Kuch khatta meetha pyaar (Episode 20)


Hello everyone thank u soo much for ur lovely comments I think ur feedback has actually got me till here episode 20 it all really means a lot to me thank u..
Varun’s pov

I finally meet sid I’m so glad to see him back without waiting for anything I quickly tell him everything about that jerk ah I mean shaurya , from the time he came in with his plastic knife till present. I told sid whatever I could remember. His reaction was something to watch he was shocked I could see his face in horror he kinda looked quite terrified. Well according to him he thought that we should keep an eye on him and then he said something which was actually very useful it had a point he told me “bhai see u only said that suhana and shaurya are childhood friends now we know that suhana thinks shaurya is a good man but shuarya is double faced he shows suhana the goody goody sde of his which I probably think he doesn’t even have , I cut him of what do u mean u probably think he surely has no good side of his , sid chuckles bhai ok chill so as I was saying he is actually very vicious we know that but suhana doesn’t so point no. 1 we have to make suhana realize that he is not a good man and secondly I feel he is behinds suhana’s life because that plastic knife thingie u told me was not at all normal I think there must be something in the past which hurt him a lot and may be that thing was done by suhana ,

u know may be that’s why because I dnt know why but I feel that he is sort of taking revenge of something his actions can tell me that, they both studied together yeah so something must have happened that has caused this , I am 100% sure he hates suhana and is planning big that plastic knife incident was a clear sign and if u noticed after talking bad abt suhana , he changed the whole story and made himself innocent and u guilty in suhana’s eyes are u understanding my point bhai he says. Hmm I nod clearly getting an idea of what sid is saying , hey listen sid then toh that means he isn’t safe for suhana and leaving suhana alone would be very dangerous, I know him he can do anything where is suhana by the way I say seeming quite tensed I the realize that she is alone at office , shit I say good bye to sid and thank him for the help , I tell him to start work for tomorrow and I leave from there hastily.
Suhana’s pov

I am so glad I’m almost about to finish the last design not boasting but I’m actually very proud of my worki think I have done a good job I suddenly hear my phone ringing it’s a call from shaurya . hey I say happily shaurya tells me to meet him at al-maktoum bridge when I ask why he says it’s a surprise a very memorable one which u will never forget wow I say excited can’t wait to see ur surprise u know what I’ll come know I have finished my work I know I’m leaving early but varun won’t mind cz I finshed my work so I’ll be there in the next 20-30 min u know. Perfect shaurya says he seems very happy too. I wind up leave a little not on the table for varun incase he get’s tensed about where will I be . I leave office and zoom I drive away to mankhool bridge but I completely forgot to ask him where after maktouml bridge I can’t just stop like that it’s dubai na not India ,

I waste no time and dial shaurya , hi I say u didn’t even tell me where after maktoum bridge he tell me not to worry and gives me the further directions it’s a long way till I reach there I think it took me 1 hour to reach there , but i don’t know the sight which I see does ot seem very pleasant. I can see this gigantic villa standing in front of me ut it’s not at all welcoming it looks so spooky painted in pitch black till date I’ve never seen such a type of villa it’s all in a desolate place the villa is standing all alone in the middle of nowhere , but then yes I remind myself that shaurya won’t do anything wrong there surely might be some reason he called me here. I walk towards the villa as I open the door I am shocked to see …….
Hi guys today there is no precap because I think the suspense should be enjoyed and precaps kind of ruin the excitement so plz plz share ur views with me on this chapter, by writing ur comments below

Bye love u all….

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  1. Hey good going Prarthna ???? I really like that there’s a suspense building up in the story. Lot of love ???? xoxo

  2. Hey thank u soo much mihir love to see u enjoying it.

  3. Awesome episode, oh no she might be in trouble. ..varun plzzzz save her. ….long time no see, prarthna how are you honeyyy? How is your studies going?….love you loads

    1. Hey roma , I really don’t don’t no what to say to u ur comments are just so lovely. My studies are going on amazing. And how r u and when are u start writing I think u should start writing I will be waiting. Bye roma love u loads.

  4. Hello prarthana…how are you?
    Firstly, I’m so sorry for commenting late..I didn’t knew you updated the 20th chapter…
    And back on the update..it was obviously marvelous as always..
    I’m so in love with your story…
    The update was amazing , I’m glad reading both of their Point of views..
    Hope you would be able to update soon.
    I’m gonna update the masquerade in a few days..
    Just working on the update.. and how’s everything going on?
    I know it’s gonna sound greedy but hope you would update the next part soon.
    I seriously can’t wait for the next one and your suspense is mind blowing…
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    1. Hey mish I’m good how are u and yesssssss finalyy u are going to update d masquerade u don’t even know how glad I am I have been waiting since soooooooooo long fr masquerade and yes just waiting eagerly. Thank u fr ur comments and I will update whenever I’m free right know there’s a lot happening so I may take a while but yes I will try to update asap. Bye love u

      1. Please prarthna…update soon…please ???ugh I have become greedy just due to your fan fiction.?
        And I have updated the masquerade. Let’s see when the post it

  5. Amazing… Well expressed n… I CAN’T WAIT TO KNOW WATS GONNA HAPPEN NEXT!!

  6. Thank u so much nitima , love u loads

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