Kuch khatta meetha pyaar (Episode 18)


Hey guys , I’m back and once again thank u so so much for your valuable comments they really mean a lot to me . so here I start my epi. 18
Shaurya – I think you should go and say sorry to him , suhana I think you overreacted
Suhana – no I didn’t in fact he shouldn’t have done this to you
Shaurya – hey now stop it ok if u care about me you are saying sorry to him that’s it done now I should leave don’t worry about me I’m perfectly ok .
Suhana – ok take care of yourself . bye
Shaurya leaves from there.

Varun suhana’scabin –
I have to do something this is not done I don’t care that suhana shouted at me what matters most to me write know is that her life is in danger if she is with shaurya , he can do anything to her , I have to be really very carefull and take care of suhana .
Suhana enters her cabin
Varun what are u doing here
Varun – if u are with him there in my cabin what am I supposed to do , should I stop working bcz of u and ur friends

Suhana – ok I’m really very sorry I didn’t mean to do this ok , I overreacted
Varun – see suhana I don’t know why u did this but right know I’m in no mood to talk we have to complete 10 designs , remember I told u about our paris show we only have 3 weeks u understand so do one thing if u wanna sort things out come over to my house today evening we’ll discuss things there.
Suhana – ok varun , I will finish 1 design today and then we’ll talk
Varun – ok lets go to our cabin
Suhana – our what do u mean
Varun – now since I have shifted all your stuff in my cabin it’s no more mine u know .
Suhana – giggles , I’m sorry
Varun – no its fine
They both finish all the work by 7pm

Varun – lets go suhana did u inform ur mom
Suhana – we will finish by one hour then I’ll go home nothing imp. As such to inform
Varun – no call her and tell her that u have been invited by ur boss varun for dinner
Suhana – dinner
Varun – yeah now call fast we have to leave
Suhana calls her mom and tells her about the dinner
Suhana and varun reach varun’s room

Varun – ok make yourself comfortable I’ll fresh in up and come by the time wait here ok
Suhana – ok (varun goes to fresh n up) I should do something for him he has already done so much for me oh wait I can make a card for him , suhana goes takes some papers from his drawers does some doodling on the paper cuts out too circles and draws a sad face .
Varun’s pov – I come out of the bathroom and I can see a very beautiful girl holding a paper which says sorry and a sad face , suhana is looking so adorable just love hercuteness , varun behave ur self stop thinking about all this I say to myself .
Suhana – sorry varun please forgive me
Varun – ok now u r saying it soo sweetly so I forgive u
Suhana – thank u
Suhana gives him a tight hug
Then suddenly the door breaks open
Bhratashree ahm ahm did I disturb kumud says giggling
They both move away

Varun – no no kumud don’t take it in a wrong way she was just happy so u know
Kumud- bhai I didn’t even say anything , I don’t need an explination , I’m grown up ok I understand everything . so should I call u bhabhi suhana di
Varun – ok now it’s getting a lot ok , tell me why have u come
Kumud- bhai dinner is ready , u guys want to come down or I’ll send the dinner up (smiles)
Suhana – no kumud we r coming
Kumud leaves

Suhana – I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to embarrass u I don’t know why I did that I mean I was just a little happy that’s it I’m soo stupid bcz of me see what happened , I’m really sorry , I’m soo stupid na I shud have been
Varun interrupts – shhhhhhh how much are u going to talk chill man , don’t take it too seriously now lets go

Precap – suhana tells varun everything what shaurya told her when he was hit by varun .

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