Kuch khatta meetha pyaar (Episode 17)

Hi guys , I’m back I know its long really sorry had a very busy week that’s why was unable to update .
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So now lets start with epi 17
Suhana – go get the first aid kit fast
Varun rushes gets the box and gives it to suhana
Varun’s point of view

I sit beside suhana , I see her doing the first – aid for shaurya . why is she so innocent , I can’t even tell her what shaurya said about her , he doen’t respect suhana at all , he looks at her in a very bad way , I couldn’t bear all the nonsense he was saying so I punched him , and I didn’t mean to hurt him this bad that he is unconscious . I just got angry and that’s why . but suhana she took it in a wrong way she thinks I just hit shaurya bcz he insulted uncle , no I just shouted at him for that , I hit him bcz he insulted u suhana . why are u so good and innocent suhana that u can’t see shaurya’s bad side . and if I tell u anything u won’t listen to me at all . what should I do , how can I show u this cheapo’s bad side actually he is completely bad there is no good side in him .
Shaurya gets conscious
Suhana – shaurya , are u fine she cups her hand around his face
Shaurya – suhana

Suhana – yes shaurya , u r ok na , (she hugs him tightly)
Varun – suhana (in a loud voice )
Suhana – what varun , I don’t want to talk to u , look what u just did , I hate u now say sorry to shaurya
Shaurya – it’s ok suhana , mistakes happen
Suhana – no this wasn’t a mistake , look varun even though u hit him he is supporting u he has a very big heart but if anyone insults shaurya , I wont leave them say sorry now
Varun – ok , I I I
Suahna – arre what I I I say sorry
Varun – (shouts) sorry( leaves from there in anger)
Varun goes outside he looks at suhana hugging shaurya and shaurya smirking
What the he gets really angry and hits his hand in anger on the wall .
He hurts himself really badly and his knuckles start to bleed .
Varun’s poit of view
What the hell this is no way shaurya I hate u , u r the worst person I have ever met till now , suhana how can u hug him u are mine ne , I just realize what I said , do I love her , no varun u don’t and even if I do whats the use she only likes that shaurya she hates me now . but I was not wrong its not my fault its that jerks shaurya’s fault .
In the room

Shaurya – see suhana try and understand it’s not exactly varun’s fault
Suhana – what do u mean
Shaurya – I’ll tell u everything in detail see when u went I just told vraun in a very joky manner , ki u have become really beautiful in the past few years , matlab I just aid madam achi lagne lagi hain . cz remember in school u used to be like those chashish type girl focusing on work and not beauty , but see today ur work has taught u beauty . u have changed so much , I was just kidding and suddenly he just punched ne and started to hit me , but u know what he must have not liked the fact that I called u chasmish and not pretty in school and from before only he was upset , bcz of that security story and then this so maybe that’s why . I accept it was my mistake in the security wala thing but not this I was just joking but I think ur boss doen’t know how to take jokes suhana .
Suhana – but he didn’t have to get angry so much ok u were just joking and its fine if u call me anything cz I know that whatever u say it’s a joke , ur never serious ur my budhu , if I don’t mind even he shouldn’t
Shaurya – ok end of story now , same way if I don’t mind even u shouldn’t he said sorry now end it

Precap – suhana goes to varun’s house with a little gift in her hand .

Guys plz tell me how as it , plz share ur comments below it’s really very useful
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  1. I think he is playing with her emotions

  2. Nice Epi <3 The story through varun's point of view was amazing!! I hate Shaurya so much :(.. Eagerly waiting for next update.. LY

  3. Awesome ff yaar

  4. Hi prarthna. I really liked all your episodes. At such a small age you have done so much. Good job. I hope to see more of them.

  5. Hey prarthna…how are you? It’s going on amazing..this is superb..your story is going on great..and I agree with mridul..nice work keep it up..and shauraya, he is mad..anyways, let’s see how the story proceeds…love you..bye and take care

  6. Hi guys thank you soo much fr ur love and support it really means a lit to me .love u all .?

  7. Awesome episode, waited very long for this story. …how r u honeyyy? Episode was good ,varun should record shaurya then show it to suhana…she should know about his bad intentions. ….keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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