Kuch khatta meetha pyaar (Episode 19)


Hello everyone
How have u guys been its been really long I haven’t updated since long and I’m sorry for that. All the silent readers plz comments ur comments will either motivate me or will make my a better writer by your suggestion so plz I need ur comments .
A small recap if u have forgotten – varun invites suhana for dinner , he wants to tell her everything about shaurya and that’s why he call her for dinner so then can talk things out.
Suhana’s point of view

Wow yaar I just love the food its soo damn good , everyone is so welcoming here especially auntie I mean varun’s mom wee even spoke about our trip uncle says he knows papa really well because they both are the leading business men of dubai but in very different sections one is leading in designing and one in I.T . MOST probably I will be leaving in the next weak I have already got the formal letter and all the details about the trip . in the evening only varun said three weaks mein show hain but I thought we will go one weak before but it seems a lot of things need to be done and he wants me there head designer jo hoon , main leads ke designs toh maine bana diye now I need to chk other designs by other sub-designer that I’ll do tomorrow . uncle said he will call papa home for dinner to discuss things out. Dinner was over and it was late so I decided to leave I bid bye to uncle auntie kumud and varun but varun said – why bye to me , I’ll drop u . I told him also it’s completely fine I’ll be alright I’ll go by myself
But he didn’t listen also so i went with him .
In the car
Suhana – can I ask u something
Varun – if I say no will u not ask
Suhana – varun I’m serious
Varun – ok baba ask

Suhana – why do u don’t like shaurya tell me he is soo good in fact he told me whatever happened
Varun – really what did he tell u
Suhana – tells him whatever shaurya told him the jokey chashmish thingie everything
Varun – (applies the break with a lot of force) what the he said that are u serious
Suhana – man I’m serious and that’s the fact I was a chashmish and now I have changed toh woh shock to hoga u shouldn’t have hit him for that
Varun – u know suhana i don’t know what to say acha ok tell me if I tell u something about shaurya a thing u would never imagine he told u his side of the story which was a complete lie if I tell u mine would u believe me
Suhana – see varun I think u have misunderstood him first of all he won’t lie to me at least and don’t make me chose between both of u , I don’t wanna say this but I know him since childhood varun understand and I just have got to know u I’m not saying I don’t trust or ur lying I think u just need to stop thinking bad about him he’s the way u think he is trust me ok .
Varun – hmmmm
Varun drives her home

Suhana – bye good night and yes thank auntie dr the dinner
Varun – good night he drives away
Varun’s pov
I get my phone out and the only one I think I could talk to this about is sid , he must have reached home by now
I call sid
Varun – hey sid how are u , jis kaam se Sydney bheja who kaam karke aaya ??
Sid – haan bhai deal final , they loved our work they would love to work with us , I landed now only .
Varun – u always make me proud brother
Sid – bhai no credits to u , I know how hard u have worked for this deal I was just a way of connecting thnings love u bhai
Varun – acha ok a pat on both our backs now listen to me don’t come to office tomorrow u stay at home u need rest and yes tomorrow ur having lunch with me I have got to talk to u about a lot of stuff that is happening. Toh we will meet for lunch ok

Sid – bhai we will meet at vanillas only na
Varun – obviously we have always had our lunches there
Sid – bachpan se hi when we didn’t want home food remember we use to go there only , and we had so much fun I wil never forget those days
Varun – u think I will , u me rohit bhai all of us , but now rohit bhai (gets emotional)
Sid – bhai forget it and wherever rohit bhaiyya is he will be proud of u and will be happy seeing u happy so don’t cry plz
Varun – I’m not crying
Sid – u think i don’t know u
Varun – acha ok tomorrow we will talk ok 2:00 pm good night
Sid – good night
Precap – varun tells sid everything about shaurya and suhana is seen in the middle of a highway with her car spoiled and some people coming towards her.

Guys plz share ur views on this chapter.silent readers plz comment .

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