya – hey u (tries to hold suhana)kuch zaada hee haath chal rahe hain na wait
Suhana – shaury not a step forward warna
Shaurya warna kya
Suhan picks up a wooden stick she finds on the ground

Shaurya –haan suhana wait mujhe maaf kardo na . ha ha u thought I was actually apologizing . man u never recognized the real me. good acting shaurya . suhana I know u very well remember ur biggest fear is fire let me do what I always wanted to do I won’t kill u like that only I will give u soo much pain that u wud want to die tum mauth ke liye tarpogi . always remember and here you go!!!!

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  1. It’s gud..waiting for ur nxt epi update asap

    1. Hi ryths thank u fr ur comments. Will update asap

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  4. tbh. this chapter was THE BEST and THE MOST EFFECTIVE so far and well done suhana this shaurya CERTAINLY did deserve two slaps well done and I hope varun saves suhana!!!!!!!!

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  6. Hello prarthna. How have you been?
    Missed you so much.
    Getting back on the chapter.
    It was as awesome as usual. Can’t believe such a big twist. I’m so so so so surprised by this whole revenge thing. It’s really new and you know hatke from all the other stories ?
    Loved the part when suhana was assuring herself to enter the house.
    She’s , indeed , brave and strong.
    I seriously could feel the whole conversation which was happening.
    And seriously I felt shivers down my spine as shaurya was laughing.
    And when you said Shaurya Goenka my mind in a few seconds jumped to the same image of Shaurya in Ek hasina thi.
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    And finally I got to know the whole secret.
    I’m so so so happy to read this chapter.
    Marvelous work. And a satisfying chapter.
    Thanks a lot for reading my chapter too.
    I’m glad that you liked it.
    Take your time in the next update.
    Loads of love and take care.
    Hope you have an amazing second , minute , hour , day , week , month , year and life. Hehe.
    Love you loads. Byeeee???

    1. Hi misha I’m good wbu. And thank u sooo much for ur lovely words on this chapter. And yes even I remembered shaurya in ek haseena thi and That’s why wrote shaurya goenka. And getting to your chapter there is no comparison and I’m thankful to u for writing such a beautiful story.yes it will take time Fr my next update. Live u loads hope u have amazing moments every day

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  9. Swara lets see who saves suhana or will she even get saved??

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