Kuch khatta meetha pyaar (Episode 16)


Heyyy guys I’m back thanks a lot for supporting me . it feels great to get so much love from u all , plz keep sharing your views with me , let it be bad or good . keep commenting keep supporting .
So here I start my pi. 16

Varun and suhana reach office .
Varun – opens the door for suhana
Suhana – kabhi kabhi I like getting hurt and going to the hospital
Varun – wat the hell , ????
Suhana – bcz I have never seen such a good side of u , remember our first meeting u shouted at me soo much but now u opened the door for me , u have carried me twice , u wasted ur office time to take me to the hospital , and this is the first time ur late . u also made me stay at ur place , u helped me when I was drunk , matlab itna kuch kiya , itna attention mila and plus the most imp. Is that I got attention and affection from mr. varun singhania the great . I’m proud of you suhana she pats her shoulder.
Varun – ok ok now don’t show off and yes I picked u up 3 times not 2 ok note that
Suhana – giggles , thank u sooo much gives varun a hug
Varun – shocked , but smiles and hugs her back
Suhana realizes this and comes back to normal , she says – sorry I didn’t mean to I just , I don’t know why I did that im sorry
Varun – laughs
Suhana – why are u laughing haan (folds her arms)
Varun – its ok , itna sorry bolni ki zaroorat nahi hain , I know girls love me , and they cannot resist , I’m too hot u know
Suhana – ohh plz ok don’t give urself that much importance
Varun is about to say something when suddenly the door burst open
Its shaurya

Shaurya – hey suhana tell this security guard that u know me and that I have come to meet u
Suhana – yeah , rohit uncle he knows me , don’t worry
Security (rohit) – ok , suhana I was just concerned
Shaurya – why did u call that cheap security uncle man and what the hell is beta suhana.
Varun gets really angry on him goes towards him he raises his hand to slap him
Varun – how dare you talk about rohit uncle like that
Suhana – wait varun holds his hand , what are u doing. And shaurya this is no way u can behave with rohit uncle , respect him he is elder than u ,
Varun – and he is been working here since this company has opened and that’s like 43 years now ok , dare u talk to him like that
Suhana – shaurya now say sorry to rohit uncle go
Shaurya – but why should I ,
Varun – just go or get lost from my office
Shaurya to security – sorry I didn’t mean to
Security (rohit ) – it’s ok beta no problem , ok varun I will leave now anything happens tell me
Varun – yes uncle and thank u
Security (rohit) leaves

Shaurya – he is just a security man why did he say call me when u need anything , I mean what does he think about himself
Varun – he is not just and ordinary security man as u think he takes care of everything papas lunch he gets he also takes care of all the drivers and other staff and most imp. Bcz of him we have saved are 45 million which was about to get stolen but he saved us , he is like our family member .
Shaurya – giggles oh I see
Suhana – ok shaurya now enough , stop joking
Varun – what the hell suhana this is not a joke ok if he makes these stupid jokes here I wont accept it
Suhana – ok now varun chill , and shaurya behave ok I have bought a gift fr u shaurya I’ll just get I forgot it in the car , varun car keys plz
Varun – puzzled – when did u buy a gift ,
Suhana – are don’t ask so many questions after we met shaurya in the hospital uske badd when we were in the car remember u wanted to use the washroom so we stopped at burjuman (mall in dubai ) there I saw a gift and bought it , jaldi give me the keys
Varun – ok gives her the keys
Suhana – leaves
Shaurya eyes her weirdly as she goes

Wow such nice hips suhana ur back side is even more better than ur front , what s*xy legs ahhh ah ah (shaurya says this to himself)
Varun – shocked . shaurya and gets really angry and this time slaps him
Shaurya – ahh wat are u doing man
Varun – what do u think I didn’t hear u how dare u see her from that perspective how cheap
Shaurya – how dare u hit me haaan , he slaps him back
Varun gets really angry and punches him , on his stomach shaurya and varun get into a serious fight
Varun – hitting shaurya , first u talk bad abt rohit uncle and then u see suhana in such a bad way what frnd are u haan keeps hitting him finally his nose starts bleeding
At that time suhana opens the door
Suhana – excited hey shaurya see what I got fr u , as she looks toward him she is shocked
Shouts – shaurya
Goes towards him he is very weak
Suhana – varun what did u do to him , what do u think of urself u get angry and u hit anybody , he is not ur punch bag he is my best frnd my shaurya , look what u have done I hate u
Varun – see suhana , its not my fault ok listen to me
Suhana – I don’t wanna listen to anything ok now get the first aid fast

Precap- suhana is doing the first aid fr shaurya , and varun there is standing outside with his eyes all red.

Guys please tell me how was it , plz share ur comments with me bcz they really mean a lot to me . thanks
Love u loads

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  1. wow awesome episode

  2. I hate this suarya

  3. Thank u rishi swara and hayathi without a villian there is no fun to a story it cannot only be good and happy yeah .

  4. Hello prarthna…how are you?..ah the episode was awesome..I was frustrated at shaurya…and felt so good when varun punched him yeahhh..hehe..I love your story so much..and thanks for this wonderful and brilliant story dear..love you lots and take care..byeee

  5. Hey prarthna..how have you been? Once again sorry for not commenting on this amazing and incredible story..i was really busy so couldn’t get time..and yeah the story is going on really good..hope to see more..and if you done mind can you check out by story “misconceptions” hope you will like it dear..bye and love you..take care

  6. Yayyy im so happy , u don’t know how im feeling right know it was indeed a long time bella and misha missed ur comments . U know i was about to quit story writing bcz i hardly got 3 comments but then ur comments just motivated me to continue writing and that one day i’ll be succesful. Thanks a lot for inspiring i think i should continue.

  7. Hey prarthna..don’t ever think of quiting your story I’m gonna kill you hahaha joking…don’t think negative dear..be positive and confident dear…don’t think about the comments dear just think about the way you are showing your story..and think about people reading your story..you should be strong and I know you are strong..so keep writing dear..show that you are not less hehe..love you

  8. Thank u soooo much misha love u loads thanks for ur motivation. U are really inspiring and yes i will surely continue

  9. Bella and roma i have to thank u guys i love u a lot . And yes bella i love ur story misconceptions its amazing.

  10. Awesome episode, just loved suhana n varun convo…she is so cute n lovely. …varun too opening up…he is very caring n gentleman. …shaurya such a jerk n cheap…he got good punches by varun…but now suhana misunderstand varun 🙁 … precap is interesting. ..keep it up, you’re getting very good in writing with each episode. ….just loving this story very very much. ..so sweeeeeet n lovely story. ..
    Eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads.

  11. Heyyy thanks a lot ur soo lovely . Im sorry to say i wobt be updating till thursday quite a busy week fr me most probably will update aftertgat . Thanjs again roma love u .?

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